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3D Titanium Insects Bugs is an exquisite artwork combining science, art and technology in a unique cluster of three species of Australian Insects. Collection to Collective (making collections visible) is a result of a collaboration between science art fellow artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart and scientist, Chuong Nguyen in their mutual research interest of reconstructing plants and insects as 3D scientific virtual models via scanning and titanium technologies. Bugs evolved through investigating the weevil (Sitophilus granaries) insect, a pest in wheat grain storage, and originally as part of the StellrScope Science Art Commission, hosted at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Weevil Insect

3D Model of Weevil

Titanium Weevil Insect

The insects brought together expertise across CSIRO, including the Australian National Insect Collection, Entomology, Computational Informatics and Future Manufacturing. The insects were achieved by advanced scanning techniques and X-Ray Phase Micro CT imaging.

eleanorgatestuart Bugs Team: Eleanor Gates-Stuart - Artist & Producer | Sherry Mayo - Research Scientist | Chuong Nguyen - Quantative Imaging | Chad Henry - Titanium Manufacturing

The Insect Collection 12 Titanium Bugs Set-up requires: Display case with lighting and a secure space

Wheat Weevil Sitophilus Granaries

Weevil Insect Gagatophorus Draco

Christmas Beetle Scarabaeidae

Longhorn Beetle Cerambycidae

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Archival Fine Prints About the Artist: Eleanor Gates-Stuart Eleanor’s research in Science and Art is diverse and collaborative. She specialises in communicating her artistic practice in new and innovative ways, questioning and engaging audience in art, science and technology, working with major research organisations, museums, business and local government. She is a regular contributor to professional associations, enjoys working on collaborations, exhibiting, publishing and presenting papers at conferences in the UK, USA, Taiwan and Australia.

3D Holograms

3D Printed Titanium Insects  

3D Printed Titanium Insects by Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Artist and scientist working in collaboration.

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