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1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


Southern Entrance

We would like to remind parents and carers that the gate at the southern entrance will be locked at 08:23 each morning. Students arriving after this time should enter via the main entrance in Cricklefield Place.

Safeguarding The welfare and safety of our students is our priority. We do everything possible to ensure our students’ safety, both within the school community and outside of school, including working with relevant agencies to address any issues related to child protection. Students are informed of who they should go to should they have a concern about their own safety or the safety of others. At INA, all staff have regular safeguarding training to ensure that they are able to meet their statutory responsibilities. We also have a number of staff who are designated to respond to any child protection concerns and to liaise with social services: Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Jo Spencer Vice Principal Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Tam Broadway Primary Headteacher Leanne Abbott-Jones Assistant Principal Designated Child Protection Officers Sugra Alibhai Gabriel Ayerh Patrick Ball Pardeep Chaggar

Jody Lapish Gareth Marshall-Jones Mariam Mayet Jag Singh

You can find the INA Safeguarding policy, Child Protection policy and other related policies and procedures on the Academy’s website.


Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, As the mornings and evenings get darker, please can I remind parents that we strongly discourage you from driving down Cricklefield Place at the start and end of the school day. We have 1360 students, aged from 4 to 17, and narrow pavements with low kerbs. It would be very easy for a pupil to be knocked by a car and, in recent weeks we have had a number of near misses. If it is essential that you drive your child to school please park in one of the side roads. No vehicle driving down Cricklefield Place should exceed 20mph. Thank you. I am delighted to announce that our Chair of Governors, Mr Griffin, has once again offered to fund 6 student places at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy summer school in July-August 2018. This year students in Year 8 and Year 12 will be eligible to apply (for the junior and senior summer schools respectively). More details are given later in the newsletter but anyone interested in applying must attend a meeting, with a parent/carer, on Wednesday 13th December at 6pm. With very best wishes,

Rachel Macfarlane

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


Save the date! Thursday 4th January 2018—Year 9 Options Evening We are pleased to invite all parents and carers of our Year 9 students, and the students themselves, to our Year 9 Options Evening on Thursday 4th January 2018.


Open from 5.45pm to 6.30pm Talk at 6pm


Open from 6.30pm to 7.15pm Talk at 6.45pm

This is an essential opportunity to explore the subjects on offer, understand how the options process will work and reflect on factors to consider when making decisions about option choices. Browse subject stalls, pick up information and ask lots of questions of both our teachers and some of our GCSE students. This evening is your chance to find out about how the options system will work and pick up your options guide and form.

Make sure to catch one of the explanatory talks: 6pm for 9ISAC 6.45pm for 9NEWT Should there be a problem with the slot allocated to your child’s tutor group, contact the school as soon as possible and we will investigate the possibility of joining the other session. Ms McEvoy, Assistant Principal

Summer Schools 2018 Applications for the following summer schools will open on 15 January 2018: • Year 9 Engineering Summer School  • Year 10 Insights into Science & Engineering Summer School  • Year 11 Project STEM Summer School  Attending a summer school is a great way to discover what it is like to study at Imperial and what life is like as a student in London. For more information including dates, eligibility criteria (and the application links from 15 January) please see our website.

4 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Compulsory Year 10 Geography GCSE field trip to Stratford Dear Parent/Carer, This is a compulsory field trip, please make sure your child comes to school on time on the day of the trip. Failure to do so will result in your child completing and showing evidence of fieldwork themselves. After line up, students will need to make their way to the dining hall where we will start the day at 8:30 by briefing the students and go through the final logistics and health and safety instructions for the day. We will then travel to Stratford by train to collect the necessary data which students will then use to write up their field work report (which is examined in the GCSE exam in Year 11). We will be working at 4 different sites during the day: Carpenters Estate, East Village, Stratford Broadway and the Olympic Park. We will then travel back to school where your child will be dismissed at the usual time, unless you give permission otherwise. If you have given permission for your child to get off at a different station then your child needs to take responsibility for their own safety. Please note that whilst in Stratford your child will be working in groups under remote supervision, which means there will be 7-8 teachers on duty nearby in a specified area, however they won’t be directly supervising the groups at all times. To make it a successful trip it is of paramount importance that students follow the health and safety instructions during this trip. Please ask your child to double-check the day and date he/she will be going to Stratford. 4th December – 10 Amazon and 10 Everest 7th December – 10 Pacific and 10 Nile Thank you Ms P Gurm, Lead Teacher of Geography

