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Nautical Mix Time Travel

Nautical Mix is a story of love. A romance that lasts through time, a tale told over and over again and spoken in many a generation. There is no real date or sense of place as elements appear, almost as clues, however as the spaces are themselves fragments in this tale, then there are no clues. Only objects. Invention and innovation, the wizardry and genius of science, art and technology, imagined and created. Shown in historical artefacts and experienced as items of everyday use. In Nautical Mix, these artefacts exist as elements; parts of the story and aid to the narrative in which the underlying references to scientific experiment are important‌ as to the characters and their lives.

Detail: Beneath the Surface

Detail: Dining

Detail: Forming Beauty

eleanorgatestuart Source images credited to Wikipedia Commons (out of copyright images and creative commons licenses) (AUS+US)

The Nautical Mix Collection Archival Pigment on Archival Hahnemuhle Paper 9 Artworks in the Collection


Forming Beauty

Joint Mission Blue

Arthouse About the Artist: Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor’s research in Science and Art is diverse and collaborative. She specialises in communicating her artistic practice in new and innovative ways, questioning and engaging audience in art, science and technology, working with major research organisations, museums, business and local government. She is a regular contributor to professional associations, enjoys working on collaborations, exhibiting, publishing and presenting papers at conferences in the UK, USA, Taiwan and Australia.

Nautical Mix  

A series of artwork, Nautical Mix, based on time travel, historical artefacts and romance.

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