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In most cases, depression arises from a sense of loneliness and the suppression of emotions. To treat depression, giveaway to your thoughts when you are in depression by writing, painting etc. the thoughts which are piled up in your heart and mind may destroy everything including your relations. When something is stuck in your mind, chances are there you feel relieved when you get it out. You do not need to show your work to anyone. Just expression is enough. Creating something original out of your feelings can be satisfying. Start talking to your own self and be your own best friend. Remind yourself every day “You are the only person who cannot betray you.� Give quality time to yourself. It will not only bring you out from this deadly disease but will also groom yourself. Write your feelings: For instance, you are not a creative person what can you do in your depression? Just buy a pen and a diary. Start writing your feelings in any language, without caring about grammar and quality of writing. Write every single feeling of

yourself on a piece of paper. Burn it, tear it and flush the remains. Along with burned paper, flush negative feelings as well. Sketch or Paint: use any medium, art pad, paper or canvas. You can make anything simply from a kitchen table to a bug. Play Music or listen to the Music: Listen to happy music or relaxing music or play by your own self. Meditation music is available for free nowadays. Take Photographs: Go out of the home and start taking photographs. It can be street photography or natural scenes captured. Being a perfect photographer is not necessary. Having knowledge of photography software is not necessary. Just dusting off camera and relieving depression is possible. Watch or make a movie: Making a movie from the camera or mobile phone is also a good hobby. Try other hobbies: any hobby in which your concentration diverts from the specific sorrow will give you relief in depression. You do not need to be shy or embarrassed while trying to be creative.

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