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JD Salinger’s son confirmed the late author of The Catcher in the Rye wrote a significant amount of work which has never been seen and, that he and his father’s widow are “going as fast as we freaking can” to get it ready for publication.

JD Salinger died in 2010. Rumours have circulated for years the creator of one of the 20th century’s most enduring characters, Holden Caulfield, continued to write over the ensuing decades from his home in New Hampshire village of Cornish. Matt Salinger revealed his father never stopped writing and “all of what he wrote will at some point be shared”. He continued, his father “teemed with ideas and thoughts… he’d be driving the car and he’d pull over to write something and laugh to himself. Sometimes he’d read it to me, sometimes he wouldn’t.” Next to every chair he had a notebook. “He just decided the best thing for his writing was not to have a lot of interactions with people, literary types in particular,” he said. “He didn’t want to be play those sorts of literary poker games, but he wanted to encourage every would-be writer." Matt Salinger squashed reports back in 2013 of five published books by his father, including one short story featuring Holden Caulfield and one based on Salinger’s brief marriage to Sylvia, a Nazi collaborator. The reports stemmed from an unofficial documentary about the author described as 'total trash' which has “little to no bearing on reality… anyone who understood my father would find the idea hysterically funny he would write a book about his first brief marriage. It is so far beyond the realm of plausibility.” It appears likely there will most likely be more stories about the Glass family, who frequently appear in Salinger’s published short fiction. He described his father’s later work as having 'no linear evolution', saying “it becomes clear he was after different game”. He and Salinger’s widow, Colleen O’Neill, with whom he has joint charge of the literary estate, have been working with the material since 2011.

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