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190. SILVER OJIME 19th Century In the form of a flower blossom. Length 0.8”. 300/400 191. TWO METAL OJIME 1. Mixed metal in seed form with gilt metal floral and mon design. Length 1”. 2. Silvered bronze in seed form with incised floral decoration. Length .75”.

Meiji Period 250/350

192. WOOD NETSUKE Depicting two frogs, one lying underneath a lotus leaf, one lying on it.

20th Century 150/250

193. WOOD NETSUKE In the form of a crouched frog with inlaid eyes.

20th Century 200/300

194. WOOD NETSUKE In the form of an eggplant and leaves. Length 1.7”.

19th Century 150/200

195. THREE STAGHORN NETSUKE Meiji Period 1. Carved circular cross section. Diameter 2”. 2. Square-form toggle with silver flower. Length 2”. 3. Carved dancer with a drum and a shishi on his head. Length 2.5”. 200/300 196. IVORY NETSUKE * In double gourd vessel form with a miniature ivory horse spilling out from the top. Height 2”. 197. POLYCHROME IVORY NETSUKE * A man feeding birds in a bird cage. Height 1.75”.

* Not available for international delivery.


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19th Century 200/400 Meiji Period 300/500

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