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664. YAMANAKA KODO (TATSUSHIGE) Oban tate-e “Mother and Baby”. Depicting a woman with a laughing doll or baby. Watanabe “C” Publisher’s seal in right margin. 500/700 666

665. SHUHO Oban yoko-e “Korean Beauty.” Depicting a Korean woman with a red lacquer fan. 300/400 666. SHUHO Oban tate-e “Autumn Leaves.” Depicting a young woman wearing a kimono decorated with hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. 300/500 667. ODA KAZUMA Oban yoko-e “Matsyue Bridge In Snow” (Matsuye Ohashi). Signed lower left. Watanabe publisher’s seal lower right. 9.25” x 14.5”. Framed 15” x 20”. 400/600 668. ITO SHINSUI Oban tate-e A woman wearing a blue kimono with a thistlepatterned obi. 600/800



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