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Garmin Oregon 600 Review

Oregon 600 Review, Garmin 2013 will be the year of Oregon at least in the outdoor area. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Garmin introduced the new models 600 and 650 of the Oregon series. The first makes the Oregon 600 It is the base model, naturally has a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, wireless sensors to support ANT + standard, and recently Bluetooth 4.0 is also on board. So that the Oregon can now also transfer photos and "Custom Maps" from device to device. Waypoints, routes and geocaches course.

In the battery compartment space for two AA cells or a Garmin NiMH battery is (similar to Montana). The latter can only be charged in the unit, battery and charger are the 650 models at. The screen dissolves as usual with 240 Ă— 400 pixels on, as its predecessor. The operation is continued by touch screen, which now also supports multi-touch gestures, and should be much more robust than before. This means the screen is finally scratch-resistant hardened glass, as it is already usual standard for modern smartphones. Nevertheless Garmin promises that operability using the gloves will be possible as before In addition to GPS (Navstar) and the Russian GLONASS satellites are now supported. Other satellite systems can be upgraded via software theory, "Galileo-ready" so this model will be.

Geocachers are wondering how many geocaches can be stored on the new Oregon? The limit is the available memory, so very many. With the Oregon 600t (449 EUR RRP), a model with leisure card but no camera is available. The Oregon 650 gets donated an 8 megapixel camera and a small flash. The flash has a peculiar, it can be used independently of the camera function as a lamp or a flashing light. Also an SOS function exists that can blink the light in the famous clock. That is quite economical with the battery so that is can be recognized by their bright GPS receiver and even distinguish colleagues in the dark forest. And of course, the top model is Oregon 650t (519 EUR RRP) with free time card and all other important features available. Garmin Oregon 600 Review

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Garmin Oregon 600 Review