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14 October 2016

Secondary Newsletter

Southern Entrance

We would like to remind parents and carers that the gate at the southern entrance will be locked at 08:23 each morning. Students arriving after this time should enter via the main entrance in Cricklefield Place.


The welfare and safety of our students is our priority. We do everything possible to ensure our students’ safety, both within the school community and outside of school, including working with relevant agencies to address any issues related to child protection. Students are informed of who they should go to should they have a concern about their own safety or the safety of others. At INA, all staff have regular safeguarding training to ensure that they are able to meet their statutory responsibilities. We also have a number of staff who are designated to respond to any child protection concerns and to liaise with social services:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Jo Spencer Vice Principal Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Tam Broadway Primary Headteacher Designated Child Protection Officers Eleanor Seale Office Manager Leanne Abbott-Jones Assistant Principal Gareth Marshall-Jones Primary Deputy Headteacher You can find the INA Safeguarding policy, Child Protection policy and other related policies and procedures on the Academy’s website.

2 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, On Tuesday this week we hosted our first ever Sixth Form Open Evening. We were delighted that over 80% of the Year 11 cohort from INA came along. They were joined by a significant number of students from Seven Kings, Ursuline, Palmer Academy and Woodford County High School, as well as Year 11s from some secondary schools in Waltham Forest and Newham. The parents got to explore the fabulous sixth form facilities on our third floor while the students enjoyed taster lessons in a wide range of subjects. We have another Open Evening on 10th November and further taster sessions on Monday 24th October (please sign up on the INA website). Many thanks to Ms Alibhai for all her hard work in preparation for the opening of INA’s sixth form. It was lovely to welcome parents of Year 7s into the academy on Wednesday for a Settling In Evening. As well as input form a range of senior staff, the evening provided an opportunity to meet with the Year 7 tutors and to visit the library. Thanks go to Ms Abbott-Jones for her organisation of the event. Some of you will have been concerned to hear that last week one of our students was approached near to his house after school by strangers who tried to encourage him to get into their car. I am proud to report that another of our students came to his rescue, shouted at the strangers and then walked the victim to his home. It is really reassuring to see the advice that we give to our students at INA regarding stranger danger being put to good use. I am also pleased to report that Mr Coughlin’s assemblies this week and next week are coincidentally focused on street harassment. We will continue to prioritise educating our students about how to keep safe in society and to encourage them to show citizenships dispositions in looking after each other. With best wishes,

Rachel Macfarlane 14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Black History Month 2016

The beginnings of Black History Month go back to 1926 when black historian Carter G. Woodson began what he called “Negro History Week” in the USA. In 1969, the week’s celebration was expanded to a month and in 1976, Black History Month was endorsed by the US government. In the United Kingdom, Black History Month has been celebrated every October since 1987. Black History Month provides us with a focus to celebrate the achievements of Black and Minority Ethnic people from the UK and overseas. The Black community has used this month to share with the rest of the world the contribution that Black people have made to human development. It is a time to demonstrate pride in, and respect for, the creativity, intellectual achievements and sporting prowess of Black and Minority Ethnic people. The Prime Minister, Teresa May, who is leading support for Black History Month 2016 has said: “I am so pleased to support Black History Month which recognises, rewards and celebrates the contribution made to our society over many years by the African and Caribbean communities. It is an opportunity for us all to recognise the incredible achievements of successful African and Caribbean men and women across sectors including financial services, retail, media, the arts, science and technology and sport. I remember, like many others in our country watching Mo Farah and Kadeena Cox, along with many other athletes, proudly representing this country at the Rio Olympics. African and Caribbean athletes have always had a hugely positive impact over young and old around the world and, for many years, here in Britain. Celebrating these achievements is really important – but moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our African and Caribbean communities in the UK for the enormous contribution you make to our country. Equally, Black History Month is a time when we can be thankful for the huge progress made in the UK over recent decades in tackling racist attitudes, increasing diversity, and improving equality of opportunity – while of course recognising that we still have much further to go. My mission is to build on what we have already achieved to make Britain a country that truly works for everyone, whoever we are and wherever we’re from. So let me congratulate the organisers and volunteers for making this month such a bright and vibrant event and I wish everyone involved all the best.”

