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The SunupOfFinest Tablet PC In India With Information Technology mushrooming at the rate of knots, owning a modern, up to date Tablet PChas become indispensable. As humanity turns towardseasier and more resourceful ways of living, IT sector has turned out to be a scrumptious fodder for tech-savvies. Statistics provide a dazzling picture about the hottest Tablet PCmarket in India, predicting a multifaceted growth for Tablet PCin the telecommunication sector of the country. By and large, as the economic conditions in Indiaaresteadfastly improving, with an anticipated Compound Annual Growth Rate of around 51%,the prospects seem to be extremely promising for the best Tablet PC. Nevertheless, factors such asstress-free utilization, elongated battery life, effortless maneuverability, multi-functionality and anextensive range of supplementary applications integrated in tablets, havegiven riseto arapidly shiftingdemand pattern amongst the Tablet PCwooers. Today’s market is swamped with plethora of tablet devices, tailor-made to compeer the incessantly changing demands of the celestial clientele. One of them is the renowned Android Tablet PC,featuring anarray of tablet computers such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Sony Tablet S, Motorola Xoom 2, Toshiba AT100, Acer Iconia A500, LGOptimus and Amazon Kindle Fire, just to enlist a few. Even so, with such a broad variety of tablet computers in the market, finding a comprehensivelatest Tablet PCthat could slake all your idiosyncrasies is analogous to walking on cinders. FunTabFantasy,the superlative Tablet PCis akin to an elixir for connoisseurs of electronic gadgets. Some of the unbeatable features that thisAndroid Tablet PCfurnishes includes:• Speediest 1.2 Ghz processor unit • Multitasking capability • 16 GBbuilt-in memory, expandable upto 32GB • 1024 MB DDR-III RAM • Most recentAndroid 2.3.1 Gingerbread Operating System • Attached Bluetooth, Wi-Fi modemand 3Gsupport • LAN and USBsupport • 2 Mpinfixed camera • 1080 pixel full screen resolution • Flicker free E-book readerthat supports all formats • More than 12 hours of battery backup Alongwith the aforesaid blissful features, theFunTab Fantasy is the only 9.1” Tablet PCthat facilitates HDMI/SD card slots and USBsupport. Besides, with utmost clarity of audios and visuals that enthrall the audience, a Capacitive Multi-Touch display, an LEDBacklight with more than 60,000hours of life and arejoicing A+ Grade, this ecologicalAndroid Tablet PCisfactually a utopia for Tablet lovers.

Available in two tantalizingcolors of Choco Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, this latest Tablet PChas won the hearts of countless. Moreover, supplementary features like Photo Gallery, Live TV, Calendar, VOIP, Multitasking, Google Talk, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Search, Google Latitude, Adobe Flash player, Android Market,Google Mail, Surround speakers, Music supporting all audio formats and an allin-all customer friendly frontage, are added feathers in the cap. This best Tablet PCisenclosed in a rugged sheath, rendering it invulnerable to all external damages, shocks and percussions. Available at the most cutthroat price in the market, that is remarkably less as compared to its usability, FunTab Fantasy has demonstrateditself to be the most preferred Tabs in the Indian Market. Now that your prickly intellect has been mesmerized with this legendaryGenie, make headway for this revolutionaryTablet PCand seize the grand opportunity to turn your livinginto anarchetype of lushnessand opulence. To know more about the latest Tablet PCor to discern the features of FunTab Fantasy Android Tablet PC, log on to and satiate all your qualms once and for all.

The Dawn of Tablet PC in Indian Market  

Blog should talk about how tablet pc market is evolving in India, and some options available. Out of them FunTab Fantasy is the best tablet...

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