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Now You Can Smoke Indoors Again with an Electronic Cigarette Cigarette smokers have taken a lot of abuse over the last few decades. First you have to pay ever increasing prices on your packs of cigarettes due to ever growing taxes. Then you were kicked out of the office. Then local communities told you it was no longer acceptable to smoke in bars, restaurants, or other public places. Now you have a chance to regain your indoor smoking privileges with an electronic cigarette, and avoid the government’s high taxes at the same time. Wait One Moment before Putting the Electronic Cigarette to Your Mouth Before you get too excited about escaping government regulation you need to understand the FDA in the USA, as recently as last year, attempted to start regulating the Electronic Cigarette industry. They lost their current attempt to regulate the industry in the courts. Why did the FDA want to become involved? They classified the cigarette as a drug delivery system and brought up concerns about small amounts of other ingredients found in certain blends of the solutions used with the e-cigarettes. The Satisfying Smokeless Smoke The next concern you may be wondering about is satisfaction. A cigarette provides you with a little kick of nicotine, a taste you enjoy, and an activity which relaxes you. The electronic cigarette can provide the same nicotine boost you receive from the traditional cigarette. You may need to try a few different flavors of liquid inhalants. You will discover a flavor which is similar to your current cigarettes, or possibly one you enjoy even more. This adventure in discovering new tastes can be very fun. The action of smoking your new electronic cigarette closely resembles smoking a real cigarette. You will see the tip flare into a bright red. You hold the cigarette identically. You inhale deeply the same as you would with your favorite brand of cigarette. You see the smoke as you exhale. The biggest difference is your smoke is not smoke at all. It is a water vapor which safely and quickly dissipates into the air. This allows you to smoke in public places which have banned cigarettes and possibly even in your office building. Will Your Electronic Cigarette Replace Tobacco? This is one point of contention the FDA cited in their complaints about e-cigarettes and their advertising. While an electronic cigarette can replace your existing tobacco use, it is not intended as a “stop smoking� solution. Most solutions for electronic cigarettes include nicotine, which as you already know, is highly

addictive. One thing which is true about electronic cigarettes is it is much easier to start stepping down your levels of nicotine use by changing solutions than it is with tobacco cigarettes. With the current high prices of cigarettes in most countries electronic cigarettes have become a cost effective alternative. With the combination of great flavor, public acceptance, improved health, and cost you may choose to eliminate cigarettes from your life and use only your electronic cigarette. Take time to learn more about the Electronic Cigarette, and how you can try one for yourself.

Now You Can Smoke Indoors Again with an Electronic Cigarette  

Electric cigarettes are technology’s answer to the Clean Indoor Air Act, and more smokers are adopting them for their safety, convenience an...

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