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“Excellent conference! I left highly motivated to create more interactivity in my e-Learning courses. I have already recommended the conference to my colleagues.”

“DevLearn was great!

“I feel re-energized about my profession. I wrote down countless ideas that popped into my head during sessions about what I wanted my team to do differently.”

The brainpower gathered in one place is tremendous, and the willingness to share and generate new ideas is awesome. I will attend again!” — Brian Dusablon, Administaff

— Cheryl Campbell, IBM

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— Cheryl Dajczak, Oracle





Who Should Attend:

DevLearn 2010 is for learning professionals who are involved — in any way — in the management, design, and development of e-Learning and performance-enabling technologies. Regardless of your level or role in your organization, at DevLearn you’ll find the information, the resources, and the global network of professional colleagues you need to turbo-charge your success!


How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion

John Seely Brown Scientist, Visionary, Best-selling Author The Power of Pull examines the “how question” — how can we effectively address our most pressing challenges in a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world? Brown highlights fascinating new ways in which passionate thinking, creative solutions, and committed action can — and will — make it possible for us to seize opportunities and remain in step with change.

THE NEW SOCIAL LEARNING Transform Your Work Through Collaborative Technology @marciamarcia

is you and the entire global network of professionals working every day to facilitate better learning. It is everyone in your organization working and learning and sharing knowledge and expertise. It’s about the connections we make — enabling us to learn from each other and from content generated by a myriad of sources. It’s about the incredible array of new tools and technologies at our disposal. If you want to know what’s coming next in the world of e-Learning, and what the top people in the field are thinking and doing, there is no better place to be than DevLearn 2010.

Marcia Conner Partner, Altimeter Group Social media has the power to transform organizations into ecosystems teaming with innovations, fresh solutions, thoughtful decisions, and the capacity to lead wisely into their future. This forward-looking presentation examines emerging trends, looks at their impact on every organization, and addresses how learning professionals should react. You’ll walk away with a vision of the future as well as a plan to create your long term roadmap.

THE NEW KNOW Innovation Powered by Analytics

Thornton May Executive Director, IT Leadership Academy


Effective measurement and assessment of learning solutions is critical to your success. The New Know argues that analytics are needed by all enterprises in order to be successful — and that includes the learning organization. May will help you understand why data analytics are critical in every environment … and essential to learn from the past and navigate into the future.


Six Views from Six Thought Leaders Brent Schlenker The eLearning Guild Six powerful voices from the e-Learning community were tasked with bringing their “A” game to DevLearn in a fast-paced, idea fest. Speakers were selected because they bring a unique perspective and a thoughtprovoking presentation style that’s sure to inform and delight you. Brent Schlenker will host this event and encourage your active participation. This is a must-see mix of e-Learning leaders who have been given one assignment: Deliver your BEST idea!

TOTAL ENGAGEMENT Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Learn

Cammy Bean

Jane Bozarth

Richard Culatta

Gina Schreck

Aaron Silvers








Byron Reeves Professor, Stanford University

Ellen Wagner

Imagine the value if you could transfer the excitement and focus found in great games to the office. What if your employees could solve customer problems, develop new knowledge and increase performance, design new software, or configure better shipping routes working inside a game environment? This isn’t just possible, says Byron Reeves, it’s inevitable.

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Featured Learning Stages DevLearn 2010 offers five unique learning activities for anyone attending DevLearn — with either a full-conference or an expo-only registration — to explore emerging learning technologies and new tools from leading suppliers. These educational stages run throughout the event in public areas and you’ll be able to select from a range of presentations, discussions, and demonstrations.

Hosted By: Nick Floro

Excellence in Learning Awards

The Learning Media Studio offers you an opportunity to explore tools for creating and editing audio and video for e-Learning and mLearning. These technologies provide greater access to previously difficult and expensive development processes — at a much lower cost. The Learning Media Studio will showcase tools and best practices that will help make your Learning more engaging and effective through the use of audio and/or video.

