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We could write you an article, or we could let the man explain it himself. Here’s Dean Brown’s, of Shotgun Piñata, account of his music and SP: “MMF to SP is like night and day really. Which is why I really felt a need to change the band's name. I've been in music a long time, singing in more conventional type know rock oriented stuff... I moved from the East Coast to the mid-west for a while and in that time I started wanted to do something in a band. Having left all my music ties behind, and all my new music friends were all in left me looking for something else. So you got a guy who doesn't play much of anything save for the most rudimentary sense...all of a sudden making music with little to no lyrics. It was a big change for me. The first years at it were all experimentation. My original goal with MMF was to make music that would have zero commercial value what so ever. My ideas for music were all over the place so I made a few other side projects, which were even more lacking in any commercial sense. I went at it that way for a long time. I have hard drives full of stuff that will likely never be completed to see the light of day from back then. The idea of making music with no commercial value sounds greaten you are bragging to your hipster friends, but as far as getting many people to listen can be an impossible task. Also, that road was getting old for me. I kinda got the idea if I sorta merged all these projects together, and pushed it a little further...that I might have something. Add to that, the time spent working on music...I ended up getting better at making music. I worked on the first SP album, "Sum of its Parts" a long time. I obsessed over it and worked at getting it perfect to my ears. It was so different from what I was doing before I knew I needed to treat it like a new project. It was more technical, less repetitive, not nearly as sample heavy, and way more commercial. I was on a roll and immediately went to work on Music from the Motion Picture. Even the difference between those two albums is pretty noticable. My music influences are all over the place. I just listen to some much stuff and of course it all influences us as artists. I mean everything really does. But specifically to SP: Gary Numan is a huge influence to my music. The dude really made electronic based music a hell of a lot more mainstream way back in the day. Also, Devo...those guys really did the same thing. There are plenty of other bands, newer and all....that do some great stuff and write some great music. But the early guys ...they were setting it off for the rest of us.For the months I was working on Music from the Motion Picture.... if I wasn't listening to takes of my own music, I was listening to jazz...pretty much non stop. Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and loads of others. I think you can hear some of that on MftMP. Leading up to starting it, I was listening to loads of 80s synth pop....all that key driven stuff that the whole decade was immersed in. That album was like two genres crashing iinto one another, and out comes this hybrid of both. At least that was what I set out to do. I've got plans for at least two upcoming releases. Dominic Francisco and I have collborated twice in the past. I recently made him a contributing member in the band. He and I will be working on the next two SP releases (and likely more) together. We make a good team. So two seperate projects... not sure which order these will come out, but I can give you an idea what this stuff will be about. We're working on a concept album, the music and the theme of which will be a lot darker than either of us usually work with. I don't want to give away too many plot spoilers, but I've been grinding up some pretty sick ideas for a story. It's going to be a psychological horror theme, and Dom wants to do a more industrial

metalish type score. The other release is going to be a little looser. In addition to my music I also write and perform Spoken Word. This other album, is going to be more mellow somber music that Dominic is working on...more down tempo kinda stuff. I'm gonna spiel my spoken word over top of the music. We're trying to try all kinds of stuff, and keep it different. As far as where I see the music going, I have definite ideas for the near future as I stated about the two upcoming releases. Further than that I can't long as it keeping going and sounds great I don't care. I just hope to keep it interesting.” So what do we take away from Mr. Brown’s confessions? He is: A. A hipster industrialist, yet a musical genius B. Is probably going to get a lot bigger C. Has a bright future, so we claim him and SP as our own find.

That’s it. Go away.

Seriously. Go away.

Issue #3 - February 2013  

The February 2013 issue of Electro Music Mag

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