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21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter

Important reminders • Schools starts at 8.45am, it is important that your child arrives on time every day so that the teachers can start the lesson promptly. The school gate will be open from 8.25am and will close at 8.45am. • School finishes at 3.45pm every day other than Tuesday when we finish at 3.00pm • If any of your details have changed eg. your address or phone number – please ensure you contact the office to inform us, so that we can update our records and contact you in case of an emergency. Please ensure your child attends school every day and on time. If your child is sick then you must call the office to let us know by 8.15am. If your child has a medical appointment you must let us know in advance.

Uniform Information The Primary uniform can be purchased through the Khalsa Schoolwear website or can be bought at the Khalsa Schoolwear shop in Bethnal Green. All Year 1 and 2 pupils are expected to be wearing a blazer; this is still an optional item for the Reception children. Please speak to the staff in the primary reception if you have any queries. • We expect every child to be in full uniform every day with their top button done up • All coats must be plain black • Shoes must be plain black – no trainers! If you are not sure about the types of shoes that are part of our uniform policy, please ask! • Please label every item of clothing • One pair of plain stud earrings can be worn (no hoops) • Nail polish is not allowed • Jewellery is not permitted • Long hair for both boys and girls must be tied back. Hair decorations must be small and plain • Please provide your child with a water bottle every day and make sure it is labelled with their name (water only, no fruit juice).


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

From Tam Broadway – Primary Headteacher I can hardly believe that the first half term has gone by already; it only seemed like five minutes ago that we were welcoming the Year1and Year 2 children back after the summer holiday and settling the Reception children into their new classes. It has been a busy and fantastic half term and I am feeling incredibly proud of how hard everyone has worked and how much has been learnt. I hope you all have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 31st October, feeling refreshed and ready to go again!

Gurdwara Visit – Reception

As part of this half term’s ‘Me and My World’ topic, the Reception children visited the Karamsar Gurdwara along the High Road to help them learn more about the Sikh place of worship. The children were given a mini tour and a talk about the gurdwara, explaining how it runs with the help of the Sikh community volunteering their time and how the ‘langar’, community kitchen operates. The children were fantastic and listened to the information intently. Thank you to the parents who were able to help out this time; your help goes a long way. We would like to thank Ms Palray and Ms West for organising the trip and to the gurdwara for their kind hospitality and for giving up their time to talk to the children. 21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


Praise and Recognition Every week each teacher chooses two children from their class to receive a certificate in assembly, one in recognition of a child demonstrating our BRIDGES habit of the week and the other in recognition of a pupil’s academic effort throughout the week. Well done to the following children, who have been recognised this week:

Curie Class: Holly Carless – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for always being kind and caring.) Alisha Ali – Scholar of the Week (for asking good questions about the Gurdwara.)

Maxwell Class: Sarah Master – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for thinking about other people.) Aydin Landi – Scholar of the Week (for being an active learner.)

Newton Class: Arfah Noor – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for understanding that practice makes perfect and really concentrating whilst working on her maths work.) Avani Tathgar – Scholar of the Week (for sharing maths resources and working as a ‘perfect partner’.)

Britten Class: Dua-E-Zainab Maisam – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for anticipating the needs of others and offering her help.) Hanad Ali – Scholar of the Week (for remembering all his capital letters and full stops.)


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Fitzgerald Class: Ravi Jethwa – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for always encouraging his classmates.) Srisakthi Velmurugan – Scholar of the Week (for trying her best and doing some fantastic English work this week.)

Glennie Class: Khadija Ali – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for working well as part of a team in science by listening and taking into consideration the opinions of others.) Zahir Khan – Scholar of the Week (for really trying hard to finish his work on time.)

Al-Kashi Class: Imani Salim – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for working well with others and always treating others respectfully.) Meerab Dar – Scholar of the Week (for concentrating and putting 100% effort into her work.)

Fibonacci Class: Jeevat Palray – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for helping others when she can see they need help.) Tay’Shawn Holland– Scholar of the Week (for working hard this week to answer questions in class.)

