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ELEBAIRES Welcome to Elebaires, an enriching and multi-faceted language school. Our courses and programs are aimed at working with students from all over the world who want to learn and perfect their Spanish. We offer a wide variety of specialized Spanish language courses for students of all ages and nationalities. The school is located in the heart of Buenos There are many reasons Aires, Argentina, and we create many opporwhy we call our way of tunities for you to get to know the country teaching and learning along with its beautiful destinations, unique Spanish an EXPERIENCE. traditions and cultural diversity. There are many reasons why we call our way of teaching and learning Spanish an EXPERIENCE. Our teaching methods are designed to fulfill each student’s needs, and lessons are held in a small group or private settings, while activities outside of class ensure a true immersion experience. Our students find Learning is fostered by ELEBAIRES to be a comprehensive institute highly qualified teachers where learning is fostered by highly qualified teachers and a friendly environment.

and a friendly environment.

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Why Study Spanish With over 300 million people speaking it as a first language, Spanish has the second-largest population of native speakers in the world. It is also the third most-spoken language on the planet, and one of the official six languages of the United Nations. Spanish is important for work and business, and the region has been improving the standard of living and Latin America encompasses expanding its role in the world. Spanish is also important for travel. Latin Amer- amazing diversity and natural ica encompasses amazing diversity and natural beauty, and its inhabitants are beauty, and its inhabitants are warm and hos- warm and hospitable, welcoming pitable, welcoming visitors with an enthusiasm visitors with an enthusiasm to share their culture. to share their culture.

The Immersion Experience Traveling to Latin America to study Spanish helps students learn faster and provides authentic motivation. When students can interact with native speakers in restaurants, in stores, on the street, and in their accommodation, the language comes to life and becomes dynamic and fun!. Argentina is a unique and diverse country. The charismatic capital of Buenos Aires attracts travelers from all over the world with its exciting nightlife, passionate and hospitable people, and cosmopolitan vibe. As visitors explore the oldest parts of the city, they find countless historical cafes and antique bookstores amid stunning colonial and French architecture. Wandering a bit further, cutting-edge cultural centers exhibit the creative energy that Buenos Aires is known for, and extensive parks provide a well-needed rest from the hustle and The charismatic capital of Buenos bustle of city life. From colonial San Aires attracts travelers from all Telmo to the modern Puerto Madeover the world with its exciting ro, the mosaic of eclectic neighbornightlife, passionate and hospitable hoods provide an ideal environment people, and cosmopolitan vibe. in which to study Spanish.

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ABOUT ELEBAIRES ELEBAIRES is made up of a team of university-educated academics that have oriented their careers towards teaching the Spanish language. We believe that it is necessary to offer a unique space for foreign students, travelers, professionals or entrepreneurs that want to acquire and familiarize themselves with Latin American language and culture. We are a medium sized school, and strive to provide a familiar, personalized environment that stimulates learning. Classes are kept small to encourage personal interaction and make sure that all students have a positive experience. Our teachers are professionals who enjoy teaching and make a special effort to get to know students as individuals and connect with each and every one of them on a personal level. Our philosophy is to encourage Spanish-learning both inside and outside the classroom, and therefore we provide a variety of after-class activities several times a week, so that students can experience the city, practice their Spanish with natives, and gain unique insights into Argentine traditions. The school is located on the Avenue de Mayo, in the heart of the historic downtown, and is in walking distance

of many of Buenos Aires’s most important attractions, including the presidential Pink House (Casa Rosada), the Congress building , and 9 de Julio Avenue, one of the widest avenues in the world!

ELEBAIRES is made up of a team of university-educated academics that have oriented their careers towards teaching the Spanish language.

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Reasons to study with us! Our Spanish courses are structured to make learning Spanish fun and interesting. Your learning and progress will be carefully monitored to make sure that you are getting as much out of the course as possible. Do you want to learn something specific? No problem! Our courses are aimed at accommodating learners and what they need.

fortable and ensure you are constantly taken care of. Our reputation is that of a professional, friendly, and effective Spanish school. Most of our students come to us through personal referrals, and leave the school very pleased with the progress and friends they have made. We are also dedicated to continuous teacher training and support.

