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If you decide to brave this Crimson Cloak Quest you will find yourself on a pirate ship bound for Bone Island in search of Evil Eye Bart’s treasure. By chance you find a map to guide you, but it gives you no real idea of the danger and death-defying perils that await you on your journey and on the

island itself. You begin your quest with little to help you, but if you make your choices with care you might be lucky.

’ Crimson Cloak Publishing

I am a children’s author who lives in the north west of England. I have been a prolific reader all my life, and for many years have spent most of my free time writing. My aim in life has always been to write, and I have had a sideline of freelance writing for more years than I like to admit to having lived. I have completed several children’s novels. ‘Caution: Witch in Progress’ was published by Ghostly Publishing in 2013 and launched at Earl’s Court Book Fair. In 2015 I was lucky enough to discover Crimson Cloak Publishing and to become one of their new authors.

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