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30 Days of Prayer for Busy Christians on the go... Sunday

Monday 1 Aug

Tuesday Day 1 2 Aug

Wednesday Day 2 3 Aug

Thursday Day 3 4 Aug

Friday (Muslim’s Holy Day) Saturday Day 4 5 Aug Day 5 6 Aug

Day 6

30 Days Kolai of Pakistan

Pray that where there is: pride, humility (Prov 8:13); religiousness, relationship (Jn 17:3); legalism, freedom (Mt 7:3-5); suspicion, trust (Acts 16:14).

7 Aug

Day 7 8 Aug

Day 8

Where there is: bitterness, meekness (Heb 12:15); intimidation, love (1 Jn 4:18); lust, purity (2 Pet 1:4); violence, peace (Mt 5:9).

9 Aug

Al Jadida, Morocco

Plans for a mosque near “ground zero” is stirring up controversy but is also an opportunity to reach out to 600,000 Muslim living in NY. Pray for workers (Acts 17:30-31).

14 Aug

Pray for holidaying Moroccans to discover Jesus, the only One who can give them real peace, joy and rest (Acts 10:34-44).

Day 14 15 Aug

Day 9 10 Aug

An Urdu-speaking people with a strong martial tradition and known for their bravery. Proclaim the Lord of Hosts over them that they should obey Him (Ps 103:19-22).

Day 15 16 Aug

Pray from the lowest labourer to the princes of the Saudi royal family that all will worship Jesus. (Rev 4:11)

Day 10 11 Aug

A poor region with many people and great poverty. Pray for open hearts and workers with good language skills to come and share Good News (Mt 9:36-38).

Day 16 17 Aug

Proclaim God’s sovereignty over the dessert and the Utaybah tribe. Pray for a revelation of the Messiah among them and for their salvation (Ps 72:1-20).

Day 11 12 Aug

The scars of decades of conflict destroy lives in the present. Pray for profound inner healing and for true peace found only in Jesus, the Prince of Peace (Is 9:5-7).

Day 17 18 Aug

The Muslim world in the Middle East and North Africa is in turmoil. They seek freedom but true freedom can only found in Jesus the Messiah (Dan 7:13-14).

Day 12 13 Aug

The 3rd holiest Islamic site draws many older men to Friday prayer. Pray these patriarchs receive a revelation of the Truth that will transform whole families (John 14:6).

Day 18 19 Aug

21 Aug

Pray that God would move supernaturally among the Bohras in Surat. Pray they would receive dreams and visions of the Living God (Acts 2:17).

Day 21 22 Aug

Day 22 23 Aug

Muslims in Moscow


Pray for the translation and printing of quality Christian literature for Russianspeaking Muslims and new believers learning to walk with Jesus (John 9:4).

Young people have little hope for the future. Pray they find their God-given purpose in Jesus. Pray for more workers to engage with Central Asian youth (Prov 23:18-19).

28 Aug

Day 28 29 Aug

Pray for love, authority, and the effective witness of German believers who have contact with Turks, especially 2nd and 3rd generation Turkish migrants (Eph 3:20-21).

In this time of instability and turmoil, pray for the entrance of God’s Word via the airways and internet, that many may come to faith in Christ Jesus (Ps 119:30).

Pray for open doors for the Gospel into the lives of these Persian-speaking Shi’a Muslim trade and craftsmen who have suffered much in recent years (Ps 72:12-14).

Day 23 24 Aug

There are no known believers among this group of nomadic shepherding people. Pray for Jesus, the good shepherd, to reveal himself to the Shuwa (John 10:10-16).

Day 29 30 Aug

This Indonesian group is one of the last Muslim groups with no organised effort to establish a community of believers. May God make himself known (Lk 10:21-24).

Day 30

This very active, missional Islamic group has spread worldwide. Pray they will meet Christians who will reflect the life and love of the Messiah to them (Col 4:3).

Day 20


Pray for God’s wisdom and authority in dealing with the spiritual forces that have kept the people bound for generations (2 Cor 10:4).

Sufism is the mystical, experiential branch of Islam. Pray that Mouride (Sufi) leaders and adherents in Senegal encounter the true and living God (Acts 13:4-12).

Malay Muslim background believers are few. Many discovered Jesus the Messiah through a direct divine encounter. Pray for more of these (Acts 10:30-33).

30 Days

Day 24 25 Aug

May God open doors for many Chinese to proclaim his glory among the nations. Need for effective, in-depth cross-cultural training (Isaiah 66:18-23).

Day 13

Pray the Hezbollah leaders discover God’s plan to bless the world through Abraham’s seed, and in so doing become true children of God (John 1:9-14).

Day 19 20 Aug

Kangean People

Pray for the bereaved, the injured, who’ve lost homes and livelihoods. They need shelter, clean water, food and the hope that comes from God’s promises (Jer 29:11).

A remote tribal people bound by Islam and shamanism. Pray for labourers to bring release from the spiritual forces of darkness so the Light may enter (Acts 10:38).

Day 25 26 Aug

A city of 12.8 million, most of whom are at least nominally Muslim. Pray for believers to be open with hospitality and good life-style witnesses (Matthew 6:25-26).

Day 26 27 Aug

Pray for the Muslims around the world who, this night, will seek revelations, visions and answers from God. Pray they will have a divine encounter with Jesus (Jeremiah 29:13).

How to use this prayer reminder: 8 Keep it somewhere handy eg bathroom mirror, fridge, car, desk, etc. 8 If you don’t have time to read the full page for prayer, then you will still have the topic of the day and a key prayer point to pray through.

Day 27

Many restrictions are being imposed on believers. Pray according to Acts 4:29-30 that they will have boldness to proclaim the Gospel with signs and wonders following.

Join us in praying for Muslims each Friday. See resources/friday-prayer-guide/ for details.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World 2011 ~ Praying for Muslims with Faith, Hope and Love ~

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30 Days of Prayer

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