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“You think this is real?” Jade stares at me with those intense green globes that seem so much bigger when she’s gaunt, like now. “I dunno, seems kind of general.” I mimic the psychic. “Your sister was a woman, right? I’m sensing something bad happened to her. I’m not getting a clear picture.” Jade laughs, joins in. “She just got married!” “Yes, yes, that could be the fear I’m sensing.” I continue mocking.

“She’s very happy!” “Oh, yes, yes, I see now, but she had second thoughts.” “Who wouldn’t?!” Jade snickers. There’s just two of us in big, empty room, and I’m happy we can find humor, even in moments like this; maybe, these days, it’s only in moments like this. Our home is made of eggshells; navigating mood swings, highs, lows, clean, sober, my desire to push, hers to resist. It wears on both of us. On television, the camera scans the audience before focusing on a young woman. “Will I ever find the love of my life?” She asks. The psychic rolls her head around. “Yes, yes, in the next two years.” “How does she know?” Jade’s attention is rapt. “I mean how can she just say this stuff?” Jade’s so young, too young, too little to deal with such a big problem. “Well think about it,” I respond, “two years; if you’re searching for love, isn’t there a good chance you’ll find it within that time? It’s not like she said next May 12.” “Oh yeah, huh.” The psychic says, “I see a D or a P, maybe an R, that’s an initial or his initials.” Jade spins to me. “Still pretty general” I offer, “how many names begin with or contain one of those letters? Or, she’ll say, it’s a family name or company name.” “It could be the company he works for, or…” the psychic continues. A sly smile approaches Jade’s mouth. “You’re pretty good at this, aren’t you?” I smirk, pleased she’s impressed; but I also have to admit, it’s the thousand and one promises from her which allows me to see through the empty

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