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EARN PDU  CREDITS  WITHOUT  SPENDING  MONEY   The   Project   Management   Professional   (PMP®)   credential   represents   a   significant   boost   to   your   ability   to   conduct   business   in   today’s   work   environment.   Depending   on   how   you   earn   the   professional   development   units   (PDU)   required   to   renew   your   PMI   credential,   you   can   be   facing   relatively   high   costs.   Class   trainings   tend   to   be   relatively   expensive,   with   typical   tuition   fees   ranging   between   $250   and   $500   per   day,   which   represents   a   per   PDU   cost   of   between  $25  and  $60.  Luckily  there  are  other,  less  costly  ways  to  earn  PDUs,  and  by  using  all  available  PDU  Learning   options,  your  costs  can  be  lowered  significantly:.  


to provide   project   management   services   to   a   non-­‐ profit   organizations   a   recognized   activity.   Unfortunately,   this   often   requires   a   substantial   investment  of  time  on  your  part.  


project management   articles   in   journals   or   on   the   Internet  earns  1  credit  for  each  hour  of  activity.  This   is  a  great  way  to  get  significant  credit  for  PDUs.  Up   to  15  credits  can  be  claimed  in  each  3-­‐year  renewal   cycle.  The  costs  are  low  and  the  time  well  spent.  


as a   project   manager   in   your   organization   also   counts  for  up  to  5  PDUs  per  year.  


the local   PMI   chapter   meetings   is   an   excellent   way   to   earn   PDUs   and   to   strengthen   your   network.   However,   such   events   can   also   cost   some   investment  in  terms  of  money  and  time.  


articles or   a   blog   posting   project   management   would   give   you   up   to   15   renewal   credits   for   each   article   published   in   a   journal.   Several   project   management   journals  exist  and  they  all  welcome  article  submissions.     60  PDUs  during  a  3-­‐year  cycle  is  just  20  PDUs  per  year.   However,  if  your  objective  is  to  spend  20  hours  per  year   participating  in  PDU  earning  activities,  then  you  have  to   start  planning  for  it  now.     Remind   yourself   that   participating   in   continuing   education   activities   of   various   types   tells   your   employers   and   clients   that   you   are   a   professional   Project  Manager  committed  to  on-­‐going   Phone:  1-­‐888-­‐660-­‐4777   Email:   PMP®  IS  A  TRADEMARK  OF  THE  PROJECT  MANAGEMENT  INSTITUTE,  INC.  

Earn pdu without spending money  

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