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11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter 11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Southern Entrance

We would like to remind parents and carers that the gate at the southern entrance will be locked at 08:23 each morning. Students arriving after this time should enter via the main entrance in Cricklefield Place.


The welfare and safety of our students is our priority. We do everything possible to ensure our students’ safety, both within the school community and outside of school, including working with relevant agencies to address any issues related to child protection. Students are informed of who they should go to should they have a concern about their own safety or the safety of others. At INA, all staff have regular safeguarding training to ensure that they are able to meet their statutory responsibilities. We also have a number of staff who are designated to respond to any child protection concerns and to liaise with social services:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Jo Spencer Vice Principal Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Tam Broadway Primary Headteacher Designated Child Protection Officers Eleanor Seale Office Manager Leanne Abbott-Jones Assistant Principal Gareth Marshall-Jones Primary Deputy Headteacher You can find the INA Safeguarding policy, Child Protection policy and other related policies and procedures on the Academy’s website.

2 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, As the weather turns colder, could I please remind you that our uniform policy states that outdoor coats, gloves, scarves and hats must be plain black and should be removed once students are in the building. By now all KS3 and KS4 students should be fully aware of the learning expectations that their teachers have of them for Monday. We thank you for your support with the Independent Learning Day. School will resume for all students at the usual time on Tuesday morning. We had our second sixth form open evening last night and once again were delighted to be joined by lots of Year 11s from other schools in Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Newham, as well as our own INA cohort. Application forms are available from the INA website. Starting next week, every Year 11 will be having a Careers Education 1:1 interview with a member of the Senior staff (read on for further details). All students have been given their appointment times. With all best wishes,

Rachel Macfarlane

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Year 11 Interviews

In order to support students with making informed decisions about their post-16 choices, each student will have a 1-2-1 interview with a member of SLT, Mr Singh, or Ms McNamee (one of our governors who has expertise in this field). Interviews will take place after school on Tuesday 15th November and all day on Friday 9th December when students are not involved in their mock examinations. Each meeting will be approximately 20 minutes. Students will be advised of when the interviews will take place by letter and parents will be informed that the letter has been issued by text. The interviews will only involve the student and the member of staff. This is to support the students in transitioning into being fully independent learners. As we are sure you can appreciate, logistically arranging the meetings for all of Y11 is a large and complex operation. Therefore it will not be possible to amend the meeting times. The discussion at the interviews will centre on the following questions: •

What university courses or equivalent are you considering? Will this impact on your current career aspirations?

What courses have you considered studying at KS5? Why? What research have you completed around other possible choices?

Are you intending to stay at INA? Have you submitted an application?

What is your plan for KS5 if your ideal situation does not occur? What steps have you taken to research your secondary plan?

Are you considering the EPQ? Why? If yes, what would your area of research be?

We trust that parents and carers will support students by ensuring that they are fully prepared for these important meetings by discussing the above questions with them in advance of the meeting. To support with research we would recommend the following websites: We hope that this meeting will be a great opportunity for our Y11 students to feel excited about their future decisions and we look forward to supporting them during this time.

Ms Alibhai & Mr Crowther- Green

4 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

Monday 14th November is an Independent Learning day This day is the first Independent Learning day of the year when secondary students will complete their learning independently at home. Students in KS3 and KS4 will not attend the Academy on this day. The purpose of the day is for students to consolidate and extend their learning in their various subjects. This will help to develop students’ BRIDGES skills of self-discipline, independence, discovery, organisation and adaptability and other important learning dispositions. The discipline of working independently is also important to develop in preparation for sixth form learning and study at university. Teachers have given careful consideration to the tasks they are setting for the day which can be accessed remotely on Fronter. There will be opportunities to practise key skills, elaborate upon prior learning, explore concepts and knowledge in more depth and to do some pre-learning tasks. Stretch and challenge tasks will be also available. It would be helpful if parents can ensure that the learning set by teachers is completed to a high standard.

Ms Spencer

Vice Principal

Y10 students are thinking about Work Experience placements. They want to gain experience that will support them with their future careers. Can you support them by offering a placement at your place of work? We need placements in all work areas for 5 consecutive days from 3rd-7th July 2017. If you can support INA students please contact:  Anu Patel ( 11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Save the date!

