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Electric Press asked a group of authors this question

"We have heard it said, a book dies when it is turned into a movie; what do you think?" The following are the replies we received. Do you agree? Let us know your views at,

"I'd say quite the opposite. Being made into a movie is a way of giving a book life, not killing it. It lets the story grow and change and find new audiences. The story that doesn't grow and adapt is the one that dies." Ben S Reader, creator of the 'Demon Apprentice' series. https:// "No, it’s good marketing. Readers may want to read the book before they see the movie." Justin Thomas Joseph, 'The Adventures of Mary Nobleman'. https:// "A well-written script derived from a book can absolutely be a remarkable story providing the editing doesn't rape away a valuable story content. I have read and re-read books that I have additionally seen in movie format ... Harry Potter?" Margery Miller-MonDragon, author of, 'The Chosen Ones: Thy Will Be Done'. "The book remains despite a subpar adaptation. The story is still there on paper for anyone who cares to read it." Matthew David Evans, author of, 'Massacre at Sundown'. https:// "I loved reading many books that were also turned into movies. Alice in Wonderland. I still have a copy of In Through the Looking Glass that I was given as a little girl. Charlotte’s Web, Harry Potter Series..." C.A. Keith, The Naïve Princess Books always sell when turned into movies. Therefore, books multiply, not die, when they hit the silver screen. Jamie Dickey, debut novel, Secret Monitor Men. https://

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