Our staff is extremely personable and will Our accommodation in family homestays bend over backwards to make sure that and shared student apartments is rigoryour time in Buenos Aires with Elebaires is ously screened to make sure they meet Eleunforgettable and constantly rewarding. baires´ high standards. If you choose to live Our Spanish teachers are excellent at with locals, they will be warm, friendly and what they do and are university trained in hospitable in helping you integrate and adSpanish-language instruction. They will not just to life in Argentina. only teach you Spanish but will also make Our student life opportunities include an effort to befriend you and get to know numerous social and cultural activities, you. day trips, weekend excursions and safety Our teaching method includes direct, ac- assurances that ensure you will make new tive learning techniques through the pre- friends and have engaging cultural experisentation of language grammar structures, ences all while learning Spanish. vocabulary and idiomatic expressions Our support services are of the utmost within the context of useful subjects. We quality with intricate attention to detail. guarantee a fast and fun way of learning We make sure that all of your needs and Spanish! special requests are looked after around Our school is located in the beautiful and the clock. historical Barolo Palace. Our classrooms are extremely comfortable, with lots of Loved attending the school. I liked the natural light. We also have WiFi internet change in teachers and I loved the classes and after school activities. Thanks so much and a free coffee bar available all day for having me, I hope to come back soon. long for our students. The environment is - Ashlyn Stacy friendly, supportive, encouraging, relaxed and professional. We make you feel com-

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COURSES In Elebaires, we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. There are six levels, which are sub-divided into two-week blocks of lessons. We start classes every Monday.

A) Basic User

B) Independent User

C) Proficient User

A1 Breakthrough or beginner. A2 Waystage or elementary.

B1 Threshold or intermediate. B2 Vantage or upper intermediate.

C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced. C2 Mastery or proficiency.

Our costs are all inclusive. Included in the cost of any course are: • All course materials • Several after-class excursions per week with our activities coordinator • Weekly tutorial sessions • Weekly conversation club • Use of Wi-Fi connection within the school • Discounts in tango shows and classes • When holidays fall within your school week, the classes of the day will be made up. • Intercambio: language exchanges with native speakers. • 24-hour emergency contact.

My Elebaires Experience: “Fantastic experience. I wasn’t able to leave! I came for four weeks and stayed for 7! The staff were incredibly helpful and very friendly and the tuition was very enjoyable. I highly recommend this school to everyone.”

-Karl Blackwood-

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CoURSES The Intensive Group Course

The Super Intensive Spanish Course

Individual Spanish Course

This course provides a good general knowledge of the Spanish language and lasts for a minimum of one week. It consists of daily 4-hour lessons in small groups and students are placed according to their knowledge and use of Spanish. These small groups insure interaction with and personal attention from our skilled professors. At the end of this course, you will feel confident using Spanish in everyday tasks and social situations, according to the level accomplished. In case there are no other students of your same level, your 20 hours of group classes will be replaced with 8 hours of private classes.

The Super Intensive Spanish Course is a combination of 20 hours of group classes and 10 hours of private classes. This gives students not only the advantages of learning in a group environment, but also the chance to reinforce their skills and address specific linguistic problems during their private tutoring sessions. This course consists of daily 6-hour lessons, 4 hours in small groups in the morning and 2 hours of private Spanish classes in the afternoon. It is an excellent way to improve your Spanish in a short time. It is also highly recommended for those students who want to receive an International Certificate of Spanish as a Second Language, such as CELU or DELE.

The Individual Spanish Course includes 10 hours of private lessons per week and is customized to meet your specific needs, whether you are already at an advanced level, require a special vocabulary for work, want personalized attention, or have other special linguistic requests. The Individual Spanish course offers the opportunity to design a customized program with your professor.

· Duration: 1-12 weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 20 · Maximum: 7 participants p/group · Start dates: Every Monday

· Duration: 2-4 weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 30 · Start dates: Every Monday

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· Duration: 1+ weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 30 · Start dates: Every Monday · Hour Duration: 1-10 weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 10 · Start dates: When you wish!