Tuesday 6th December—Year 9 Options Evening We are pleased to invite all parents and carers of our Year 9 students, and the students themselves, to our Year 9 Options Evening on Tuesday 6th December. 9ISAC:

Open from 5.45pm to 6.30pm

Talk at 6pm


Open from 6.30pm to 7.15pm

Talk at 6.45pm

This is an essential opportunity to explore the subjects on offer, understand how the options process will work and reflect on factors to consider when making decisions about option choices. Browse subject stalls, pick up information and ask lots of questions of both our teachers and some of our GCSE students. This evening is your chance to find out about how the options system will work and pick up your options guide and form.

Make sure to catch one of the explanatory talks: 6pm for 9ISAC 6.45pm for 9NEWT Should there be a problem with the slot allocated to your child’s tutor group, contact the school as soon as possible and we will investigate the possibility of joining the other session. Ms McEvoy, Assistant Principal

6 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

Year 10 You will be sitting your first

GCSE Mathematics Mock Exam Friday 18th November Period 1/2 1hour 30min paper Non Calculator This paper will provide us with your current GCSE working grade. It could include any content from the new GCSE specification (some of which you will not have covered yet). To prepare you should: • •

Review all learning from Units 1-3 Use MathsWatch to complete additional learning on target topics

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Praise and Recognition

At INA, we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning environment which supports learning, celebrates achievement and encourages everyone. Awarding merits, informal praise in class and the end of term awards assemblies are all part of this. Please speak to your child/children on a regular basis to see how many merits they have and how they are working towards the different awards on offer.

Merits It is the start of another year so we are restarting the Form Merit competition. Each merit you gain will increase your individual total and also your form’s overall total. So make sure you are keeping up the good work to gain merits! Also if you are owed a merit, go and collect it and make sure it gets recorded on your form’s spreadsheet! YEAR 7











405 384 379 347 329 323 300


276 255 221 217 211 169 115 102


258 212 189 187 154 127 119 103


262 231 191 143 138 110 103


100 65 62 56 48 39 14 5

Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award (Peer Commendation Award) Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption. The idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone who encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: Riaan Patel - 7A Year 8: Zahir Uddin 8C Year 9: Hudhaifa Abdur – Rahman 9A Year 10: Ekam Marwa 10E Year 11: Mubeen Raja, 11N

8 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

Good Deed Feed Ms Atkinson: Zayd Selant in Year 9 for carrying the bags of a student on crutches, cheerfully and helpfully. Ms Hinds: Gagandeep 9E – Always offers to help set up the room before the lesson starts and helps others out in the class when are having difficulty with the sewing machine, generally extremely helpful and polite both in lessons and outside of lessons Mr Taylor: Faheem Rahman (11A) spent a whole break time helping 11 Bronte by sorting through and organising their folders, and ensuring everything was neat and tidy in their cupboard: It was much appreciated. Reem Shoaba (11E) for taking time to help Adam and Tanbir catch up on work they had missed, demonstrating great collaboration, leadership and questioning skills. I would like to nominate Sam Morrison for teaching and supporting another student to use the correct hand signals while officiating a game of table tennis. Ms Brett: I nominate Piyush Karathia in Year 11. Piyush is such a supportive student and spends real time and effort helping out other students with grammar and their writing. Mr Ball: Kaif Hossain (7A) – When his friend Kabeer had an injured foot, Kaif was very caring and helped him to reception.

Mr Ayerh

Year 10 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Organi Anoyara Khatun Anoyara Khatun, 18, was forced to do domestic work when her father died, when she was just five-years-old. At the age of 12 she was sold to a tout and trafficked to do domestic labour for other families. But Anoyara’s spirit was not broken and, after returning back to her home in West Bengal at 13-years-old, she organised a campaign against child labour and trafficking. Having a clear idea about the outcome she wanted, Anoyara started by forming children groups throughout her village to discuss solutions, raise awareness about these issues and educate them about the dangers. She now leads as many as 80 children’s groups across 40 villages in the region. Anoyara’s efforts have helped hundreds of trafficked children from the region return to their families. Her remarkable work has now been internationally recognised and she has gone on to talk to the UN about the horrific circumstances children like her face every day.

