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382. PAIR OF PAINTINGS ON PAPER 20th Century By Fukui Ryonosuke (1924–1986). Depicting stylized flowers. Both signed in pencil. 13.5” x 9.5”. Framed 20.25” x 16.25”. 2,500/3,500 383. WATERCOLOR ON PAPER Attributed to Kogo. Depicting the head of a young woman. Framed 11.5” x 8.75” sight.

Early 20th Century 1,000/1,500

384. WESTERN-STYLE WATERCOLOR By T. Nokoyama. Depicting a farmer carrying a hoe and a basket. 13” x 6.75”.

Early 20th Century 350/450

385. SCROLL PAINTING ON SILK Depicting cottages and a farmer beneath mountains. 41” x 16”. Signed and seal marked.

Early 20th Century 200/300


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