Specialized Programs Business Spanish This unique experience is created especially for business students, recent grads, or young professionals looking to boost their desirability in the job market. The program includes 60 hours of instruction: 40 hours Fundamentals of Spanish small group sessions and 20 hours customized, one-on-one Spanish for Business classes. · Duration: 2 weeks · Levels: Intermediate and Advanced · Hours per week: 30 · Start dates: Every Monday

My Spanish and Medicine Experience: My Spanish has improved so much! In comprehension, reading, listening, and talking! I will be able to converse with and understand my Spanish speaking patients so much more now.

-Amanda Terry

Spanish and Medicine The world of health, medicine and all other care and sanitation fields, have been widely requested fields of language study among our students. Our teachers´ experience coupled by the cooperation of health professionals has enabled us to create a medical Spanish program designed to meet the growing demands of our globalized world. Spanish and Health is an instructive and dynamic program aimed at meeting student’s needs who are interested in learning specific Spanish related to the health field while simultaneously advancing general Spanish ability. · Duration: 2 weeks · Levels: Intermediate and Advanced · Hours per week: 30 · Start dates: Every Monday

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Spanish and Volunteer Elebaires offers a large variety of personalized volunteer programs to break global and cultural barriers by serving. With two weeks of classes in Elebaires, we can place volunteers for free—the minimum commitment is four hours per week for two weeks. This program offers a wonderful way to understand the culture better and lend a hand to organizations that are working hard to improve society! · Duration: 2+ weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 10 + volunteer hours · Start dates: Every Monday

Internship Program Students who are enrolled in an Elebaires Spanish course for two weeks are eligible for internship placement. We look for the most suitable internship for you, starting with your area and level of study, your professional goals, your interests, and your work experience. Elebaires internships vary from one to six months and although they are unpaid, all can qualify for college credit.

My Spanish and Internship Experience: “I completed my internship just before February. It was a wonderful experience, the people there really tried to make my time worthwhile! There was a girl working at the office who had more English, and she explained to me more the accounting system in Argentina, the culture, and even showed me how to make mate! After I finished classes at the school I took private lessons to continue. Hopefully I can continue studying Spanish when I go back to Brisbane. Thank you ...”

- Claire Lee -

· Duration: 1-6 meses · Levels: Intermediate and Advanced · Hours per week: Depends on internship · Start dates: Every Monday

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Study Abroad Semester Program The semester abroad program combines the best of study abroad and Spanish school experiences. Students will take a full course load for academic credit taught by university professors at a prestigious local university, combined with four weeks of intensive Spanish classes at Elebaires before beginning the university semester. · Duration: Semester-long · Levels: Intermediate and Advanced · Hours per week: Depends on course load · Start dates: February and July

High School Exchange Program Elebaires has carried out various immersion programs for high school students. The experience of living in a different country with a distinct culture from one’s own undoubtedly opens each program participant’s mind and cultural perspective and consistently proves to be a life-changing and unforgettable experience. We specifically design and plan each exchange according the needs of each group. · Duration: 2 weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 20 · Start dates: When you wish!

Spanish & Tango For anyone who loves dance and tango, this program provides the opportunities to learn with some of the best tango teachers in the city! Tango is a dance which developed in and around the neighborhoods where students will be living and learning—it is part of Argentina’s cultural heritage, and the history of tango can be seen in the streets and in the life of Buenos Aires. With this program, in addition to your Spanish classes, you will take two group lessons and one private lesson per week. · Duration: 2 weeks · Levels: All levels · Hours per week: 20 hours of class plus 4 hours of tango lessons · Start dates: Every Monday

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City Combination Program ELEBAIRES offers the possibility of coordinating your Spanish learning program between different cities in Argentina, and we guarantee a continuous learning process for those students who would like to attend our partner schools in different cities. Our partner schools are located in: Mendoza: This city in Western Argentina is one of the world’s wine capitals, and is located very near the Andes Mountains. Santiago de Chile: The capital of Chile, Argentina’s neighbouring country, Santiago is a cosmopolitan city surrounded by the Andes Mountains, where you can combine Spanish with nightlife and outdoor sports.

Bariloche: This city is Argentina’s favourite place to vacation, and can be enjoyed in every season. The beauty of this Patagonian paradise is unmatched, and studying in this land of lakes and mountains is an unforgettable experience. Salta: Located in the northwest, this area is where Argentina’s indigenous roots can best be experienced. The area offers a distinctive regional cuisine, typical folkloric music, and a wonderful range of natural wonders to enjoy. Cordoba: Argentina’s second city is a busy university city filled with young students, and is full of original colonial architecture. The city is within a short distance of the attractions of Cordoba’s sierras.