Thursday, November 4, 7:00p – 8:30p Join Brandon Hall Research for the 2010 Excellence in Learning wine-and-cheese reception and awards ceremony — now in its 16th year of recognizing the best in innovative learning content, technology, and initiatives in workplace learning!

Breakfast Bytes At DevLearn 2010, some of the most important learning you will do will come from your “Informal Learning” interactions with other conference attendees. So, if you want to optimize your opportunities for Informal Learning at DevLearn, you can participate in Breakfast Bytes at 7:15a each morning!

Special Guest: Mike Pino

Hosted by: Judy Brown

The Mobile Learning Jam is where mLearning experts and enthusiasts will be available to share their experience and answer your most pressing questions. Mobile Learning is one of the fastest growing parts of the learning industry and you will soon be confronted by it (if you haven’t been already). Get ahead of the curve with concrete information about how to get started, the tools that are available, and future trends and directions.

Special Guest: Neil Lasher

Hosted by: Mark Oehlert

The Social Learning Camp is where you can get up to speed quickly on the latest social media technologies. Get the perspectives you need to think in concrete ways about how you can apply them to your learning challenges and develop the case studies and best practices to get them adopted back home! Explore tools that are currently available, look at strategies for adoption and implementation, discuss emerging case studies, and discover resources to help you.

Special Guest: Jane Bozarth

Hosted by: Alicia Sanchez


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The 6th Annual e-Learning DemoFest is the premier showcase of e-Learning demos. Every year, dozens of your colleagues show off their latest and greatest development efforts at DemoFest. This gives you an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to common e-Learning challenges and to talk to the designers and developers about the tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them.


Thursday, November 4, 5:00p – 7:00p

At the Serious Games Zone you’ll see and play some of the latest and most instructionally-sound serious games. But it’s not all fun and games! It’s designed to help you discover how game design and simulation strategies can have a seriously positive impact on learning. Explore tools that are currently available, look at strategies for adoption and implementation, discuss case studies, and find resources to help you.

Special Guest: Gina Schreck

Master Classes offer you a chance to discover a veritable showcase of the latest tools, technologies, and services offered by leading e-Learning industry suppliers. These 40-minute learning activities offer you concrete demonstrations of how these suppliers can help you achieve your organization’s learning objectives. Don’t miss these opportunities to see the latest and greatest for e-Learning!

“I have attended several Guild conferences and I thought this was the best one so far. Great job!” — Jeanette Aden, Williams-Sonoma

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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31 4:00p – 7:00p Registration and Info Desk Open

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1 7:00a – 7:00p Registration and Info Desk Open 8:30a – 4:30p Pre-conference Certificate Programs

Expo Hours


As of July 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 3 9:30a – 6:30p Thursday, November 4 9:30a – 3:00p

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 7:00a – 7:00p Registration and Info Desk Open 8:30a – 4:30p Pre-conference Certificate Programs

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3 7:00a – 6:00p Registration and Info Desk Open 7:15a – 8:15a Breakfast Bytes 8:30a – 10:00a Opening General Session John Seely Brown 9:30a – 6:30p Expo and Featured Learning Stages Open 10:00a – 10:45a Networking Break 10:45a – 11:45a Concurrent Sessions Block 1 11:45a – 1:00p Lunch 1:00p – 2:00p Concurrent Sessions Block 2 2:00p – 2:30p Networking Break 2:30p – 3:45p General Session with Byron Reeves 3:45p – 4:00p Networking Break 4:00p – 5:00p Concurrent Sessions Block 3 5:00p – 6:30p DevLearn 2010 Welcome Reception 6:30p – 7:30p Join the Movement!

Welcome Reception Wednesday, November 3, 5:00p – 6:30p The DevLearn Expo Welcome Reception is where you can connect with conference speakers, colleagues, and e-Learning suppliers while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat. The Expo Reception is always loads of fun!