4 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

The passing of the first Three Time World Heavyweight Champion, Muhammed Ali on June 6th this year, polarised mainstream media and their audiences in the coverage on his life and Legacy. Muhammed Ali was ‘more than just a Boxer’. He was a Black, Muslim man in Pre-Civil Rights Era America and he would go on to be an activist for the remainder of his life. Erasing these facts not only erases his importance worldwide, but the prejudice and struggles Ali endured. Muhammed Ali did not ‘transcend race’. Ali was the Blackest version of himself, and was proud to be. Ali’s pride is what made him a champion not just in the ring and realm of Boxing, but as an Activist and as a campaigner of Civil Rights movement in both America, and across the world. To remember Muhammed Ali, is to remember who he was, more so that what he became. Ali may have become a three time world heavyweight champion, he may have become a Muslim, a Civil Rights Campaigner, a world megastar, a sports personality of the century, a husband and father, an Olympic Gold medalist, a ‘draft evader’, a conscientious objector, a counter-culturalist, a suffer of Parkinson’s disease, a suicide preventer. 
But who he was a man that believed he was the greatest at what he did and those beliefs are what made him become who he was; an inspiration for generations that have been and are to come.

Nina Simone is best known for her talents in the Music industry as a Singer/Songwriter covering genres from Blues and Jazz, to Gospel and Pop. However, Nina’s influence on History and why she makes this list, stems from her work as a Civil Rights Activist. Born to a Christian family in North Carolina on February 21st, 1933; the early aspirations for the Civil Rights campaigner would be to become a concert pianist, which would lead her to audition at Curtis Institiute of Music in Philadelphia, but was sadly rejected; a decision she felt was based on her Race. Taking up studies in Music at Juilliard School of Music in New York would be expensive and Nina took a job playing as a pianist at Midtown Bar & Grill on 14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City. However, despite the knowledge that her studies could not be funded by her parents, she also knew that her parents would not approve of playing ‘the Devils music’, and thus adopted the name Nina Simone in 1951. Simone’s inspiration to become involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s is due to an incident at her first ‘concert’ at the age of 12. Here, her parents were moved to the back of the Church theatre in order to make space for White People. Angered that her parents may miss her recital based on Race, Nina refused to perform until her parents were reinstated at the front of the theatre. From then on, a Civil Rights message was standard in Simone’s recording repertoire, becoming a part of her live performances. Simone performed and spoke at many civil rights meetings, such as at the Selma to Montgomery marches. Simone advocated violent revolution during the civil rights period, rather than Martin Luther King’s non-violent approach, hoping that African Americans could, by armed combat, form a separate state. Nevertheless, she wrote in her autobiography that she and her family regarded all races as equal. At Isaac Newton Academy the students will be celebrating and reflecting on the achievements of Black and Ethnic Minority groups each week in October. Ms. Priestley Lead Teacher of History

6 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

Monday 14th November is an Independent Learning day This day is the first Independent Learning day of the year when secondary students will complete their learning independently at home. Students in KS3 and KS4 will not attend the Academy on this day. The purpose of the day is for students to consolidate and extend their learning in their various subjects. This will help to develop students’ BRIDGES skills of self-discipline, independence, discovery, organisation and adaptability and other important learning dispositions. The discipline of working independently is also important to develop in preparation for sixth form learning and study at university. Teachers have given careful consideration to the tasks they are setting for the day which can be accessed remotely on Fronter. There will be opportunities to practise key skills, elaborate upon prior learning, explore concepts and knowledge in more depth and to do some pre-learning tasks. Stretch and challenge tasks will be also available. It would be helpful if parents can ensure that the learning set by teachers is completed to a high standard.

Ms Spencer

Vice Principal

Lost Property

As the term draws to a close there are a number of articles in Lost Property. Parents: please encourage your child to come and check the lost property box at Student Reception by Thursday 20th October. After this date all lost property left over will be disposed of. We currently have the following items in lost property: Whole PE Bags – with full PE kits Pencil Cases Blazers/Coats Books Shoes/Trainers And lots more……

Tahira Akram

Pastoral Administrator 14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


INA Music Recital Come along and join us next week for the INA Music Recital on Thursday 20th October Students have been practicing hard this term and we look forward to welcoming family and friends to the first public music event of the year. The concert will consist of performances from some fantastic soloists and brand new groups, including: • a beatboxing group • a Dhol group • and saxophone ensemble The recital will start at 5:30pm and last approximately 1 hour. Doors will open at 5:15pm. Free tickets will be available from Monday 17th October and students can pick them up from KS3 reception.

