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161. FOUR LONG KISERU 19th Century 1. Silver with Karakusa design. 2. Undecorated. 3. Lacquer stem with inlaid silver metal mouth piece. 4. Undecorated. Length from 14.5” to 17.75”. 200/300 162. BURLWOOD TONKOTSU In modified rectangular form with agate ojime and 8” star horn kiseru-zutsu. 163. IVORY NETSUKE * In the form of two karako with a large drum. Length 1.6”.

Circa 1800 250/350

164. STAGHORN NETSUKE Depicting a general with a halberd standing while holding his beard. Height 4.2”. 165. IVORY RYUSAI MANJU * Early 19th Century Depicting an arhat seated on a tree branch holding a ruyi. SIgned Yoshikore. Diameter 1.6”. 400/500 166. IVORY MANJU * Mid-19th Century In ryusai style depicting various domestic items: fan, flywisk, cleaver, spoon, flute, sake bottle, hat, etc. Length 1.5”. 350/450 167. IVORY NETSUKE * 19th Century In the form of a folded ribbon of cloth or paper. Marked with Tokugawa and imperial mons. Length 2”. 1,000/1,500 Ex Collection: Scott Meredith.


* Not available for international delivery.


19th Century 250/350

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18th Century 300/400

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