Join the Movement! Wednesday, November 3, 6:30p – 7:30p


Food & Drinks provided

7:00a – 6:00p Registration and Info Desk Open 7:15a – 8:15a Breakfast Bytes 8:30a – 10:00a General Session with Thornton May 9:30a – 3:00p Expo and Featured Learning Stages Open 10:00a – 10:45a Networking Break 10:45a – 11:45a Concurrent Sessions Block 4 11:45a – 1:00p Lunch 1:00p – 2:00p Concurrent Sessions Block 5 2:00p – 2:30p Networking Break 2:30p – 3:45p General Session with Marcia Conner 3:45p – 4:00p Networking Break 4:00p – 5:00p Concurrent Sessions Block 6 5:00p – 7:00p E-Learning DemoFest 2010 7:00p – 8:30p Excellence in Learning Awards Reception

• Learning Technology Revolution (seriously) • Become an Architect • Shape the Future Don’t miss this awesome event and the chance to be an insider!

Learning Professionals Wanted! Dr. Strangelearn, world renowned mad scientist, is recruiting lab assistants for an exciting initiative for DevLearn 2010. Ready for a challenge? Then this is the position for you! Collaboration skills a must. Access to laboratory chemicals a plus. Visit and stay tuned for more information.


For info on sponsoring or exhibiting contact Luis Malbas at +1.707.566.8990 X308 or

7:30a – 12:15p Registration and Info Desk Open 7:15a – 8:15a Breakfast Bytes 8:30a – 11:00a Featured Learning Stages Open 8:30a – 9:30a Concurrent Sessions Block 7 9:30a – 9:45a Networking Break 9:45a – 10:45a Concurrent Sessions Block 8 11:00a – 12:15p Closing General Session Perspectives Panel

OPTION AL Optional Pre-conference Certificate Programs offer new skills and knowledge that you can immediately put to work in your organization. Every participant will receive a certificate documenting their participation in the workshop from The eLearning Guild Academy. This year we are offering both one-day and two-day certificate programs. Workshops will be held on Monday and Tuesday, November 1 and 2, from 8:30a to 4:30p. Separate fee-based registration is required.

Two-day Certificate Programs Monday & Tuesday, November 1 & 2, 8:30a – 4:30p P1 Creating a Successful mLearning Strategy: From Planning to Implementation Judy Brown, ADL, and Lance Dublin, Dublin Consulting For those new to mLearning there are a lot of decisions to address. There are new technologies and platforms to develop on and there may be stakeholder, management, and user resistance to using these new technologies. This workshop will give you a strategic overview of the many areas you will need to address to successfully plan an mLearning initiative, and then implement that plan.

P2 Transitioning Your Existing Learning Content to the 21st Century Mark Sunnarborg, Creative Consulting The time, cost, and resources for transitioning classroom and traditional training classes into e-Learning and blended learning is high, but there’s no need to start from scratch — you can use inexpensive rapid development tools and simple project management strategies to easily transition traditional training classes to e-Learning and blended solutions. In this workshop, you will learn what you need to know and do to make creative and dynamic blended solutions from your existing training courses.

P3 What You Need to Know to Become a Successful Online Trainer Karen Hyder, Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting People all around your organization use synchronous online software to run training sessions and meetings. In this highly interactive workshop you will learn how to create online sessions that are as good as, if not better than, face-to-face sessions. Immersed in the synchronous learning environment throughout the program, you’ll see for yourself how the tools work and how to use them to support your learning objectives. You’ll also do a short presentation of your own.

P4 Practical Video Production and Streaming Strategies for Learning Mike Pino, Harvard Business School Publishing Using interactive instructional video improves learner satisfaction and retention. Yet the cost and time to plan, script, shoot, edit, store, and deliver a high-quality product is a roadblock. Workshop participants will learn how to plan a shoot, how to block and script, and how to capture, tag, and store re-purposable footage that you can integrate into your next production. You’ll learn low-cost (or no-cost) options for enabling video in rapid e-Learning, like streaming strategies to reduce bandwith requirements.

The new eLearning Guild Academy offers certificate programs for e-Learning professionals that are led by key industry leaders. Stay tuned for announcements about new faceto-face and online workshops.

Optional One-day or Two-day Programs The following courses can be taken separately, or as a two-day continued course.