Pythagoras Class: Nandini Sharma – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for taking care of and helping a new pupil settle in to INA and being her buddy.) Raisha Islam – Scholar of the Week (for trying very hard with and improving her writing this week.) 21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


The following pupil has received 25 merits since September for making good choices and moving up to gold on the class ‘good choice chart’ – this is fantastic achievement. A special ‘bronze’ certificate will be presented during the Celebration and Awards Assembly. Zara Choudhry - Fitzgerald class

Headteacher’s Lunch Well done to the following pupils who have been nominated for the Headteacher’s Lunch for the first week back after half term on Thursday 3rd November. An invitation will be given to the children during our Celebration and Awards Assembly: Rohan Sharma - Glennie Cameron Palmer - Fitzgerald Inaaya Muhammed - Glennie Natalia Duran-Rodrigo - Britten Holly Carless - Curie Arsal Anjum - Pythagoras Arfah Noor - Newton


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Composer of the Fortnight Gabriel Faure

We are currently listening to and learning about Gabriel Faure as our Composer of the Fortnight. As a suggested activity to support at home, you could gather some facts about Faure in preparation for the coming weeks. Information can be found on the following links.

21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


BRIDGES Workshop Many thanks to those parents who were able to attend the BRIDGES workshop. The power point is now available for parents to access on the school website by going to the ‘Community’ tab and then ‘Resources for Parents’. Copies of the handout booklet are also available from the Primary office.

Labelling of Clothes We have lots of items of lost property in the office which you can have a look through at any time. It is difficult to help get items back to their owner if they are not labelled. Please can you check all items of clothing over the half term break. Many thanks for your help and support with this!


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, I am delighted to introduce you to a new member of the primary staff team, Ms Fossey. She introduces herself to you below: “I am really happy to be invited in to the Isaac Newton Family as a SEND Teaching Assistant in Year 2. A little background about myself: I was born in London and at the age of eight I moved to Surrey. When I was seventeen I joined the Royal Air Force where I served my country for seven years. After that I left and started a family and have a daughter and son and grandchildren. When my children were young I started work in their school as a Teaching Assistant and midday Supervisor. I have worked with many children with special and behavioural needs. I’ve been working in schools for over twenty years now, focusing my skills on working with children with special needs, my last job in the UK before leaving for Florida being a Pan Federation Behaviour Manager. I have spent three years working in California and have also just returned from working and living in Florida for three years. My work there was working with children on the Autistic Spectrum. INA is a wonderful school with wonderful staff and children. I am looking forward to building a successful career here helping all the children in the Primary School have a successful learning experience and getting them ready for Secondary school and building successful social skills and future careers.” With all best wishes for a great half term break. Rachel Macfarlane Principal

21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


BRIDGES in the Primary Phase “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.� Isaac Newton

BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a pupil's character and learning power and enable him/her to grow into a wellrounded individual and resilient learner. There are seven BRIDGES habits that we will be working on, which will rotate on a weekly cycle throughout the year. The BRIDGES habit of the week will always be introduced at the beginning of the week during the Monday assembly and reinforced throughout the week across the curriculum. Each class teacher will award a certificate to a pupil that they feel has demonstrated the BRIDGES focus for the week. Each week we will update you on the BRIDGES habit that will be introduced in the coming week and offer some top tips on how to reinforce the habit at home too. Please also refer to the Primary BRIDGES wheel below.


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Week commencing 31st October

Self Discipline Emotional Intelligence comprises nine dispositions: Organisation Prudence Hard Work

Absorption Motivation Independence

Revising Practising Self-Regulation

At School

• We would all like to see the children develop the habits listed above, as they are all essential lifelong skills that are needed for us to successfully manage our way through school, college, and university and are certainly needed throughout our work careers. It is really important that whilst the children are young we help them develop these habits as quickly as possible – especially organisation, independence and hard work. • At school we ensure the pupils understand that every action has a consequence and that when we work hard it can often reap satisfaction and reward. Our pupils work hard day to day to earn their merits for making good choices and demonstrate their efforts. • To help the children understand the structure of each day and become better organised, we always start with a visual timetable in Reception. A picture represents each part of the day; this helps the children to understand the daily routines. • It is important that that we teach the young people to become more organised and check that they have all of their belongings with them each day.