Mr Fowler

Music teacher

8 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

Year 11 Controlled Assessments Message for Parents Throughout the two year French GCSE course our students undertake three Writing and three Speaking Controlled Assessments. Our students have so far done two Speaking and two Writing Controlled Assessments; however they still have to prepare for one more Speaking and one more Writing Controlled Assessment before Christmas. It is crucial that our students take advantage of all the support and help they are being offered and attend all lessons and preparation sessions. These exams are not a practice run. They are their actual GCSE exams and must be taken with the seriousness they deserve. Their Speaking exams will take place on Monday 17th October, Tuesday 18th October or Wednesday 19th October depending on their group (please check their organiser for the exact date and time). Attendance is compulsory. We appreciate your support in making sure that you child turns up on time to their exam.

Y11 Marks and Spencer careers interviews over the summer The students who attended the Marks and Spencer careers interviews over the summer were able to experience an insight into the types of questions you may be asked in an interview “The interview feedback was useful, it gave me a good insight into the type of question you may get asked.” Leanne Y11. The feedback they received will enable them to improve their interview technique for their upcoming 6th form applications. “I received a feedback sheet that broke the questions down into easy to understand steps, Pearl Y11” All students involved felt they were in a stronger position now because of the experience, so thank you to Ilford Marks and Spencer.”

Mark Crowther-Green Assistant Principal

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Praise and Recognition

At INA, we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning environment which supports learning, celebrates achievement and encourages everyone. Awarding merits, informal praise in class and the end of term awards assemblies are all part of this. Please speak to your child/children on a regular basis to see how many merits they have and how they are working towards the different awards on offer.

Merits It is the start of another year so we are restarting the Form Merit competition. Each merit you gain will increase your individual total and also your form’s overall total. So make sure you are keeping up the good work to gain merits! Also if you are owed a merit, go and collect it and make sure it gets recorded on your form’s spreadsheet! Year 7











233 202 201 191 184 184 178


164 156 147 145 143 107 102 74


173 155 125 106 105 86 71 71


132 115 81 77 72 67 31


48 40 33 30 19 17 14 5

Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award (Peer Commendation Award) Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption. The idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone who encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: Amirah Uddin 7W Year 8: Ramzi Osman 8C Year 9: Kaiya Greenidge 9S Year 10: Gurveen Johal 10W Year 11: Zaheer Oomar, 11E

10 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

Good Deed Feed Ms Hutson: Hawwa Imran 8S volunteering to helping Miss Hutson get equipment from the sports hall in her own time Mr Dewal: Inaya Hussien in 10T saw a teacher had dropped her stuff and without hesitation helped her pick up her stuff. Ms Rayner: Aerhan in 11E helped Ms Rayner by carrying a heavy box to her car. Aasiya 9I lent some props to the school’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was really kind and helpful! Ms Coates: Please can I nominate Rabail Rahim for seeing me carrying a lot of books down the corridor and offering to help carry them during her lunch time. Also Janki Ranavoya for clearing out and then cleaning a friend’s locker so that she could properly use it. Ms O’Rourke: Munawarah Noori 9I took it upon herself to draw a detailed diagram of what deforestation is to explain it to a student in her class who cannot speak English fluently. I was very impressed that she took it upon herself to do this and it helped David to understand fully what deforestation was. Ms Priestley: I’d like to nominate Maahi Rahman in 11N – during a lesson today I cut my finger quite badly and he was quick to go get me a plaster and help without any fuss.

Mr Ayerh

Year 10 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Citize Callum Bailey Callum Bailey in Year 11 demonstrates great citizenship skills and attitudes in his work as a Scout’s Young Leader, a role which provides young people with the opportunity to take on a leadership role in one of the younger Scout sections. As a Young Leader, Callum plans events and weekends away for younger Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. His work enables younger scouts to experience the outdoors, interact with others and gain confidence. Callum leads and supervises activities during the overnight stays and he even cooks meals for the younger children. Callum has already achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Scout awards and is currently working towards the Platinum award which involves doing fifty hours of volunteering and community service, in addition to the work he is already doing to support young scouts.

Citizenship Being responsible and playing an active and positive role in the community. Behaviours Adopting a key role in society, supporting the learning of others, actively recycling, respecting the school community and grounds, respecting the wider community, actively seeking to improve the community, engaging in charitable giving.