One-day Certificate Programs Monday, Nov. 1, 8:30a – 4:30p P5 Articulate 101: Beginning to Intermediate

P7 A  dobe Captivate 101: Beginning to Intermediate

Ron Price, Yukon Learning Articulate can answer an organization’s rapid e-Learning development needs. Articulate works with PowerPoint, so trainers, designers, and SMEs can easily learn to make their own e-Learning modules, or at least convert existing classroom-based training into e-Learning. You’ll learn to use all of the basic features of Articulate to create dynamic, interactive, and engaging e-Learning, and get the hands-on practice and coaching you need to use the Articulate suite of tools — Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker.

Joseph Ganci, Dazzle Technologies Adobe Captivate v5 has a new interface and workflow, along with a set of new features. You can use Captivate v5’s many features in addition to software simulation capture to create soft-skills learning and quizzes, and combine media elements with presentations and interactivity. Its new abilities let you enhance your learning with more animations and effects, master slides and object styles, and audio and video improvements. You’ll learn Captivate’s features, especially those that are new to v5.

One-day Certificate Programs Tuesday, Nov. 2, 8:30a – 4:30p P6 Articulate 201: Intermediate to Advanced

P8 Adobe Captivate 201: Intermediate to Advanced

Ron Price, Yukon Learning This workshop is a follow-up to P5 above. Participants will get the hands-on practice and coaching needed to refine and enhance use of the Articulate suite of tools. You’ll build e-Learning templates in PowerPoint, Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage, and learn advanced and interactive features, such as branching scenarios, layering with hyperlinks, using motion paths, and building more intelligent quizzes. You’ll get a course workbook and CD-ROM too.

Joseph Ganci, Dazzle Technologies This workshop continues the excitement of yesterday’s session (P7 above) to advance your abilities to a level where you can truly use all the great features of Adobe Captivate v5. Learn to use Captivate v5’s many features, in addition to software simulation capture, to enhance your learning with more animations and effects, master slides and object styles, and audio and video improvements to help you more quickly and easily meet the needs of your instructional design.

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More Certificate Programs on next page...

“This conference was the most rewarding I have ever attended. I felt, and continue to feel, inspired and energized.” — Gina Fredenburgh, American Public University System

One-day Certificate Programs Tuesday, November 2, 8:30a – 4:30p P9 M  astering e-Learning Project Management Anita Rosen, ReadyGo This workshop will provide you with a simple phased approach for analysis, planning, executing, and managing e-Learning projects. You’ll learn how to design and manage a process for efficient and effective course production, how to quickly identify the types of courses you will be producing so that you can streamline the process, how to identify where, when, and how to manage outsourced projects, and how to get your company behind your e-Learning projects.

P10 Accelerating Expertise with Scenario-based Learning Ruth Clark, Clark Training & Consulting Scenario-based e-Learning (SBeL) is proven to accelerate expertise by providing learners with compressed job-relevant experience, but it requires a very different design approach from that used for traditional e-Learning. Understanding the what, when, and how of scenario-based e-Learning is essential. Workshop participants will learn the features and benefits of SBeL and how to apply a SBeL design model, and will work through a basic design model to create a SBeL outline and storyboards.

P11 Creating Simulations with Flash Builder and Actionscript 3.0 Mark Lassoff, LearnToProgram.TV In this workshop you will learn the basics of creating simulations using the Flash Builder platform, from the design

phase, to asset collection, to the actual programming and development. You’ll develop a “Slot Machine Simulation” with graphics and sound. Each section will build new features of the simulation. You’ll learn to integrate the ActionScript programming language into Flash Builder-based learning, and you’ll gain the basic skills to develop simple simulations that are compatible with almost any LMS.

P12 Developing Engaging Learning Content with Flash Phil Cowcill, Canadore College Although Flash’s ActionScript language has a steep learning curve, new Flash CS5 has a number of features that will help you build stunning e-Learning animations and activities that engage the learner. You’ll learn the features used to create learning activities with very little scripting, in a way that helps you understand and significantly reduces the learning curve. A customized workbook and sample files to keep will provide step-by-step instructions and allow you to continue developing.

