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About Us Our mission is to provide Australians with an easy way to get a better deal on their energy bills. At Electricity Wizard, we’re dedicated to providing Australians with a free service which allows them to source a better deal for their energy bills in just a few minutes. The Australian gas and electricity market is one of the most competitive in the world - with dozens of companies, making it extremely difficult to know if you’re choosing the right plan for you. Electricity Wizard’s mission is to provide an easy way to find a better deal in your area. Our free comparison service has been used by over 20,000 Australians to compare rates and plans, and get a deal that better meets their needs. Thousands of Australian’s have used Electricity Wizard to get a better deal!

We want to do the same for you When you contact Electricity Wizard, one of our friendly Australian staff will assess your current rates and plan, and recommend better options for your home or business. Best of all, our service is completely free, so the only thing you have to lose is those expensive energy bills! To find a better deal on your energy bills in minutes, call us on 1300 732 408 or fill in the form to the right.

Cheap Electricity: Being Smart In Using the Air Conditioner Where just a few months away from summertime and people from all over the country are making plans on what to do and where to go when this important season of the year finally arrives. Summer means it’s finally time to meet up with the old gang and head to the beach, time to have fancy dinner with close family members, time eat different favored ice cream, time to head to the mall, and many others. However, summertime isn’t all fun and games as there are people who detest this season because it’s going to mean that the electrical payments are also expected to rise. If this is the case, then making plans to get cheap electricity is necessary. In summertime, the heat is extraordinary and the only way to escape from it is to make use of an air conditioner. If you have one in the house, then expect in to run for at least 16 hours a day. This would also mean your monthly electrical payments will shoot up high. If you

are not prepared to pay for the high priced bills however, then you need to take certain considerations when it comes to making use of this important device. Don’t Leave the Device Unattended If you will be gone from home for more than a few hours, then make sure that you turn of the air conditioner to save power. The AC is said to be 20 percent responsible for every individual’s electrical payment and rise up to 40 percent in summertime. This is the reason why you need to be smart when using it and turn it on only when it’s really necessary. You need to make a habit of cleaning the filters of your AC. This makes the device work at its best as well as prevents it from wearing itself up. Make Use of Shades Plant some trees in your backyard to keep the whole place cool. Making use of trees as a shield is the perfect way to fight against the intense heat of the sun. You should also shade your unit from the sun. Not a lot of people know this but ACs work 5 percent harder when it’s exposed to the sun.

Use Fans If the heat is bearable, then instead of using ACs to cool the whole house, why not make use of fans instead? They are as effective when it comes to cooling a place but they do not use as much energy. Install a ventilation system to keep the whole place cool all day long without relying too much on ACs. You can get cheaper electricity by just learning how to properly utilize the air conditioner in your house. Be smart. Don’t use this device without much regard as it is known to be an energy hog.

Cheap Electricity in NSW It's All About Quality Electricity Connection If there is one thing that home owners surely don't welcome, it is the arrival of the monthly utility bills. That is especially true these days when prices of pretty much everything continue to rise, no thanks

to global recession that the world is currently suffering from. It is a fact that footing our monthly bills is not getting any easier which is especially true when concerning our home's electrical energy. With each power bill that comes, home owners are wrapped in frustration and annoyance. However, it is isn't like you can simply forego your need for electric power, so pretty much you have no choice right? That is not really accurate because there is a way for you to get cheap electricity in NSW. If you find yourself struggling with your monthly power expenditures, then the next best step that you can take is to ensure that your electrical connection is top quality. The efficiency of your connection dictates your actual consumption which of course affects just how much you pay for every billing cycle. Having a good connection ensures that you are paying for exactly how much power you have utilized. On the other hand, a bad quality one will ensure that you

will be getting overblown billing statements which is always surprising, but not in a good way. So at this point what can you do? You can of course work on having your connection checked. Advertising is indeed a powerful thing. Many people are lured by certain power suppliers with the promise of cheaper sign-up fees and whatnots. However, these folks don't take into account the efficiency of their electrical connection. Signing up with the cheapest supplier in the market doesn't guarantee that you will be saving the big bucks. What if the quality of their product is way below the acceptable standards? Of course, there are many factors that can affect the efficiency of your connection. This is why it is highly recommended that you call in a professional to have your lines checked. Should you find out that the fault actually lies within your chosen company, that is when you should consider making the switch.

Switching to another provider isn't exactly the easiest task. It requires a lot of legwork and there are tons of paperwork to deal with as well. So as much as possible, it is always best that you get it right the first time around. The cheapest electricity does not necessarily come with the most affordable options out there, it is always about the quality and efficiency of the offered product.

Switch Electricity to provide Room for Savings Save save save. How will you when there’s just too much to worry about? You wanted to secure a good education for kids but there’s a mortgage to pay. You desired to treat your family for a simple picnic or travel to the end of the month however, you can’t do so because there are a lot of bills that should be paid. It also doesn’t help whenever you discovered that the price of your utility bill has increased again. But

what else could you do about it? We all need capacity to make our lives easier. We use electricity to complete our daily chores at home, when we work, or basically anywhere. We need these to function and do the things that we need to do. Arrived at think of it, there is something you can do. You are able to audit your current bill, measure the prices of the different power companies in your town, and switch electricity providers if you can. Why not? Have you considered this thought before? Maybe you haven’t. Or perhaps you already thought about this but you find it complicated. All you need is some help from the right people. Get yourself ready because if you really want to, you can lessen your monthly expenses. Switching electricity suppliers can lower the cost of your monthly electrical bill. The reason being other companies are private yet others are not. Their electricity cost and fees differ in a lot of ways. You will need to find an energy comparison tool

that can make it easier for you to switch electricity providers. Where else are you able to find this than online? You'll definitely find a lot of results for this sort of service from different sites however, you will still have the discretion which site to choose. You will also need to fill out other information like your owner's name and address, your postcode to know the available suppliers within that area, and your monthly energy consumption. Once you have entered these, you will be supplied with a range of rates so that you might be able to choose the best deal for you. You might as well check other comparison sites and enter the same information so that you will know if the result is accurate and the same. It can save you even more if you inquire about the available promos and discounts. They might have some conditions for these though like paying online or using direct debit. But hey, if this can save you more, then why not?

To some of those who would prefer quality service when compared to electricity prices and how much you can save. Anyway, you'll eventually find a service that's good and have lower electricity rates.

Electricity Rates - cheap electricity nsw  

At Electricity Wizard, we’re dedicated to providing Australians with a free service which allows them to source a better deal for their ener...

Electricity Rates - cheap electricity nsw  

At Electricity Wizard, we’re dedicated to providing Australians with a free service which allows them to source a better deal for their ener...