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Ann: Tell us a little about your most recently published book(s). Mur: Last year I published Six Wakes, a science fiction murder mystery about clones. It’s been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards, among others. I also published a nonfiction book about writing based on my podcast, I Should Be Writing. Ann: Which is harder, writing or editing? Why? Mur: Editing, totally. I feel like I enter a sort of zone while writing and can stream story; editing requires slowing down, focusing and looking for problems and pondering solutions. Writing is fun. Editing is work.

Ann: Do you have any current or upcoming projects you would like to share with us? Mur: My latest book, a novelization for the movie Solo: A Star Wars story came out on September 6th 2018 Ann: What advice do you have for inspiring authors and new writers? Mur: Keep writing and don’t quit. Every crappy story you write is like a step up the staircase toward being a better writer. Hard work beats talent, because talent will often quit once things stop being easy.

I’m not sure how they directly influence my writing, except I know stopping reading will make my writing worse. You always need to “fill the well,” as it were. Ann: If my readers are meeting you for the first time and want to follow you and learn about your work, where can they find you online? Mur: People can find me via my website at and they can follow me on twitter at

Ann: What are your reading habits and how have they influenced your writing career today? Mur: I listen to audiobooks mostly, ever since I started listening to audio fiction via podcasts in 2005.

Thanks for talking to me and Electric Press. We wish you much success. Happy writing.

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