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500. JAPANESE RED LACQUER ZUSHI Edo Period With elaborately engraved gilt-metal door mounts. Interior with dramatic figure of Fudo Mio with flame halo and two attendants behind a pierced wheel and cloud surround. Height 15”. 1,200/1,800


501. BLACK AND GOLD LACQUER SUZURI BAKO 19th Century In fan design with ink stone and water dropper interior. 400/500 502. BLACK AND GOLD LACQUER TANZAKU BOX Late 19th Century With chrysanthemum design. Length 15.75”. 400/600



503. BLACK AND GOLD LACQUER CARRYING BOX 19th Century In rectangular form with openwork lattice top, with a folding handle. Body decorated with Tokugawa mon design. Height 18”. 12” square. 400/600

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