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Read what you love and what your kids are interested in. If they are not interested in a particular book, try another book and return to the other some a few months later. (Which is a far longer time for a child than an adult).

Electric Press hope you enjoy reading these books, whether you read them at bedtime, nap time, during home-schooling or at breakfast. Please email Electric Press with your views on this article, the books featured and your recommendations for other 'read to me' books you consider to be good enough for Electric Press to regard

The Rabbit Joke (Toad) – A wonderful tale of 'Fluffybunny' and his adventures to save his warren. This is an award winning 'read to me book'. (NOT on Amazon)

Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon (Gannett) – a good starter series of comical books that starts with a boy rescuing a baby dragon in a faraway land

A Toad for Tuesday (Erickson) – instead of hibernating for the winter, Warton (a toad) goes outdoors and is instantly picked up by a lonely and hungry owl, who is later captivated by the toad’s kindness and conversation

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