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Electric Eclectic

books are written by authors from

around the world, especially for those of you who are looking for your next great read, or to find another author whose works you can devour. Each book contains one or more short reads, this is the idea way to sample a writer's style, to get a feel for their narrative and story weaving abilities. Electric Eclectic books make the perfect companion when commuting, flying away, curling up at home on the sofa or lazing in bed. When you find the Electric Eclectic authors you enjoy, you can then work your way through their libraries knowing you have found your next great read. Try Electric Eclectic today, download the free android app from the Google play store to find short stories, books, news and links. Not on android, no worries, simply bookmark the Electric Eclectic online site and become an Electric Eclectic reader

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Electric Press - literary insights magazine. May 2019 edition.