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The last remnants of winter have faded away, the once green shoots are now in starting to bloom, bright yellow daffodils and pink dicentra herald the coming of summer. Birds sing, the sky is an azure blue; well, mostly. It is a time of hope and dreams, of birth and of renewal. Of looking forward. It is a time of change. It is also time to fling the windows wide open, dispersing the stuffiness, letting in the fresh air. It is a time to spring cleaning the home and the mind. This year, why not spring clean and re-fresh your bookshelves and reading material too. Cast out those too long forgotten, never to be read freebie eBooks. The ones you promise you will read one day, soonish, maybe… like… never. It is time to find new, exciting and refreshing books and authors. It is time to find your next great read. I seriously suggest looking at Electric Eclectic books. They are novelettes, shorter books

designed as an introductory read, so you can find the author(s) you like before buying their novels or collections. Visit the Electric Eclectic website or download the free app. It really is that simple.

As you browse and read through this edition of Electric Press, you will find many links to the books and sites featured. A simple 'click' and you will be whisked painlessly along the SuperInterWeb highway to your destination, in no time at all. Don't be shy either, subscribe to Electric Press and each quarter you will be endowed with a

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