12 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

enship Other students who have shown great citizenship

Shanzay Dar in 7W is always so helpful in form time – running errands and assisting with jobs that need doing, such as the merit board. She offers to help, rather than waiting to be asked – a credit to the form.

Sunil Mann in 8T is a very community-spirited student. He was a disciplined sports rep in Year 7 and enjoyed this responsibility very much. He displays great deals of empathy by supporting other students in and around school, and supporting teacher with tasks. He played a crucial role in the form assembly, and delivered it with great energy and grace.

Students •

• • •

Top tips

Participate in activities to improve your community and the environment, for example local library campaigns and events at local parks or places of worship. Pick up litter, recycle, and plant flowers. Be a good neighbour and volunteer to help older members of the community by putting out their rubbish, collecting their newspaper, sweeping their path or weeding their garden. Make a point of talking to any student who is on his/her own at lunch or break time. Aim to engage in at least one charity fund-raising event this year. Take your old books/toys/clothes to a charity shop.

Parents • • •

Read the national and local papers with your child and discuss examples of good citizenship. Discuss what the school, the UK or the World would be like if people did not show citizenship towards each other. Find out about the community groups in your local area (for example, Shelter Redbridge Action group, Friends of the Earth Ilford and Ilford National Trust) and take your child along to one of the meetings.

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Well done to the following students who are this week’s Mathematicians of the Moment This week’s Mathematicians of the Moment Saimpreet Singh (7S)

Ryan Claire (7I)

Eashar Rihal (7N)

Dilpreet Kaur (9S)

Lily Southall (8C)

Safiyyah Ul-haq (9C)

Umer Mahmud (8E)











7A 7C






















14 Secondary Newsletter

80 160

14 October 2016

YEAR 7 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 10th October to Thursday 20th October

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

YEAR 8 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 10th October to Thursday 20th October

Six wolves catch six lambs in six minutes. How many wolves will be needed to catch sixty lambs in sixty minutes? No, the answer is not sixty. Try again!

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday4.10pm latest!

YEAR 9 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 10th October to Thursday 20th October

Can you turn this triangle upside-down by moving only three coins?

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


LONDON CLUB TRIP TO THE SOUTH BANK The London Club trip to the South Bank was amazing! It was so interesting the whole way through and I think this was an unforgettable experience for everyone that came. Walking along the South Bank was really fun. I got an amazing view of the skyline of London. I could see many great monuments including The Shard, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. At the beginning of the journey we all got on an empty train to Stratford Station then got the tube to London and got off at London Bridge Station. We all went to this old and large market called Borough Market. Fun fact: in 2014 Borough Market celebrated its 1000th birthday. As we passed by the stalls I could smell the aroma of cheese. There were many different types of cheese as well. We saw amazing fish too. As we moved on from Borough Market, we went to Southwark Cathedral where we answered some questions on Mary Overie and why she joined the convent. After that our next location was Shakespeare’s Globe. The walk down the South Bank was really fun and interesting. Our next location was the rockpool beach next to the Thames. That was one of my highlights of the day! I was doing what any child would do: throwing stones into the river. Overall I thought this trip is amazing and I would like to go again. Here are some images that I took on the trip. Anish Mistry 8C

16 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

LONDON TRIP REVIEW The London club trip was great fun as I met a lot of people and made new friends.I also learnt a lot of history about London. I was very excited when we went to the Borough Market. At the Borough market we saw sea food, plants, vegetables and an assortment of cheeses from all around the world. The best part of the market was the sample cookies which were amazing. We also saw the Shard. My time at the London club was fun and amusing. I hope I go next term too. Taybah Patel 8W

Mita Desai Visit to INA We were delighted to welcome Mita Desai to INA, as she supported us in our commitment to develop student leadership. Mita first delivered an inspirational assembly to our Year 10s and Year 11s. The assembly had a clear message in that everybody has the opportunity and potential to make a positive change in society. Following the assembly, members of the Student Council took part in a specially designed workshop which aimed to develop leadership skills and support the Student Council in their attempts to drive positive changes. Finally, Mita visited the primary site where the Primary Student Council learnt about being confident and powers of persuasion. It was an extremely worthwhile day all round, as Aasif Rahman (10E) explains: “I found that the visit was extremely helpful to build our confidence and to expand our creativity”. 14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter



En Lit 1 (1h 45) 180 students Animal Farm

AM Year

P1 8:35 for 8:40 start Finish 9:40

18 Secondary Newsletter


Mu (1.5h)

PM Year

P5 1:45 for 1:50 start Finish 2:50

P6 2:55 start Released 4:00

Spanish Listening (higher) (40m) 57 students Sound desk/CD

French Listening (higher) (40m) 60 students Sound desk/CD

P4 12:50 start (varied finish time)

Ma 1 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time


Science C1 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Gg 1 (1h45) 128 students 4 extra time


Tue 6th Dec

P3 Science B1 11:05 for 11:10 start (1h) Finish 12:10 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

P2 9:45 start Released at 10:50

Mon 5th Dec

Times unless stated

Eng Lit 2 (2h15) 180 students Poetry and Christmas Carol


French Listening (foundation) (30m) 4 students Sound desk/CD

Science P1 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Hi 1 (1h45) 69 students 4 extra time


Wed 7th Dec

Ma 2 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time


Spanish Listening (foundation) (30m) 8 students Sound desk/CD

Science B2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

RE 1 (2h) 42 students


Thu 8th dec

Drama Splendid theatre

Normal lessons


French Reading (higher) (50m) 60 Students

Science C2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Tech (2h) 68 students 2 extra time


Fri 9th Dec

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable December 2016

14 October 2016

En lang 2 (2h) 180 students Non-fiction

Science P2 (1h) 180 students 3 extra time 5 other access arrangements

Spanish Reading (higher) (50m) 57 students


PE (1.5h) 62 students 5 extra time

P1 8:35 for 8:40 start Finish 9:40

P3 11:05 for 11:10 start Finish 12:10

P4 12:50 start (varied finish time)

PM Year

P5 1:45 for 1:50 start Finish 2:50

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter

P6 2:55 start Released 4:00

P2 9:45 start Released at 10:50



AM Year

Eng Lang 1 (1h45) 180 students 19th Century Fiction


French Reading (foundation) (35m) 4 students

Science B3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

Ma 3 (1.5h) 180 students 4 extra time

Tue 13th Dec

Times unless stated Mon 12th Dec

Gg 2 (1h30) 128 students 4 extra time


Spanish Reading (foundation) (35m) 8 students

Science C3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

RE 2 (2h) 42 students


Wed 14th Dec

Drama (1.5h) 46 students One (unmarked) copy of text per student provided by Drama 3 extra time


Normal lesson

Science P3 (1h) 97 students 1 other access arrangements

Hi 2 (1h10) 69 students 4 extra time


Thu 15th Dec

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable December 2016

Art Exams - 1st & 2nd December in class rooms with AJ and AH


THIS WEEK IN P.E……………… AT INA Year 7 Boys make a solid start The Year 7 Boys’ football team made a great start to the season with a 6-1 victory against Valentines. The team worked and defended really well together considering it was their first game. The back line of Denis, Yasir and Hamoud, alongside Shakib’s great goalkeeping, kept Valentines at bay. Good performances going forward from the likes of Raghav and Subhaam made sure that INA took the point in their first game.

Year 8 girls put in a great effort! On Thursday 6th October Year 8 girls played their first netball match of the season. With a few new players making the squad this year after what was a great turn out to trials, the squad was rotated after every quarter with players getting to experience playing various positions throughout the match. After the first 2 quarters the match was very close, with both teams scoring 4 goals each. The second two quarters saw Valentines take a hold of the game and, with some excellent shooting from their GA and GS, they went into the final quarter with a 3 goal advantage. Despite some outstanding performances from Daveena Williams Morrison and Glory Mondua, Valentines went on to secure victory winning 8-5. INA have a large squad and it is great to have so much competition for places, which can only be a positive for future matches. The girls spent 5 minutes working hard on their landing and footwork after the match to prepare for our next fixture.

Year 10 through to the Quarter finals of the Redbridge Cup Last Thursday the Year 10 football team played against Chadwell Heath Academy in the Redbridge cup. It was an end to end start to the match with both teams having chances, but we took the lead after Gyane played a superb back heel flick to set Yameen through, who outpaced their defender and blasted the ball home 1-0. Chadwell then piled the pressure on, which led to a penalty against us, to which Brett stood brave and firm and dived towards his left and pushed the ball over the bar. However the score ended 1-1 at half time as Chadwell scored soon after.