At Home

At home the children need to practise getting dressed and undressed, managing buttons on shirts and coats etc. and generally become more independent. Helping your child to get organised the night before will help to ensure they have everything they need for their day. It may help to create a visual/pictorial timetable at home to help your child become more organised and to think about when they need their PE kit, home learning, guided reading book etc. This could be displayed in your child’s room or in a central place like the kitchen where you can both check what is needed the night before, ready for the following day. This will allow your child to become more involved in preparing for their learning each day and gain independence. It is also good to remind your child, as we do in school, to check regularly that they have all of the belongings with them. 21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


Lovely Learning This Week In celebration of Black History Month, we have enjoyed a plethora of fabulous activities and visitors.

African Music Session

The Reception classes were treated to an African music lesson courtesy of Yanis’ Mum. The children were also given the chance to try some of the instruments out too.

‘Storie Storie’ – Storyteller – Alim Kamara

Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a visit from storyteller, Alim Kamara. Through the use of African drumming and interactive African stories and songs, he spread of message of mutual respect and kindness. His stories resonated with our own BRIDGES habits of bravery, grit and emotional intelligence. As you can see, a good time was had by all!


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Kente Cloth Designs

Naniyah’s Mum visited the Year 2 classes to teach everyone about Kente cloth and designs. The children had a go at designing their own patterns.

Making African Style Trousers Ms Mark got busy with her sewing machine this week and asked for the children to vote for their favourite African material. She then showed them how to cut out and sew trousers from African wax material. They discussed the concept of copying as she copied another pair of trousers, plus the pattern on the trousers. Children identified shapes including triangles and circles.

Black History Month Enrichment Club

This week's focus was figures from history, courtesy of Meliah’s mum. The children had a good time making information posters. 21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


Safeguarding Children As part of their curriculum, the children learn how to keep themselves safe. The following website has been set up by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to offer parents and schools advice on how to raise safeguarding awareness with children. There is a notable section called ‘The Underwear Rule’ which is of particular support and guidance to parents. The website also offers advice regarding ‘online safety’ and how to obtain support or advice regarding the safeguarding of children.

A Message from the PE Department On PE days we ask that you remove any earrings that your child normally wears to school. This is from a health and safety perspective as the pupils often work in pairs during ball games, gymnastics etc. Thank you for your support. Please be reminded that only one pair of plain stud earrings can be worn to school.

A Message from Ms Chaggar Please let the school know in good time if you are sending someone else to collect your child from school. The staff will not send a child home with an adult who has not been authorised by the parents/carers. This is in the interest of safeguarding your children. Thank you for your cooperation.


Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

Attendance Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential. At Isaac Newton Academy every student is set the target of 100% attendance. The class with the highest attendance at the end of every week is awarded the attendance trophy during Friday’s Award & Recognition assembly.

Curie Maxwell Newton

98% 99.3% 97.9%

Britten Fitzgerald Glennie

99.3% 96.7% 100%

Al-Kashi Fibonacci Pythagoras

99.3% 96.7% 98.3%

Overall Attendance: 98.3%

Congratulations to Glennie class, who are the winners for this week. Attendance has taken a bit of a dip this week – so come on everyone, let’s see who can get to 100% next week! National average attendance for primary schools is 96.1%. It is important that the children attend school every day and do not miss any learning. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is at school every day. We always strive for 100%. 21 October 2016

Primary Newsletter


Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2016 Term Dates -Autumn Term Thursday 1st September - Friday 16th December Half Term: Monday 24th – Friday 28th October INSET Days: 1, 2, 5 September, 23 November, 9 December

Key Dates for Primary - Autumn Term Monday 24th - Friday 28th October Wednesday 9th November Thursday 10th November Friday 11th November Thursday 17th November Tuesday 22nd November Wednesday 23rd November Friday 25th November Tuesday 29th November Wednesday 30th November Thursday 1st December Thursday 8th December Friday 9th December Friday 16th December


HALF TERM Reception Information Evening 6.00pm RWI Parent Workshop 6.00pm Al-Kashi Class Assembly – Year 2 – 3.00pm Literacy Parent Workshop 6.00pm (Secondary Building) Whole Staff Training After School – No After School Club Provision Available INSET Day: no school for students Pythagoras Class Assembly – Year 2 – 3.00pm Parent Coffee Morning 9.00-10.00am Reception Information Session 2.00pm (Secondary Building) Maths Mastery Parent Workshop 6.00pm Christmas Lunch INSET Day: no school for pupils Awards Assemblies Term Ends at 12.15pm

Primary Newsletter

21 October 2016

21 October 2016 Newsletter Primary  
21 October 2016 Newsletter Primary