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E L D R E D ’ S S TA F F D I R E C TO RY Antiques & Fine Art Specialists

Production & Administrative Staff

Joshua F. Eldred President Head of American and European Paintings

Mary Ann Eldred Appraisal and Mailing List Director Wendy A. Dunford Assistant Treasurer

John H. Schofield President Emeritus Asian Arts Susan M. Schofield Treasurer The Prints of Paul Jacoulet William Bourne Vice President Head of Americana and Maritime Arts Eric S. Mulak Assistant Vice President Head of Sporting Antiques, Folk Art & Collectibles Consignment Manager Leah S. Kingman Head of European Decorative Arts Glen Krawczyk Head of Oriental Rugs Anne G. Lajoie Asian Arts Condition Reports

Devyn Henry Administrative Assistant Kristin Kiley Client Services Manager/Shipping Jessica Lambert Assistant Head of Photography, Website Administrator, Condition Reports Kristyn Mills Head of Photography Madison Morris Assistant Photographer & Digital Image Editor Kathleen Morse Auction Coordinator Tanya Sargent Administrative Assistant Caleb G. Seaver Catalog Production and Design Cheryl Stewart Head of Marketing Catalog Layout and Design

Jennifer Lacker Mystic Representative

Sarah Eldred Taylor Head of Human Resources

Gregg Dietrich Senior Consultant and Specialist Mary M. Kuhrtz, Barbara H. Cleary and Christine Leofanti Gallery Assistants

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Profile for Eldred's Auction

Japanese Art at Auction  

Japanese Art at Auction