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


YEAR 11 NEWS Revision Cracked! Year 11 students received Tim Foot’s Revision Cracked guide to support with upcoming mock exams and their GCSE’s in the summer. Good luck with your exam preparation! Mr M Crowther-Green Assistant Principal

Year 11 Mock examinations • Mock exams will begin on Monday 4th December 2017 and are designed to support the students in preparing for their final examinations. • Subject teachers will provide specific information to students. • Timetables can be found over the page. Mr M Crowther- Green

6 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Real life apprenticeship success stories Mr Hanson – INA Librarian Mr Hanson completed a one year apprenticeship. “I chose my apprenticeship over university because I wasn’t 100% of the course I wanted to study and University fees are considerable. My apprenticeship allowed me to pursue something that I am passionate about – books! I genuinely have a love for reading! I am earning a yearly salary and have prospects and career options ahead of me.” — Mr C Hanson

GCSE CERTIFICATE COLLECTION If you did not attend the GCSE Presentation Evening on Thursday 30th November 2017, please collect your GCSE certificates from the main reception.  Certificates will only be issued to the named candidate and must be collected with photo ID. Friends/Parents/Carers will not be permitted to collect certificates on behalf of a student.  In accordance with JCQ guidence, Isaac Newton Academy will only hold unclaimed certificates for two years. Mr A Rothnie Examinations & Data Officer

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter



Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

AM P1 8:35 for 8:40 Start Finish 9:40 P2 9:45 Start Released at 10:50 P3 11:05 for 11:10 Start Finish 12:10 P4 12:50 Start (varied finish time) PM P5 1:45 for 1:50 Start Finish 2:50 P6 2:55 Start Released 4:00

Times unless stated

Science C1 (75 mins and 105 mins)

Maths 1 (90 mins)

Music (75 mins)

Geography 1 (90 mins)

English Language 2 (120 mins) Non-fiction

Science B1 (75 mins and 105 mins)

Tue 5th Dec

Mon 4th Dec

English Language 1 (105 mins) 19th Century Fiction

Science P1 (75 mins and 105 mins)

History 1 (105 mins)

Wed 6th Dec

Maths 2 (90 mins)

French Listening Foundation (35 mins)

Science C2 (75 mins and 105 mins)

Computing 2 (90 mins)

Religious Studies 1 (105 mins)

Science B2 (75 mins and 105 mins)

Fri 8th Dec

Thu 7th Dec

Year 11 Mock GCSE Exam Timetable - December 2017

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


PE Theory 1 (90 mins)

English Literature 2 (135 mins) Poetry and Christmas Carol

Spanish writing Foundation (70 mins) Higher (80 mins)

French Writing Foundation (70 mins) Higher (80 mins)

Maths 3 (90 mins)

English Literature 1 (105 mins) Animal Farm

Science P2 (75 mins and 105 mins)

Tue 12th Dec

Mon 11th Dec

Geography 2 (90 mins)

Spanish Reading Foundation (45 mins) French Reading Foundation (45 mins)

Spanish Reading Higher (60 mins)

Religious Studies 2 (105 mins)

Wed 13th Dec

Spanish Listening Foundation (35 mins)

Spanish Listening Higher (45 mins)

One (unmarked) copy of text per student provided by Drama

Drama (90 mins)

History 2 (75 mins)

Thu 14th Dec

Art exams – Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December in S13 and S26

PM P5 1:45 for 1:50 Start Finish 2:50 P6 2:55 Start Released 4:00

AM P1 8:35 for 8:40 Start Finish 9:40 P2 9:45 Start Released at 10:50 P3 11:05 for 11:10 Start Finish 12:10 P4 12:50 Start (varied finish time)

Times unless stated

Year 11 Mock GCSE Exam Timetable - December 2017

Printed 01/11/2017

Computing 2 (90 mins)

French Reading Higher (60 mins)

French Listening Higher (45 mins)

PE Theory 2 (90 mins)

Fri 15th Dec


What is Self

Being able to under your actions, work o response or course others.


