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Programs at Elebaires

Standard Language Programs Intensive Program (20 hours per week) The intensive program at Elebaires allows students to balance their time between learning Spanish and discovering the city. Students study in the school for 20 hours a week, with classes for four hours in the morning or afternoon each day. Students can enter into whatever level is suitable to them, and all levels are available to begin every Monday. Students are advised to take a minimum of two weeks of classes as each level is designed for a two week duration.

Super-intensive Program (30 hours per week) The Super Intensive Spanish Course is a combination of 20 hours of group classes and 10 hours of private classes. This gives students not only the advantages of learning in a group environment, but also the chance to reinforce their skills and address specific problems in private tutoring sessions. This course consists of daily six hour lessons, four hours in small groups with a maximum of four students each in the morning and two hours private Spanish classes in the afternoon.

Internship and Volunteer Programs Spanish and Internship When students enrol in the intensive language program, they have the opportunity to take part in some of the internship options that Elebaires have available. Elebaires works with a number of organizations in various fields, such as Marketing, Architecture, Technology, NGOs, Environmental Sciences, Health, Law, Finance, Media, and Communications.

Upon registering with Elebaires, we will provide students with information regarding possible internships that meet their criteria, interests and qualifications. Once they have chosen which internship they would like to participate in, Elebaires will arrange all the necessary documentation and set up an interview. These internships have qualified for University credits in the United States and in Europe and we would be happy to work with your University to ensure that students can get the most out of these experiences.

Internships are available on a year-round basis and require a minimum commitment of at least one month with 15-20 hours of work a week on the part of the intern. The ability to read and understand spoken Spanish at an intermediate level is essential. Before or during the internship, students are required to enrol in an Elebaires Spanish Course for a minimum of two weeks.

Spanish and Volunteer The Elebaires Volunteer program is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish skills. Through volunteering, students not only learn Spanish in a native environment but also have the opportunity to lend a hand to those who are working to improve their communities whilst simultaneously acquiring meaningful work experience. Working directly with members of the local community, students gain a better understanding of Argentina’s rich cultural diversity, traditions and day to day issues that occur in the lives of the people.

Our Volunteer program is available on a year-round basis. All students enrolled in an Elebaires Spanish course (for a minimum of two weeks) are eligible. Typically, a time commitment of at least 2-4 weeks of volunteering is desired from the volunteer. There is no minimum Spanish level requirement although some organizations require intermediate to advanced Spanish ability.

Upon registering with Elebaires, we will provide you with information regarding possible Volunteer programs we have with partner NGOs that meet your criteria and personal interests. Once you have chosen which program you would like to participate in, Elebaires will confirm and coordinate all the necessary documentation with the selected organization.

Specialised Programs Spanish and Business Elebaires Spanish for Business was created especially for business students, recent graduates, MBA candidates, and young professionals looking to build their resumes and enhance their Spanish with specific, fundamental and relevant Spanish. Spanish for Business is a customized Intensive Group Spanish Course with the addition of individual lessons focusing on business and Latin American Business practices. The Business Program includes

a total of 80 in-class hours over the period of one month. Regardless of your current Spanish level, you will find this to be an intensive, valuable and challenging course. At the end of the Spanish for Business program you’ll be able to successfully communicate in the following situations: • Writing professional letters and emails • When and how to use common business jargon • Make meaningful contributions in a business meeting • Understand the nuances of doing business in Latin America

Spanish and Journalism In our Spanish and Journalism program, students will not only gain professional experience but will also learn Spanish through customized classes that are specially designed to relate to their linguistic journalism needs. This six week program is designed to ensure students experience maximum immersion by living with a host-family. The six week program consists of two weeks of intensive language classes followed by four weeks of specialised journalism language classes and internship program. This program gives students the professional and linguistic skills needed to stand out as a qualified candidate in a competitive job market.

Spanish and Health The Spanish and Health program is an instructive and dynamic program aimed at meeting student´s needs who are interested in learning specific Spanish related to the health field while simultaneously advancing in their general Spanish ability. During this course, health professionals will develop their comprehension and communication skills in order to prepare themselves for actual real-life situations that can occur in their vocational environment. They will learn basic medical Spanish vocabulary, grammatical structures and general functions in order to familiarize themselves with specific social and health system Spanish.

In addition to the intensive language classes, students in the Spanish and Health program will partake in the following activities:  

Meet with a Health Colleague. Elebaires can put you in touch with a medical professional from your same field. Outing to a medical centre: There will be two or three visits to medical centres in the city. The day and time of the visits depend on the availability of the personnel of each centre that will be visited.

  

Language partner: Take advantage of this free language exchange service in order to converse with local Argentines in Buenos Aires. Accommodation: Students will live in a home stay with a local Argentine family in order to achieve true cultural and linguistic immersion while in Argentina and to have as much opportunity to practice Spanish as possible. Internship: The school can coordinate an internship placement in one of the city´s medical centres. The minimum time commitment for an internship is 4 weeks.

The only prerequisite for this program is that when commencing the program, students should have an intermediate level of Spanish. If students wish to take this program, Elebaires can coordinate a program for students to accomplish an intermediate level prior to the Spanish and Health program. Explorer Programs City-Combination Elebaires has established connections with language schools across Argentina to allow students to diversify their experience by studying Spanish in multiple locations in Argentina. All schools have the same levels of Spanish study as well as the same study materials and teaching methodology ensuring the same quality across all schools. We work very closely with our partner schools to guarantee an enjoyable and fluid learning experience for all students. These partner schools are situated in Cordoba, Bariloche and Ushuaia and students are able to choose any combination of any of these schools at no additional cost.

Country-Combination At Elebaires, we understand that the students who partake in our classes are keen to see and discover as much as they can, not only of Argentina but of South America as well. It is for this reason that we have put a lot of effort into creating opportunities for our students to continue with their language acquisition whilst seeing and experiencing the diversity of South America. Students can choose any combination of the following countries to diversify their learning experience: Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panamá, and Costa Rica.

Semester Abroad Program The six-month program combines intensive Spanish courses in preparation for an unique study abroad opportunity with the University Abierta Interamericana including cultural activities, weekly workshops on specific topics, field trips during the weekends and the option to share daily life with local and foreign students in university housing. Students who

undertake this program are getting the best of both worlds, university accreditation and the support and benefits of a private language institute. University courses are taught in Spanish for native speakers and an audience targeting Argentina. Semester program students may choose courses that interest them within the wide range of careers. In addition, students may also do internships or voluntary work in different institutions throughout the city which can be arranged by Elebaires. Ultimately, students will master a second language, contribute towards their career goals and have an amazing time doing it!

High School Program

At Elebaires, the High School Program is a two-week intensive program, consisting of 4 hours of group classes in the morning, followed by social and cultural immersion activities and excursions. To maximize this two week learning experience, a large portion of the day is taken up with organized activities. We also arrange that all of the students stay in argentine host-families who have children around the same ages as the students so that their learning continues well beyond the classroom. Day-trips and weekend excursions to cities such as Iguazu, Cordoba and Mendoza are also organized to highlight the diversity of this region and its people. Such an intensive program is organized primarily to meet the needs of the schools who conduct such programs during their school terms. Given that you are thinking of conducting these programs during the New Zealand school holidays, there is less timepressure and more flexibility to organize a study abroad package across a longer period of time that might include some travel time to different parts of the country, opportunities to participate with some volunteer agencies in Buenos Aires or even to continue their Spanish instruction in different parts of the country (we have existing ties with schools in Bariloche, Ushuaia and Cordoba).

Elebaires Programs Descriptions  

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