P13 Retooling Your Instructional Design Skills for ISD 2.0 Terrence Wing, Liquid Learn Instructional designers and trainers are ill equipped to handle an unexpected Social Media (SM) backchannel, much less able to take advantage of SM-stimulated prethrough post-training opportunities. This skill gap offers amazing opportunities, such as almost effortlessly providing real time Level 1, 2, and 3 evaluations based on the Kirkpatrick model. Workshop participants will learn how SM is enhancing the learning process, and methods for managing the backchannel to ensure learners have every opportunity to succeed.

P14 L  earning Is Made of Humans! Using Social Media to Create and Extend a Learning Environment

P16 Building a High Impact Learning Community Josh Little and Nemo Chu, Bloomfire

There are now many social media tools available, but the capabilities they represent cross all kinds of boundaries — domain, functional, and organizational, and show little or no respect for hierarchies, classes, or traditional notions of expertise. So how then do we integrate these capabilities into our learning function so we truly can affect organizational outcomes? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the human dynamics of social media, the systems capabilities, and how to start using social media for learning.

What if organizations not only provided a space for top-down learning, but also for peer-to-peer learning? In order to remain competitive, organizations will need to embrace the power of communities, crowdsourcing, and social networks. Workshop participants will get a customized strategy for their organization to identify and overcome organizational objections. Learning professionals from Stryker, Kellogg’s, and will participate in the workshop, present their case studies, and help you facilitate your strategic plan.

P15 How to Craft an Effective Performance Support Strategy

P17 A  pplying Serious Games Design to Your e-Learning

Mark Oehlert, Defense Acquisition University

Bob Mosher, LearningGuide Solutions U.S. Informal Learning is one of the greatest influences on an employee’s performance, yet it remains one of the most underappreciated, understaffed, and least supported approaches. People will ultimately see a learning organization that ignores informal learning as ineffective outside of the traditional learning channels. You can address informal learning by intentionally designing and implementing a structured Performance Support strategy. Workshop participants will learn the issues surrounding better understanding, designing, and upselling of performance support within an organization.

Brenda Brathwaite, LOLapps The hottest new interactive ideas today are coming from the game design industry. Companies like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook use game mechanics to keep users engaged and build community. How could these same principles be used in your e-Learning design? In this entertaining, fast-paced, and hands-on game design workshop, game design legend Brenda Brathwaite will open your eyes to the possibilities. Push your thoughts of technologybased gaming aside. This session is all about designing engaging experiences with or without technology. Don’t let the word “game” fool you, it’s ALL about learning!

“Outstanding conference! The sessions

I attended were dead on target for providing me with what I need to do my job and keep up with the technology.” — Charlie Justus, Cisco Systems

You’ll find complete schedules and detailed descriptions of all these sessions online at CS = Case Study

The State of Learning in the Workplace Today Jane Hart, Center for Learning & Performance Technologies

Is Learning Design a Science? You Bet! Neil Lasher, Trainer1

Rethinking e-Learning: Performer Augmentation Clark Quinn, Quinnovation

Avatars in e-Learning: How Human Is TOO Human? John DiGiantomasso, Breakthrough PerformanceTech

Working Smarter: Learning Is the REAL Work! Jay Cross, Internet Time Group

ILT to Virtual: Adapt, Evolve, and Survive in the Information Age

Accelerating Design Through Outcome-based Activities

Adobe Captivate 5: Time-saving Tips and Tricks

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell, 4MAT 4Business

Steve Howard, NASCO

CS An Immersive Learning Design Model that Works

Design a Blended Learning Resource with Online Help Systems

Donny Ponder, Hilton Worldwide

Kathy Burke, McKesson

Evidence-based Methods for Digital Learning Environments

CS E-Learning Deconstruction: How I Built this e-Learning Course

Ruth Clark, Clark Training & Consulting

David Anderson, Articulate

Bruce Gabor, KPMG and Adrian Celentano, CGI Group

Incorporating Inexpensive Learnercentric Techniques

Extensibility = Learner Engagement

Process Automation for Flexibility and Resource Savings

George Lichte, Dell

Flash and XML Fusion: Adaptable Interactions for Rapid Development

Adam Booth, KPMG, LLP

Internal Marketing 101: Using “Rocket Science” to Get Butts in Seats Nemo Chu, Bloomfire

