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729. EXTREMELY RARE OPERA PROGRAM COVER FOR “MADAME BUTTERFLY” Color lithograph, 9” x 13.5” Created by Paul Jacoulet for the Imperial Theater (Tokyo) production held May 1 to 8, 1948. Illustrated as Plate 33 Watercolors of Paul Jacoulet by Richard Miles wherein he writes: “In 1948 he painted a ....watercolor of an imaginative moth...used in lithographic form, as the color cover...of Madame Butterfly...and no one but Paul knew that his “butterfly” ....was really a fanciful moth.” The program is complete with cast listing, scene descriptions, etc. Front cover with creasing at top right; back cover shows where it was glued and removed from black photo album page. 500/700 730. RARE PAUL JACOULET PRINT (#7A) Woodblock print, 16.25” x 10.75” A Corean Girl. 1935. From the extremely rare second preliminary Han series with printed signature above the Double Gourd seal. Japanese calligraphy on left margin reads: “Published: Showa 10 (1935) - A Corean Girl Publisher: Junji Kato”. Numbered 77/200 in Japanese on the reverse. Excellent condition.Searching to establish his personal style, Jacoulet produced this second preliminary series all in a smaller format using subtle colors. As with the Rainbow Series, the Double Gourd seal prints were not widely distributed and should be considered great rarities. 3,500/4,500 731. PAUL JACOULET (#9) Woodblock print, 19” x 14.75” Vieille Marchande de Carpes. Ibaraki...Japon. (The Old Carp Seller.) Signed in pencil lower right above the Fan seal. Published: 5 July 1934. Numbered 86/150 in Japanese on the reverse. Moderate toning margins and reverse. Illegible printer or carver cartouche lower left margin. 400/600 732. PAUL JACOULET (#17) Woodblock print, 18.5” x 14.25” Mon Ami Francesco Ogarto. Marianes-Saipan. (My Friend, Francesco Ogarto) Signed in pencil lower left above the Fan seal. Seal of the carver, Shunosuke Fujii, lower right margin. Published: 26 March 1935. Numbered 130/150 in Japanese on the reverse. Slightly toned margins and reverse, otherwise very good condition. 500/700


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