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486. KUTANI PORCELAIN BOWL Late Meiji Period Finely decorated Samurai warriors on horseback crossing a river. Chrysanthemum and brocade border. Exterior with finely enameled cherry blossom and wave decoration. Marked on base. Height 3”. Diameter 9.25”. 300/400 487. KUTANI PORCELAIN BOWL Meiji Period Ribbed body and floriform rim. With central interior decoration of a lady in a chrysanthemum and pine tree landscape, surrounded by an alternating lappet border. Marked on base. Height 4”. Diameter 9.25”. 250/350 488. BLUE AND WHITE NABESHIMA PORCELAIN DISH With sparrow and peony design. Exterior with flowers and combed foot. Diameter 9.75”. 489. KYOTO POTTERY VASE In bladder form. With insect and flower design. Artist’s signature at foot. Height 12.5”.

Circa 1700 800/1,200 19th Century 200/300


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