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Marnie Cate is an Arizona author who admires Dame Judi Dench. The core of her books is relationships. Marnie has an insight into the human condition that is both deep and insightful. It lends to the richness of her characters and tales. Marnie Cate’s muse is her darling cat, Lilli. This bibliophile can frequently be found reading and writing at the local coffee shop where she enjoys espresso. An Anglophile, she loves ice cream and bloody steak. Each year Marnie participates in the Arizona Renaissance Festival. She appears at the Lady Chamberlain Bookshop and welcomes readers to meet her while getting their books signed

After surviving the loss of her husband, Bob, Sahara Foley found her muse in the stories her beloved penned. The books she writes are born from the love and collaboration between her talents and her late-husband’s imaginings. Their creations have yielded Amazon bestsellers. An insurance guru by day, Sahara handles the majority of marketing for our company. Often, she spends time with her siblings and, together, they travel to fun destinations. A beloved aunt, she is, also, an avid reader, reviewer, and book blogger. Sahara has a love for animals and gardening. She is well-

versed in the properties of plants, as well. She enjoys kicking back with a cold beer while relaxing in the great outdoors.

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