Stopping and thinkin rational, having con actions, doing the ri and values of a com

Hope Powell Hope Powell, CBE, is a former international footballer who was the coach of the England women’s national football team and the Great Britain women’s Olympic football team in 2012. As a player, Powell won 66 caps for England, mainly as an attacking midfielder, scoring 35 goals. She made her England debut at the age of 16, and went on to play in the 1995 FIFA Women’s World Cup, England’s first World Cup appearance.


Kelly Smith, Captain of the England 2012 Olympic Squad said of Powell “As a manager, Hope made us very organised and very disciplined in our play.” Powell talked of the positives which come out of playing all sports. She said “Football improves your self-discipline - you have to be places on time and disciplined in terms of training. When I sit back and look at my career, at the things I went through and the steps I had to take, it makes me realise that the skills that I acquired then are still relevant to me today.”

“With self-discipline almost anything is possible.” —Theodore Roosevelt 10 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017



rstand and know yourself, control out what is the most appropriate of action, know your impact on

ng before acting, being ntrol over your emotions and ight thing, following the rules mmunity or society.

TOP TIPS: Students

• Ensure that you follow the established school routines and expectations without being asked to e.g. line up, returning your tray before eating at lunch, using an indoor voice in the corridors. • Research the punishments/sanctions given to people in society who break rules/laws. • Create and stick to a revision timetable. • Ensure that you maintain 100% punctuality.


• Encourage your child to self-regulate, discuss the expectations at home and at INA and routines to achieve these. • Look at examples of people in the news who have not been able to self-regulate their behaviour and the impact of this on their lives and on others.

Student who has shown Self-regulation at INA Daanyal always chooses to do the right thing and exemplifies the values of Isaac Newton Academy. Daanyal Khan 10A 1 December 2017

INA BRIDGES Secondary Newsletter


Praise and Recognition

At INA, we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning environment which supports learning, celebrates achievement and encourages everyone. Awarding merits, informal praise in class and the end of term awards assemblies are all part of this. Please speak to your child/children on a regular basis to see how many merits they have and how they are working towards the different awards at school.

Merits At the start of each year we restart the Form Merit competition. Each merit you gain will increase your individual total and also your form’s overall total. So make sure you are keeping up the fantastic work to gain merits! Also, if you are owed a merit go and collect it and make sure it gets recorded on your form’s spreadsheet! YEAR 7







612 595 571 562 445 412 369


350 333 254 252 240 239 196


223 182 174 158 100 100 95



12 Secondary Newsletter


162 160 144 140 123 108 88


130 119 119 95 88 55 6

1 December 2017

Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award

(Peer Commendation Award)

Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption; the idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone that encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: Aftab Khan 7W Year 8: Farhan Javed 8N Year 9: Tayyab Khan 9E Year 10: Sanwar Hussain 10C Year 11: Noshin Samyia 11E

Good Deed Feed

Every week we ask teachers to nominate students who have been role models by carrying out good deeds for others and the INA community. A big well done for those who have been nominated this week! Ms Epler: Huzaifah Patel 10A is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He hands out books for me, helps Remeez with his bag when needed, and he always made sure Sanaan was as comfortable as possible when he was on crutches. Imani Astwood 10A: even though she is new to the school this year, she has been very quick to help others in the maths class when they need it. I don’t even ask her to help out, she just takes the initiative and does it on her own! She is also extremely respectful, no matter who she is talking to. Ms Field: Riha Islam 9I has been really helpful in looking out for a new student who has just joined her form group. Ms Hutson: Omar Gazi 7I– Legend! Always offering to help out with anything in PE and also stepped in at the very last minute to help teach primary PE on Wednesday. Ms Montanez for giving up her free time every Wednesday afternoon this term to help teach Primary PE! Absolute star! Thank you. 1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