Students who have shown great organisational skills

Anish Mistry in Year 8 has organisational skills that make most of us envious. He always knows when his IL is due and ensures that he completes this well before the deadline.

Kareena Ravaliya in Year 11 has a very impressive work ethic, the ability to learn completely independently and highly developed organisational skills. This is evidenced in the way she maintains her files, books and revision notes and how she always keeps to deadlines.

10 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

isation Organisation Having a system that works, arranging things so nothing is forgotten, putting things in order. If you are organised, you are clear about what you need, what you want to do and when you are going to do it.

Behaviours Having all the things you need for the day, being up to date with C/L and I/L, completing all tasks, knowing where things are and returning them after use, being on time, setting goals and deadlines for tasks, using a watch, using a calendar/student organiser or lists to help you.

Top tips



Check your student organisers at the end of each day to see what I/L you have and what books, equipment, resources you will need to complete it. Ensure I/L tasks are ticked off when completed. Each evening, check your timetable and get your school bag ready for the next day. Organise your work space at home with a place to store books, stationery, files and equipment and space to write, read and use a computer/laptop.

Talk to your son/daughter about how you organise your work/finances/shopping/ household chores etc. Ask your son/daughter to help you organise a family event/celebration by writing lists, prioritising tasks, setting deadlines and costing it out. Discuss with your son/daughter how they are going to organise their revision for the end of term/year assessments.

Organise your electronic files clearly and label them in a logical way. Check the time so you are on time for school, for morning line up and lessons.

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Well done to the following students who are this week’s Mathematicians of the Moment

12 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


THIS WEEK IN P.E……………… AT INA YEAR 9 AND 10 GIRLS: SECOND BEST HANDBALL TEAM IN REDBRIDGE! The Girls collected silver in the Redbridge championships on Monday with some superb displays. INA entered 2 teams, one comprising mainly Year 9s and one mostly Year 10. Both teams represented INA excellently. The girls showed great competitive spirit and incredible collaboration throughout. The INA mostly Year 10 team lost in a very hard fought final, however the team they lost to in the final they had already beaten 3-1 in the group stages, which left the girls very disappointed. The tournament was a huge success for INA, firstly for taking the silver medal and secondly for having lots of Year 9s competing in the tournament and gaining experience for next year.

CROSS COUNTRY TEAM SHOW GREAT DETERMINATION! The Redbridge Cross Country Championships took place on Monday at Wanstead Park. It saw schools in the Redbridge borough enter their best runners in age groups from Year 8 – 13. INA took a strong squad to the competition. This resulted in some great performances, particularly from Year 10 and 11 students. Great

14 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

placings came from Amandeep Teja (5th) and Manraj Gill (4th), who both were racing against students a year above them. In addition, John Mansoori and Gagan Gill also finished 6th and 7th in their races. Well done to the whole squad!

YEAR 7 FOOTBALLERS LOOSE OUT IN GOAL FEST! The Year 7 Boys’ action packed season continued with a tough loss against a good Forest Academy team. The game was end to end throughout and saw the play swing from side to side. The game was 4-4 for much of the second half until Forest scored their winner with 3 minutes to go. Man of the match performance came from Judeyah Sanderson-Antwi who scored two free-kicks.

This Week’s Results: Thursday 3rd November

Year 7 Football v Forest Academy (H) – lost 5 - 4

Monday 7th November Year 9 and 10 Girls Redbridge Handball Championships (H) – finished runners-up Wednesday 9th November Year 9 Netball V Woodford (A) – lost 23 – 2 Thursday 10th November week’s edition

Year 7 Football V Seven Kings (H) – result in next

Next Week’s sporting fixtures: Wednesday 16th November Yr 9 Netball v Chadwell (H) Thursday 17th November

Year 7 Football V Chadwell (H)

Year 8 Netball V Oaks Park (H)

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter


Autumn 2016

Calling: Parents, carers and community members. Would you like to volunteer to lead an after school enrichment at Isaac Newton Academy?