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Outside the classroom ELEBAIRES offers daily social and cultural activities to best take advantage of all Buenos Aires has to offer. Each week students receive a program with the activities that ELEBAIRES has organized. Some of them include: walking tours in Buenos Aires’ most traditional neighborhoods, bike tours, tango shows, football tickets, conversation classes, nightlife suggestions, and much more!!!!

My Elebaires Experience: “I couldn’t recommend Elebaires more strongly. The classes were fun, the teachers were great, and I looked forward to going every day. I made a lot of friends, learned a ton, and really want to come back!”

-Peter Cline

A typical day in Elebaires 8:45 Orientation session and welcome to Elebaires. 9:00 The first two hour block of classes, focused on teaching grammar and vocabulary. 11:00 Break! This is a great time to practice Spanish with teachers and classmates while you rest and drink some coffee or tea. 11:15 The second segment of the class, which focuses on practicing what you learned in the first segment, starts. You change teachers in able to experience a different teaching style. 13:00 Classes end, and you can grab some lunch with friends from school while digesting all of the information learned that day. 14:00 Return to the school to meet up for an activity with our activities coordinator; for example, a walking tour of Recoleta, a bike tour of the Ecological Reserve, or a trip to the city’s art museum. 16:00 Return to accommodation after a long but fulfilling day. Rest up for a few hours before heading out again to spend time with friends at a bar, dancing in Buenos Aires’ weekly drum party, taking tango or salsa lessons, or just wandering around, exploring the city.

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Accommodations We offer housing in family houses and student residences. It is extremely important that our students enjoy the best possible accommodation choices in Buenos Aires, and so we choose the locations with special care, so that each student feels at home.

Homestay We recommend that our students take advantage of the possibility to stay with a local family. Sharing a typical home life is ideal for practicing new language skills and the most effective way to learn about local culture. All our host families are carefully selected by Elebaires staff, and each homestay is based on individual student preferences and requirements. Students choosing this option have their own room and have total freedom to come and go as they please. You can choose a room with breakfast only or with breakfast and dinner included.

Meet an Elebaires host mother! “...For me, my children leaving to live abroad was very difficult for me. The experience (of being a host mother) is like having other children. This excellent experience that I’ve had fills me with everything the students give me and add to my life: The closeness I feel to them, discovering and learning about different cultures that they share with me from their various countries. I receive an extremely rich cultural perspective. Having Elebaires students in my home is a wonderful experience… It’s like having a child...”

- Ana Maria Pinto Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Student residence Staying in a student residence gives students the possibility of spending their time in the city with people from all around the world, especially South America. There are two or three students per room. The residence presents the opportunity to meet friends and practice Spanish in a fun environment. The residence is located in the middle of the historic San Telmo neighborhood, within walking distance of the school, and offers a beautiful patio in which to relax.

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Sooo‌ Why Study with Elebaires? Our students answer this question better than we ever could. They’re some of the friendliest and most interesting people on the planet! Coming from all corners of the globe, Elebaires students are eager to learn and excited about enhancing their Spanish skills and cultural knowledge. We help them gain linguistic confidence, we listen to their needs and tailor each program to what best fits their personal goals. We express our unique culture not only through lessons but also in our extracurricular activities outside the school, and we motivate our students to speak Spanish from their very first moments with us. All Elebaires students attest to the truly incredible intercultural experiences they have lived through our programs.

I had a very enjoyable expeience. The staff and teachers were very helpful and kind and made the extra effort. I learnt a lot. Joshua Fairbairn A very positive experience! I met peope from all over the world, worked with local children who were disadvantaged, and ate some great food. Parastevi Frangakis I had a great time at Elebaires! It was great to meet like minded people from all over the world who wanted to learn Spanish and enjoy the greatest city in the world. Jacklyn Webb

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Spanish in Argentina Brochure - Elebaires 2013  

Are you ready to live a true Spanish experience? Check out our next year programs and start booking your place now!

Spanish in Argentina Brochure - Elebaires 2013  

Are you ready to live a true Spanish experience? Check out our next year programs and start booking your place now!