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easyPortfolio How To Guide Tutor Guide

Adding easyPortfolio to a course Simply ‘Turn editing on’ and then add the easyPortfolio block from the blocks drop down menu.

NB: The illustration above shows the tutor view which has the additional option of ‘easyPortfolio Pages’ where access to student portfolios is gained. The student view only has the four default options.

easyPortfolio is per student and not per course so that a block can be added to as many courses / modules as required with no duplication of student portfolio information across a single Moodle install.

Viewing Students Portfolios Click on the ‘easyPortfolio Pages’ option in the easyPortfolio Block. This will then take you to the student search page.

First the search lists all the courses / modules you are currently a Moodle designer on. Choosing a course / module will list all the students currently enrolled on that course.

After choosing a student, you will be taken to their portfolio.

Leaving Tutor Feedback Any page of the easyPortfolio that a student has chosen to allow users to view will have a ‘Tutor Feedback’ input section at the bottom of the page. By clicking ‘Turn ON EDIT Mode’ a tutor can leave some feedback. The comment is automatically stamped with the tutor name so that multiple tutors can leave comments and there is no confusion as comment ownership. The only page a where feedback can not be added is the front page.

NB: Only the Tutor(s) and the student can view the feedback given. If the portfolio I made available to other third parties, the feedback section is excluded from view.

Deleting & Exporting Student Work If there is an occasion where you wish to delete a student’s work or to download their entire work as a zip file to save to disk, simply use the relevant buttons on the first page of the student’s portfolio. Click on the chosen option and then follow the onscreen instructions. PLEASE NOTE (DELETE) that once a portfolio is deleted then information contained within it is gone for good and can not be reinstated. The student will have to restart their easyPortfolio from scratch. PLEASE NOTE (EXPORT) all information contained in the portfolio is exported, even hidden items. Tutor feedback however is not included.

What is the file upload limit? The file size limit is set to whatever the upload limit is for your Moodle site.

Can I set up my own easyPortfolio? Yes. But as a tutor you will not be listed in the easyPortfolio search area and no one will be able to add tutor feedback to your area. This only becomes active if you are also a student on a given course.

Why can’t I add an image in the text editor? Certain options in the text editor have been disabled such as the insert image and direct HTML code input. The reason for this is that the insert image option required additional upload functionality that was not feasible in the current version. Also the disabling of the direct code input helps to prevent misuse of the system. Images can still be uploaded in the artefacts area.

Student Guide

Creating and Editing easyPortfolio

Clicking the links in the easyPortfolio block will take you to your easyPortfolio area.

NB: A portfolio will not be created and no additional pages (Artefacts, Development,etc…) can be added until the first page of the easyPortfolio is completed.

Any alterations you wish to make are made by clicking the ‘Turn ON EDIT Mode’ button and any changes you wish to save can be saved by clicking on the ‘SAVE Changes’ button. This process is the same throughout the easyPortfolio system.

Making easyPortfolio Public To allow other people to view your portfolio you must send them your easyPortfolio URL / web address which can be accessed from the easyPortfolio first page by clicking ‘Turn ON EDIT Mode’ you should see something similar to the below image.

Simply copy and past this URL, into an email to a perspective employer for instance, and they will be able to access your easy portfolio. QUESTION: But what if I want to show only certain pages of my portfolio? At the bottom of every page, other than the first page, of your easyPortfolio you will find the following option:

If the option is set to Yes then that page can be viewed by anyone you have given the URL to. If however this option is set to No, no one will be able to view the page, even if they have the URL. QUESTION: What if I want to make my portfolio private again? Simply turn the edit mode on the first page and then select Yes in the following option:

And then ‘SAVE Changes’ The URL / web address of your easyPortfolio will now be changed so that the old address will no longer work and only people who are given the new URL will be able to view your portfolio. EXAMPLE: Old URL / web address

New URL / web address

PLEASE NOTE: Tutors will be able to see any information contained in your portfolio regardless of whether it has been hidden or not. This is to allow the possibility for draft work to be checked before it is made public.

How do I download my easyPotfolio? Portfolio’s can be exported / downloaded by your tutor on your behalf.

Can I delete my portfolio? Yes from your easyPortfolio front page. PLEASE NOTE that once a portfolio is deleted then information contained within it is gone for good and can not be reinstated. You will have to start again and recreate the portfolio from scratch.

Can I add links to other work I have done on the web? Yes, hyperlinks can be added in the text editor.

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