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622. TSUCHIYA KOITSU Oban tate-e “Snow at Zoji Temple” depicting two figures before a red temple. 300/400 623. TSUCHIYA KOITSU Oban tate-e Ladies on a rainy street at night with a red lantern. Doi Publishing seal in left margin. 200/300 624. SHIRO KASAMATSU Oban tate-e “Snow at Hameda”. Depicting a snowy river landscape with birds in flight. 1,000/1,500 625. SHIRO KASAMATSU Oban tate-e “Rain at Yanaka near Ueno Park, Tokyo”. Depicting a figure with an umbrella before a pagoda. 200/300 626. WOODBLOCK PRINT Oban yoko-e Figure walking near Sacred Bridge, Nikko. Watanabe Publisher’s seal lower left. Unframed. 200/300 627. SHIRO KASAMATSU Oban tate-e “Misty Day at Shinbazu Pond” depicting willow trees and lanterns. Watanabe Publishing seal lower left corner. 200/300 628. SHIRO KASAMATSU Oban tate-e “Kegon Waterfall.” Depicting figures below a waterfall with autumn foliage. 300/500


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