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401. SATSUMA POTTERY CENSER First Half 20th Century In handled basket form with fenestrated body and cover. Cover with chrysanthemum finial. Signed on base. Height 5.5”. 200/300 402. SATSUMA POTTERY BOWL Meiji Period Attributed to Hankinzan. With spiral floral design on interior. Iris design on exterior. Diameter 4.1”. 400/600 403. SATSUMA POTTERY LANTERN-FORM BOX Meiji Period By Gykuzan. In hexagonal form with wisteria, butterfly, bird and figural decoration. Signed. Height 6.2”. 200/300 404. RARE EARLY SATSUMA MORIAGE DISH With shaped rim and flower-vase design. Signed “Bizen”. Diameter 7.25”.

Circa 1840 600/800

405. SET OF FIVE SATSUMA POTTERY PLATES In “Three Monkey” design. Potter’s mark on base. Diameters 6.5”.

Circa 1910 150/250

406. SATSUMA POTTERY COVERED SUGAR BOWL In pear shape with dragon and lohan design. Black mark signature on base. Height 5”.



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Meiji Period 200/300

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