Learning Culture Makes a Big Difference David Mallon, Bersin & Associates

Outsourcing Your e-Learning Development Offshore

Randolf Kissling, Aura Interactiva

CS Reaching Large Audiences with

Powerful Interactions for Learning

Oliver Thompson, Hewlett-Packard

Wilhelmina (Willi) Savenye, Arizona State University

Michael Allen, Allen Interactions

Deborah Wharff, Department of Defense and Daniel Fox, Booz Allen Hamilton

10 Tips to Get Your Faculty Involved (and Excited) in Course Design

Omar Nielsen, Genentech

Rachel Sale, Lincoln University

CS Deploying an Online University

Drive Down Development Times and Monetize Development Savings!

John Sakschek, Nilfisk-Advance

CS Transitioning from Outsourcing to In-house e-Learning Development

Pushing the Envelope: Transition from Knowledge to Scenario-based e-Learning Anna Hemsworth, New York Life Insurance Company

Lance Dublin, Dublin Consulting

er-centric Solutions for Increased Performance

Elizabeth Cunningham, Time Warner Cable

a Blended Training and Support Model

Learning with the Formal Classroom

CS Blending the In/Formal: Learn-

Janet Lowe, University of Colorado

Third Generation Authoring: Empowering Everyone

CS Successfully Blending Informal Basics Never Change: Technology Is Important, Implementation Is Essential

Moving Employee Learning to the Web

Peter Ryce, Adobe Systems

Ginny Heenan, Advanced Educational Corporation

The Difference Between e-Learning (Know) and ePerformance (Do) John DiGiantomasso & Martin Cohen, Breakthrough PerformanceTech

HTML 5: The Least You Need to Know Mark Lassoff,

Adobe eLearning Suite 2.0: What’s New and What’s Hot! Steve Howard, NASCO

Third Generation Authoring: Creating Engaging e-Learning Ethan Edwards, Allen Interactions

Understanding DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization

Is That a Video in Your Help File? Using Help as an e-Learning Platform

Christopher Benz, SDI Global Solutions

Chris McQueen, TechSmith

Keeping Current with Captivate: Using ActionScript to Display On-screen Variables

Rose Le, Time Warner Cable

Effective Motivation and Time Management in a Virtual Environment

Classroom eVolution: Rules to Take Your Corporate Classroom Online

Shana Schwarz, World Adult Kickball Association

Getting the (Complex) Picture with Visualizations

Emily Scaramella, Partners HealthCare

E-Learning and Enterprise 2.0 Adventures at a Company of Cynical Techies

Patti Shank, Learning Peaks LLC and Gregory Shank, Lockheed Martin

Mark Lassoff,

Matt Murdoch & Treion Muller, FranklinCovey

Sumeet Moghe, ThoughtWorks

How to Reduce Cognitive Load with Reusable Templates

Troy Tolle, Infinity Learning Solutions

CS Scalpel ... Forceps ... Captivate:

E-Learning Infrastructure: Success from Beginning to End

A Case Study of e-Learning Implementation

Heather Stearns, Orlando Utilities Commission

Anthony Griffin & Amy Willet-Bates, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Shawn Rosler, Geisinger Health Systems

Estimating the Cost of e-Learning Projects

duction on a Low Budget

Mark Steiner, mark steiner, inc.

