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550. TOYOKUNI III From Chushingura series, depicting a samurai with drawn sword.

Oban tate-e 150/250

551. TOYOKUNI III Actor in Mirror (looking right), from “Portraits of Famous Actors”. Matted 20” x 16”.

Oban tate-e 300/400

552. TOYOKUNI III Elaborately dressed woman with attendant child at night beneath cherry trees. Framed.

Oban tate-e 80/120

553. TOYOKUNI III A butterfly dancer against a snowy landscape.

Oban tate-e 120/250

554. TOYOKUNI III Night scene with a woman and cherry blossoms.

Oban tate-e 100/200

555. KUNISADA A woman gathering cherry blossoms while standing on the back of her attendant.

Oban tate-e 100/200

556. KUNISADA A man standing beside a stone lantern. Framed.

Oban tate-e 100/200

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