Attendance and Punctuality At Isaac Newton Academy every student is expected to maintain 100% attendance. Each form group across each year are competing to ensure they are top of the attendance league table for their year. Please ensure your child catches up with missed learning. Our pastoral and teaching staff are working hard to ensure students are taking responsibility for going to collect missed learning from their classroom teachers. Punctuality All students need to be present on site and ready for line up no later than 8.25am each day and as such we advise students to be through the school gates (side entrance and southern entrance) no later than 8.20am. The form with the highest attendance at the end of every term is awarded the attendance trophy. Each week we will update you with the year to date attendance figures as seen below. Well done to year 7 and 8 for achieving over 97%. Year group and form attendance for week of 20th November 2017 Tutor




























































































If you have any attendance related concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or your child’s Pastoral Leader to discuss. Ms Lapish Lead Pastoral Leader

14 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Over the past weeks students have been voting to elect year group representatives to sit on the student council steering group. The steering group consists of one male student and one female student from each year group. The students running for election stood up in front of their entire year group during assembly and gave a speech as to why they believed they were right for the role. Diya Rajput (8E) has reflected on the process: “I wanted to be on the steering group to get a sense of leadership and be part of something at school I would never forget – I think it brings lots of opportunities for me. It was nerve-wracking standing up in front of everyone. Even though I had done something similar at primary, I had never spoken in front of that many people. The strict time limit made it especially difficult to get all my words in�. Every student in the school was given the opportunity to have their say and pick the students they believed have the leadership qualities to represent the voice of the year group. The steering group met for this first time this week to discuss the strategies for the year ahead. A huge well done to all students who took part in the election process. 1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


Would you like to buy one? We have quite a few great quality French and Spanish textbooks for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. These books are still a great resource and very up to date. This gives you the opportunity to have them at home to help with your IL, give you some extra practice and support your class learning too.

We are selling them for...


(These books are £12-£15 new.)

All the money raised will go towards MFL resources.

If you are interested, please come and see Ms Davies or Ms Baxter in G43.

16 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

Isaac Newton Academy's

Christmas Party 2017 Tuesday 12 December 3pm - 4:30pm

Every year Isaac Newton Academy hosts a Christmas themed afternoon tea for elderly members of our local community, governors and VIP guests including the Mayor. As part of our charitable endeavours and our commitment to community spirit we ask each form group to donate two Christmas gifts to present to our guests. Ideally the gifts should be suitable for either gender or one suitable for a man and one suitable for a women. These gifts need to be collected and wrapped ready for the party by Monday the 4th of December. Â Suitable gifts could include TTBiscuit tin sets TTShower gel & toiletries sets TTWinter clothing eg scarves, hats & gloves TTScented candles TTDecorative ornaments (not too fragile)

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


18 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

1 December 2017

Secondary Newsletter


Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2017 & Spring Term 2018 Thursday 7th September – Wednesday 20th December Wednesday 3rd January – Thursday 29th March Half Term: Monday 12th – Friday 16th February

INSET Days: Wednesday 3rd January, Thursday 4th January, Wednesday 28th February, Friday 16th March Independent Learning Day: Monday 19th February Saturday 2nd December Monday 4th December Thursday 7th December Friday 8th December Tuesday 12th December Wednesday 13th December Thursday 14th December Friday 15th December Monday 18th December Wednesday 20th December Wednesday 3rd January Thursday 4th January Monday 8th January Monday 8th January Tuesday 9th January Wednesday 10th January Wednesday 17th January Thursday 18th January Tuesday 23rd January Wednesday 24th January Thursday 25th January

Saturday Music College Year 10 Geography field trip Year 10 Geography field trip INSET DAY: No school for students Community Party Philips Exeter Academy Meeting for Year 8 & Year 12 Winter Concert Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day Year 7 Awards Assembly Years 8 -11 Awards Assemblies. Term ends 1pm Inset day: No school for students Inset day: No school for students Spring term enrichments start Year 9 Girls HPV Vaccination Year 9 Progress Meetings 2.30 – 6.30pm Growth Mindset parent workshop BRIDGES Mentoring (pm) Sixth Form Recruitment Event 6pm Year 11 Progress Meetings 2.30 - 6.30 pm Bugsy Malone dress rehearsal Bugsy Malone

20 Secondary Newsletter

1 December 2017

1 December 2017 Secondary Newsletter  
1 December 2017 Secondary Newsletter