How to Succeed When Dealing with IT, Compliance, Privacy, and Security Issues

Cloud Computing’s Impact on e-Learning

Focus on Research: Panel Discussion Moderated by Brent Schlenker, The eLearning Guild

CS High Volume e-Learning Pro-

Chuck Barritt, Pacific Gas & Electric

Mike Pino, Harvard Business School Publishing

The Future of Visualization: What’s Next? Tom Crawford, VizNetwork

CS Adding Interactive Characters to Digitally Engage Your e-Learning Audience Adam Marturana, Novo Nordisk and Audrey Dalton, CodeBaby

Introduction to AJAX Rapid e-Learning with Adobe Captivate Jeff Blackman, The Methodist Hospital System

Rapid, High Quality Design with InDesign CS5 and Flash Niclas Nordensved, Iron Mountain

The Secrets of Creating e-Learning with Adobe Acrobat

Using Adobe Captivate and Flash Simulations in e-Learning Doug Peterson, Verizon and Jim Farrell, Questionmark

Single-source XML: The Secret Behind Mobile and e-Learning Mark Hellinger, Xyleme

CS Customizing Moodle for Improved Learning Outcomes Carin Nuernberg, Berklee College of Music

Learning, Learning Everywhere: Organizing Your Learning Content for a LMS Maureen Barlow, Tufts Health Plan

CS Open Source LMS: A Functional Perspective David Nilsen, Learning Studios

Open-source LMS and the Corporate Environment James Smith, AirTran Airways

Strategies for Integrating e-Learning Content with Your LMS William Paco, Time Warner Cable

We Have a LMS ... Now What? Getting the Most out of Your LMS Christine Lubbers, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

How to Select a LMS Tom Werner & Richard Nantel, Brandon Hall

Embedding Knowledge Checks, Surveys, and Other Assessments within e-Learning Jeff Place, Questionmark

The Art of the Drag and Drop Exercise: Applying Theory to Hands-on Practice Leif Cederblom, Suddenly Smart

Writing Effective e-Learning Assessment Items Charles Jones, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Joe Ganci, DazzleTech Corporation

Third Generation Authoring: A Look Under-the-hood Patrick Krekelberg, Allen Interactions

CS Delivering IT Security Training with Flash Video Dana Puchalla, Saint Luke’s Health System

www.D evLe a r | + 1 .707. 56 6 . 89 9 0

More Concurrent Sessions on next page...

You’ll find complete schedules and detailed descriptions of all these sessions online at

Creating High-quality, Low-budget Video for e-Learning Serge Abellard, Shelter Insurance

Green Screen Video Production for e-Learning on a Budget

CS This is Not a Game: Using Building Online Communities that Promote Retention Joan Thormann, Lesley University

Andrea Stone & John Gillmore, University of Central Oklahoma

Getting Content to Learners on the Cheap Using SharePoint

Keepin’ It Legal: An Introduction to Copyright and Creative Commons

Jamie Lewis, Archstone

Michelle Lentz, Write Technology

Making Podcasting Part of Your e-Learning Strategy Rick Nielsen, Business Learning Systems

Rapid e-Learning Development Using Podcast Producer Troy Rincon, Perceptive Software

Understanding Media: Expert Secrets Optimize Your e-Learning

Rob Robertson & Kristi Broom, Citi

Ubiquitous Contextualized Access to Learning: Yes, We Can!

Cross-platform Mobile Application Development David Metcalf, Univ. of Central Florida

Designing Your e-Learning for Touchscreen Delivery

Jeanette Brooks, Articulate

The Power of ePubs: Mobile On/Offline Content without Programming Silke Fleischer & Eric Converse, ATIV Software

iPad for Learning: Hype or the Future? Paul Clothier, TapLearn

Developing an mLearning Strategy from the Ground Up Mark Feser, Float Mobile

Susan Gautsch, Pepperdine Business School Steve Nguyen, Cargill

CS Cisco Learning Games:

Social Learning in Practice: Separating Truth from Myth, Reality from Hype Lance Dublin, Dublin Consulting +1.707.566.8990 Register online — it’s fast, easy, and secure!

Regis Sept. ter by 17 and

SAVE $100

DevLearn 2010 Fees Conference fees include the entire 2.5 day conference program, materials, continental breakfast, beverage breaks, two lunches, and the Welcome Reception. • $1,196 USD (Guild Member & Member Plus) • $1,495 USD (Associates & Non-members)

Pre-conference Certificate Programs Optional workshop fees include instruction, course materials, beverage breaks, and lunch.

