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280. SHIGARAKI POTTERY STORAGE JAR In inverted pear shape. With splash ash glaze. Height 18”.


17th/18th Century 500/700

281. POTTERY STORAGE JAR Late 19th/Early 20th Century In seed form with molded lip. With black glaze vertical slip over a phosphatic brown glaze. Height 16”. 300/400 282. RARE KINKOZAN ART DECO SATSUMA POTTERY VASE In inverted pear shape with stylized iris design. Printed signature on base. Height 12”.

Circa 1930 300/500

283. STUDIO PORCELAIN VASE Circa 1900 In inverted pear shape. With relief bird and flower design on a golden yellow ground. Height 10”. 300/500 284. RAKU POTTERY TEA BOWL With black glaze spotted with two green and white drips. Raku mark at foot. Diameter 4.5”.

20th Century 150/200

285. SHINO POTTERY WINE POT 18th Century In bladder form. With turquoise over olive green glaze. Shuntan potter’s mark on base. Height 7”. 200/300

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