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136. IVORY NETSUKE * In the form of Hoteh reclining while holding his treasure sack and a fly whisk. Length 2.5”. 137. BOAR’S TUSK NETSUKE * Depicting a centipede and a spider on a piece of pine bark. Signed. Length 3.25”.




18th Century 800/1,200 Early 20th Century 300/500



138. GOLD OJIME In ball form with openwork peony and chrysanthemum design. Diameter .65”.


139. GOLD OJIME In ball form depicting an openwork flock of sparrows flying in various directions. Diameter .65”.


140. GOLD OJIME In ball form with openwork spider chrysanthemum design. Diameter .6”.


141. GOLD OJIME In ball form with openwork floral design. Signed “Toshimitsu”. Diameter .6”.


142. GOLD OJIME In elongated oval form with openwork bamboo and flower design. Signed “Toshimitsu”. Length .65”. 500/700 143. TWO VOLUMES Netsuke & Inro Artists, and How to Read their Signatures By George Lazarnick. 1981. 300/500 144. FOURTEEN TITLES RELATING TO JAPANESE NETSUKE Netsuke, a Guide for Collectors by O’Brien, The Art of the Netsuke Carver by Meinertzhagen, The Wonderful World of Netsuke by Bushell, The Netsuke Handbook by Reikichi, Netsuke by Jonas, The Netsuke of Japan by Ryerson, Netsuke by Tollner, Contemporary Netsuke by Kinsey, Netsuke, Japanese Life and Legend in Miniature by Symmes, So School Netsuke, Netsuke: the Miniature Sculpture of Japan by Barker & Smith, Treasured Miniatures: Contemporary Netsuke, The Signature Book of Netsuke, Inro and Ojime Artists in Photographs by Lazarnick. 200/300


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