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FingerCodes FC01 - FC15

Finger Codes, uses a system of drawings and sketches that develop through the process of a simple mark, the fingerprint, aligned to complex and integrated structures. These drawings include references to external sources that provide additional data to the images and threads of numerical and language content. The task is to aesthetically simplify these layers of complexity and conceptual meaning, to explore the fingerprint mark and translate this process as Finger Codes artworks.

Detail: Sketch book

Detail: FC02 with Codes

Detail: FC03 with Codes

Human fingerprints are translated into numerical symbols, coded through drawings and used as symbolic data. Patterns that merge are also to be lost, woven and undone again, in layers adding complexity in the language of code and information architecture.

eleanorgatestuart Additional FingerCodes Artworks include: Series FCL1 - FCL10 (Lithographs)

The FingerCodes Collection Archival Pigment on Archival Hahnemuhle Paper 15 Artworks in the Collection

About the Artist: Eleanor Gates-Stuart Eleanor’s research in Science and Art is diverse and collaborative. She specialises in communicating her artistic practice in new and innovative ways, questioning and engaging audience in art, science and technology, working with major research organisations, museums, business and local government. She is a regular contributor to professional associations, enjoys working on collaborations, exhibiting, publishing and presenting papers at conferences in the UK, USA, Taiwan and Australia.


FingerCodes: Coding Finger Prints in a series of Artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart FC1 - FC15

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