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Maemuna Sadaf

was born in

throwing stones into a lake.

Rawalpindi , Pakistan. She has an MBA in finance.

Maemuna asked why the man was doing this?

Maemuna began writing for Urdu newspapers in 2013, before writing columns for English newspapers.

He told her, he was not just throwing stones into the water, but throwing away his worries, transmitting them, via the pebbles, into the water.

'Pallak Basaira', Maemuna's first book, a collection of short stories, written in her native language, Urdu, was published in 2017.

'Me and my Mother' an English language book, followed a shortly after. Her inspiration to write, she says, came shortly after her grandfather's death, when she had a chance meeting with an old man, who was

Maemuna says…

Depression can be termed as consistent anxiety. Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest (Depression: Mayo Clinic). Research from Andy Thomson and Paul Andrews depicts that Depression is a psychological desire to be better, stronger, to reflect on where mistakes are made and trying to find out the way to improve. On the other hand, depression can be an evolutionary way to tightly focus attention on what needs changing.

The old man told Maemuna that, if she did not cast away her troubles, her worries would throw her away.

This chance meeting was the catalyst which gave Maemuna the courage to write about honestly about herself, the anxiety and the depression she suffered and to share ways she combats such psychological disorder.

Depression is also termed as a balancing act that focuses on the areas of life which need improvement. Flaws in one’s personality make him/her angry and he wants to get rid of these flaws. But, in prolonged and severe cases it can lead to suicide. Depression is also called “Disease of modernity”. Contemporary lifestyle creates conditions for depression and anxiety. In a publication of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), reported that Depression can affect anyone. Even a person living in ideal circumstances can suffer from it.

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