Two-day Workshops • $795 USD — If registering with DevLearn • $995 USD — Standard rate

One-day Workshops • $395 USD — If registering with DevLearn • $495 USD — Standard rate

Jerry Bush, Cisco Systems

Social Media for Trainers

Create Great Simulations in 10 Minutes

Jane Bozarth, State of NC

Registration Discounts

Twitter for the Learning Professional

Discounts that can be combined include standard Guild member discount, an early registration discount, one organizational discount, and a group discount.

Brandon Andrews, NexLearn

Game Play: How to Build a Game into ILT, ELT, and Mobile Deborah Thomas, SillyMonkey LLC

Terrence Wing, Liquid Learn

Experiencing Social Media in Learning: A True Story

Early Registration Discount: • Save $100 if you register by end-of-day, Friday, September 17th

Alena Han, Operitel

Organizational Discounts:

CS Pfizer Animal Health’s Virtual Pig: A 3-D Serious Game

A Comparative Look at Virtual Classroom Software

Registrations using these discounts MUST be accompanied by documentation of your organization’s status and your role there. Please fax to +1.707.566.8963 within 24 hours of your registration. • Non-profit or Government Employees — 25% • Academic Institution Employees — 50%

Greg Meyers, ForgeFX

Karen Hyder, Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting

CS Immersive Learning Simulation Deborah Stone, DLS Group and Richard Clark, NextQuestion Consulting

Barbara Ludwig & Virginia Crockett, Qualcomm

Terrence Wing, Liquid Learn

Mining the Value of Microsharing

Developing Learning Content for the iPad: Getting Started

The Mobile Learning Journey at Qualcomm

Building Professional Relevance Using Social Media

Google Apps for Perfect Learning Environment

Strategies: A Real-world Example

CS If At First You Don’t Succeed …

Koreen Olbrish, Tandem Learning

Virtual Villages: Cultivating a Shared Practice Community

Brian Berg, MediaKube, LLC

Paul Clothier, TapLearn

Understanding Alternate Reality Games and Why They Work

CS Enterprise 2.0! B-School Taps

Developing Effective Corporate Learning Games

B.J. Schone, Qualcomm

Karen Burpee, Army Learning Support Centre — DND Canada

Robby Robson, Eduworks

Getting More Learner Engagement with Audio

20 mLearning Tools in 60 Minutes

ARGs for Workplace Training

CS SharePoint in Support of Learning Organizations

Phil Cowcill, Canadore College

Sarah Kesher, sound80

CS = Case Study

CS Using Simulated Environments for Training in Highly-regulated Industries Enid Crystal, Pfizer and Ian Kelly, Red Nucleus

CS Alternate Reality Gaming Design Tips: A Military Case Study David Metcalf, University of Central Florida

DevLearn ARG Debrief: Lessons Learned Koreen Olbrish & Kristen Kromer, Tandem Learning

CS Push Your Virtual Training to the Edge: Enhance the Experience with SharePoint Colleen Skifstad & Robyn Russell, Travelers Insurance

Strategies for Success with the Virtual Classroom Lindsay Gibson, VIPdesk

Group Discount: If you have three or more who want to attend, you can take advantage of an additional 10% group discount! For information, or to register your group, please call +1.707.566.8990.

DevLearn 2010 Headquarters All DevLearn activities will take place at the 4-star San Francisco Marriott Marquis located in the heart of downtown! The fun and adventure of San Francisco is at your doorstep.

Reserve your Room Today!

How to Broadcast High-quality Live and Recorded Video with Adobe Connect

We’ve secured a Group Rate of $209 (single & double occupancy) at the downtown San Francisco Marriott Marquis. To get this discounted rate, you MUST make your reservations by Saturday, October 9th!

Terry Shane, Refined Data Solutions

Hotel Phone Reservations: • +1.800.228.9290 — Toll-free within the USA • +1.415.896.1600 — Direct to San Francisco Marriott Hotel

Online Reservations: To reserve your hotel room online, go to:

DevLearn 2010 Brochure  

DevLearn 2010 Brochure

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