Enrichment runs 4:15pm-5:15pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 3:15pm-4:15pm on Tuesday. For further information contact Ms Clarke Tel: 020 8911 6666

16 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

Attendance Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential. At Isaac Newton Academy every student is set the target of 100% attendance. We know that attendance has a direct link to progress, and would urge you to really consider if a day off school is necessary. Well done to 7C, 9A and 9N for achieving 100% for the week. Year 7 are the top year group for the week with 97.3% well done!. 7C












































































Ms Abbott-Jones Assistant Principal

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter



En Lit 1 (1h 45) 180 students Animal Farm

AM Year

P1 8:35 for 8:40 start Finish 9:40

18 Secondary Newsletter


Mu (1.5h)

PM Year

P5 1:45 for 1:50 start Finish 2:50

P6 2:55 start Released 4:00

Spanish Listening (higher) (40m) 57 students Sound desk/CD

French Listening (higher) (40m) 60 students Sound desk/CD

P4 12:50 start (varied finish time)

Ma 1 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time


Science C1 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Gg 1 (1h45) 128 students 4 extra time


Tue 6th Dec

P3 Science B1 11:05 for 11:10 start (1h) Finish 12:10 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

P2 9:45 start Released at 10:50

Mon 5th Dec

Times unless stated

Eng Lit 2 (2h15) 180 students Poetry and Christmas Carol


French Listening (foundation) (30m) 4 students Sound desk/CD

Science P1 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Hi 1 (1h45) 69 students 4 extra time


Wed 7th Dec

Ma 2 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time


Spanish Listening (foundation) (30m) 8 students Sound desk/CD

Science B2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

RE 1 (2h) 42 students


Thu 8th dec

Drama Splendid theatre

Normal lessons


French Reading (higher) (50m) 60 Students

Science C2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Tech (2h) 68 students 2 extra time


Fri 9th Dec

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable December 2016

11 November 2016

En lang 2 (2h) 180 students Non-fiction

Science P2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Spanish Reading (higher) (50m) 57 students


PE (1.5h) 62 students 5 extra time

P1 8:35 for 8:40 start Finish 9:40

P3 11:05 for 11:10 start Finish 12:10

P4 12:50 start (varied finish time)

PM Year

P5 1:45 for 1:50 start Finish 2:50

11 November 2016

Secondary Newsletter

P6 2:55 start Released 4:00

P2 9:45 start Released at 10:50



AM Year

Eng Lang 1 (1h45) 180 students 19th Century Fiction


French Reading (foundation) (35m) 4 students

Science B3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

Ma 3 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time

Tue 13th Dec

Times unless stated Mon 12th Dec

Gg 2 (1h30) 128 students 4 extra time


Spanish Reading (foundation) (35m) 8 students

Science C3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

RE 2 (2h) 42 students


Wed 14th Dec

Drama (1.5h) 46 students One (unmarked) copy of text per student provided by Drama 3 extra time


Normal lesson

Science P3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

Hi 2 (1h10) 69 students 4 extra time


Thu 15th Dec

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable December 2016

Art Exams - 1st & 2nd December in class rooms with AJ and AH


Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2016 Term Dates -Autumn Term Thursday 1st September - Friday 16th December Half Term: Monday 24th – Friday 28th October INSET Days: 1, 2, 5 September, 23 November, 9 December

Key Dates for Secondary – Autumn Term Monday 14th November

Tuesday 15th November Thursday 17th November Monday 21st November Wednesday 23rd November Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd December Monday 5th – Thursday 15th December Tuesday 6th December Wednesday 7th December Thursday 8th December Friday 9th December

Tuesday 13th December Thursday 15th December Friday 16th December

Independent Learning Day - all secondary students studying at home Sixth Form Interviews start Literacy Parent Workshop Shakespeare Schools Festival INSET Day: no school for students Year 11 Art Mock Exam Year 11 Mock Exams Year 9 Options Evening PEA Summer School Meeting Yr 8 Christmas Lunch INSET Day: no school for Yrs7-10 Yr 11 Mock exams Splendid Theatre Production Community Party Winter Concert Awards Assemblies Term Ends at 1pm

20 Secondary Newsletter

11 November 2016

11 November 2016 Newsletter Secondary  
11 November 2016 Newsletter Secondary