20 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

We scored our 2nd goal from the genius Gyane, who weaved in and out of 4 Chadwell players, then showed an injection of pace to get one on one with the goalkeeper, and then calmly placed the ball home 2-1. Our 3rd goal game, after Saleem played a ball over the top of their defence, and Manraj sprinted on past their defenders to get the ball and showed good composure to score. 3-1. Chadwell scored a late goal but we hung on for a 3-2 win. The man of the match was Gyane with his superb goal, assist and dominance within midfield. The squad was: Brett Butler, Esher Bahara, Mason Pickton, Neel Banarsee, Saleem Kidiya, Djevia Elliel, Jonah Robinson, Gyane Sanderson, Muhammad Awadh, Djevia Elliel, Yameen Islam.

Year 9 fight hard but lose out….. The team faced Trinity in the first round of the cup. Trinity have won both the league and the cup 2 for the last 2 years running, so INA knew they were in for a test. With INA focused on their jobs and not the reputation of their opponents, they started the game very strong, keeping Trinity at bay for most of the half and creating a few half chances. At the end of the first half it was 1-0l to Trinity but the defensive display by INA was one to be proud of and the mood amongst the players at half time was very positive. 10 minutes into the second half Trinity caught us on the counter attack and made the score 2-0, with INA still applying pressure and showing great determination. However the third goal went in due to a great piece of play by Trinity and unfortunately affected the players’ confidence and perseverance. With our heads down and concentration slipping, we shipped in a further 3 goals in the last 10 minutes. A great first half performance from INA, however unfortunately didn’t see it out until the end. Man of the match was Faruq Sultan with a superb display in goal; without him it could have easily have been double figures. Well done.

This Week’s Results:

Thursday 6th October Thursday 6th October Thursday 6th October Monday 10th October Wednesday 12th October Thursday 13th October Thursday 13th October -

Yr 8 Netball v Valentines (H) – Lost 8 - 5 Yr 7 Football V Valentines (H) – Won 6 - 1 Yr 10 Football V Chadwell – Cup (A) – Won 3 - 2 Yr 8 Football V Forest (A) – Cup – Won 9 - 0 Yr 9 Football V Trinity (A – Cup) – Lost 6 - 0 Yr 10 Netball v Mayfield (H) – result in next weeks newsletter Yr 11 Football v Loxford (A - Cup) – Cancelled, to be rearranged after half term

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Next Week’s sporting fixtures: Monday 17th October Wednesday 19th October Wednesday 19th October Thursday 20th October Thursday 20th October

Year 9 and 10 Redbridge Handball Championships (H) Year 9 2nd XI Football v Seven Kings (A) Year 10 Football v Loxford (A) Year 7 Football V Cannon Palmer - Cup(H) Year 8 Netball v Loxford (A)

22 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

Sixth Form

Taster Sessions

at Isaac Newton Academy

Monday 24th October 9am - 12pm Join us for up to three taster sessions in the following subjects: • Biology • Chemistry • English Language

• English Literature • French

• Mathematics • Physics

Please confirm your attendance by Tuesday 18th October.

To register your place please email For more information please visit

14 October 2016 Secondary Newsletter


Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2016 Term Dates -Autumn Term Thursday 1st September - Friday 16th December Half Term: Monday 24th – Friday 28th October INSET Days: 1, 2, 5 September, 23 November, 9 December

Key Dates for Secondary – Autumn Term Tuesday 18th October Wednesday 19th October Thursday 20th October Monday 24 – Friday 28 October Thursday 3rd November Thursday 10th November Monday 14th November

Tuesday 15th November Thursday 17th November Monday 21st November Wednesday 23rd November Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd December Monday 5th – Thursday 15th December Tuesday 6th December Wednesday 7th December Thursday 8th December

GCSE Music Recital BRIDGES Parent Workshop 6pm Music Recital HALF TERM ESafety Parent Workshop Sixth Form Open Evening 6-7pm Independent Learning Day - all secondary students studying at home Sixth Form Interviews start Literacy Parent Workshop Shakespeare Schools Festival INSET Day: no school for students Year 11 Art Mock Exam Year 11 Mock Exams Year 9 Options Evening PEA Summer School Meeting Yr 8 Christmas Lunch

24 Secondary Newsletter

14 October 2016

14 October 2016 Newsletter Secondary  
14 October 2016 Newsletter Secondary