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128. IVORY NETSUKE * In the form of a standing sage with a whisk and peach staff. Height 3.5”.

19th Century 250/350

129. KYOTO SCHOOL IVORY NETSUKE * 18th Century Signed Tomotada. Depicting a herd boy and water buffalo. Buffalo with horn inlaid eyes. Length 2.25”. 2,000/2,500



130. IVORY NETSUKE * A monkey with its young on its back, protecting a nut. Length 1.5”.

19th Century 300/400

131. IVORY NETSUKE * 19th Century Conjoined masks of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. Some traces of polychroming. Signed. Length 1.5”. 250/350 132. IVORY FIGURAL NETSUKE * Seated man drinking from a bowl. Signed. Height 1.5”.

19th Century 300/400

133. IVORY FIGURAL NETSUKE * The Demon queller Shoki holding an oni in a sack. Height 2.5”.

18th Century 300/400

134. TWO NETSUKE IN SHISHI FORM Early 20th Century A red lacquer recumbent shishi. Length 2”. A wood netsuke with two shishi protecting a ball. Length 2”. 300/400 135. WOOD NETSUKE In the form of a Dutchman holding cloth and shears. Inscribed Tomotada. Height 4”.




20th Century 300/500


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