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Page 5 Editors word Page 6 Waterstones. Insight. Page 8 Alternatives. Optional formats. Page 12 Shannon Hale. Regarding gender. Page 16 Mayfly Recitals Readers 0ffer. Page 18 Surprise Party. A short story by Noreen Lace. Page 28 The Booker Foundation. Main Report. Page 31 Where the Poet Roams A poem by Noreen Lace Page 32 The Bright Side of Darkness. A book review by Ann Harrison Barnes. Page 34 Reading to your Children. Suggestions. Page 39 A Public Bar in Thames. A poem by Noreen Lace. Page 40 JD Salinger. An article by Matt Salinger. Page43 Norns Triad Publishing, An Introduction. Page 46 Mur Lafferty. An Interview with Ann Harrison Barnes. Page 48 An article by Bob Van Laerhoven. Page 54 The Worlds Largest Bookstores. Insight. Page 58 Read a book and live longer. Insight. Page 60 What makes a book a good book. Discussion. Page 64 Overrated Classics. Debate. Page 70 On Reading and Books. A featured article regarding Arthur Schopenhauer Page 76 From our Front Cover. Informative entertainment. Page 78 Creative Depression. An article by Maemuna Sadaf Page 88 Write what you know. An article by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra Page 92 Electric Press asks a question. Page 94 Copyright by Paul J. Heald . A Report

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