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News from El Dorado, Kansas April 2010 Volume 4, Issue 2

El Dorado Today Inside this issue:

Water, water everywhere!


Five-year property tax 2 abatements in El Dorado BG moves Tools and Equipment Division to El Dorado


ButlerCC, ESU join forces for business degree


8 Wonders of Butler County Attractions


Federal grant supports 3 hand-held technology at El Dorado Middle School El Dorado viewpoint


Boaters on El Dorado Lake at sunset

The art of living well is fine in El Dorado “I would recommend El Dorado to anyone thinking about moving into the areas around Wichita! El Dorado has a lot of small town fun and family-like environments to offer. Small enough to know everyone but big enough to meet new people everyday. I grew up in El Dorado and am now looking to buy a house there. Good times!” AJL, recently posted on El Dorado Facebook What is the “Fine Art of Living Well’? It is life at its best in El Dorado , however YOU define it, whether it’s fishing on El Dorado Reservoir, a Broncos baseball game on a summer evening, or live bluegrass music at the Iron Horse Concert Hall. While El Dorado is just 20 minutes from Wichita, it has a strong

sense of community identity. Downtown El Dorado is home to interesting one-of-akind shopping and dining, a state of the art YMCA branch, a number of art galleries, museums, and service businesses. The El Dorado business community is active and strong with six major banks, a healthy retail sector, and growing industrial and office parks.

El Dorado schools are building their reputation for excellence through significant advances in test scores and student achievement percentages. El Dorado students are served by USD 490 in five grade schools, one middle school, and two high schools. USD 375 serves students on the west side of town. The main campus of Butler Community College is in El Dorado where the new Hubbard Welcome Center, featuring an 800-seat community center and offices for the president and foundation/alumni personnel, will open in May. For more information about all things El Dorado, visit

Learn more about El Dorado at:

2010 Governor’s Golf and Fishing Classic in El Dorado The Kansas Wildscape Foundation selected El Dorado as its 2010-2011 host city for Wildscape's Annual Governor's Golf & Fishing Classic fundraisers. Dates for this year are May 14 and 15. The golf tournament will be held on May 14th at Prairie Trails golf course, and will be hosted by Wichita’s own PGA golfer Woody Austin! Twenty-seven teams are expected to participate.

The fishing tournament will be held on May 15th and will launch out of Shady Creek Marina at El Dorado Lake and State Park. One hundred to one hundred fifty fishermen will compete. The Kansas Wildscape Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving and perpetuating the land, the wild species, and the rich beauty of Kansas for the use and enjoyment of all.

Current projects include establishing rental cabins at Kansas State Parks and Outdoor Kansas for Kids, which has reached over 75,000 Kansas youths and their families.

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El Dorado Today

Volume 4, Issue 2

Plentiful water benefits community

El Dorado water brings fun and financial benefits.

Water, water everywhere, and every drop a benefit.

This insures El Dorado’s capacity to grow.

The El Dorado community members consider living on the shores of a major reservoir a blessing in many ways.

In 2007 the City of El Dorado built an award winning water treatment plant incorporating a wetland treatment system, which uses natural wetlands to help purify wastewater. This unique design saved millions in construction costs, and as a result in part, residents enjoy reasonable residential sewer and water rates. In addition, the wetlands created by this system are prime habitat for

El Dorado is unique in that it is the only city in the state to contract directly with the Corps of Engineers for its raw water source– El Dorado Reservoir. The City of El Dorado holds sole ownership of all water to be used for public water supply.

many types of wildlife and plants. Last but not least, El Doradoans, as well as many visitors from the surrounding area, enjoy a prime recreational facility in the El Dorado State Park, surrounding the reservoir. The park offers 1100 campsites, cabins, regular and sailboat marinas, an equestrian campground, and miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails. For more information about El Dorado water, visit

Five-year property tax abatements available City’s “stimulus” package has increased housing starts.

All residential real property and improvements located within the City of El Dorado are eligible for the city’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. Under the plan the City will offer property tax rebates for certain improvements, renovations and new construction. Owners wishing to rehabilitate, add to existing buildings, or construct new buildings, including homes, are eligible to apply. All such property

shall be eligible for a five-year tax rebate of up to $175,000 of appraised value whose construction begins before September 1, 2010. The City has used the NRP tool for many years to rehabilitate older neighborhood and commercial areas of the community. Commissioners felt it was important to spur new housing development in down economic times, and

therefore created the one year window of opportunity. According to City Manager Herb Llewellyn, the City’s NRP “stimulus” package has resulted in a number of new housing starts after almost a year of very slow activity. For more information about the City of El Dorado’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, contact Susan Evenson at 316-321-9100.

BG Products move progresses with second division

BG Big Dawg® II Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System– one example of BG Products Tools and Equipment Division products.

First it was the Distribution Center, which moved to El Dorado in 2007. The move has been a successful one for BG Products, increasing the square footage of the facility to 50,000, with room to expand to 150,000 square feet.

foot building. The new workplace employs twenty people.

This past December the company transferred its Tools and Equipment Division to the El Dorado Industrial Park in a newly renovated 40,000 square

BG plans to relocate its manufacturing and packaging facility to the El Dorado Industrial Park within two years after breaking ground, which it hopes to do in 2010. They

The division supplies equipment and tools to BG distributors that assist their clients with oil change, transmission, cooling system and battery services, to name a few.

expect final plans from a Chicago process engineering firm sometime soon. The new 266,000 square foot facility will house the manufacturing process under one roof, and will operate more efficiently than the present one. The BG lab and administration offices will eventually move to El Dorado. BG Products has been in business since 1971 and employs 180 people.

El Dorado Today

Volume 4, Issue 2

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4-year business degree now available through ButlerCC Butler Community College and Emporia State University are joining forces to make a bachelor’s degree in business possible for placebound students in the El Dorado area. Starting with the Fall 2010 semester, students will be studying on Butler’s El Dorado campus for bachelor’s degrees from ESU in either Business Administration or Information Systems. Under an agreement signed by Emporia State University and Butler Community College,

students will complete four semesters of classes offered by BCC and six semesters of ESU coursework to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business degree. Emporia State’s AACSB International-accredited School of Business is recognized for its depth of instruction across a wide range of disciplines. Less than one third of U.S. business school programs and only 5% of business school programs world wide meet the rigorous standards of AACSB International accreditation.

Dr. Jackie Vietti, President of Butler Community College commented, "Butler is very excited about this partnership with Emporia State University that will make it possible for students interested in a career in business to earn a bachelor's degree without ever leaving home. We are confident this new initiative will be as beneficial as the similar BEST (Butler Emporia Students to Teachers) partnership, not only for our students and their families, but also for our community."

Butler Community College students may soon earn a business degree without having to travel outside the area.

8 Wonders of Butler County Attractions announced The results of the public voting are in! Over 1000 votes were cast, either online at or by paper ballot, and the following attractions have been chosen as the 8 Wonders of Butler County: • 1885 Frisco Water Tower in Beaumont • Augusta Historic Theater in Augusta • Beaumont Hotel and Restaurant in Beaumont • Butler County History

• • • •

Center and Kansas Oil Museum in El Dorado Celebration of Freedom Veteran Memorial in El Dorado C.N. James Historic Cabin in Augusta Coutts Memorial Museum of Art in El Dorado Walters’ Pumpkin Patch north of El Dorado on Highway 77

The eight were chosen from a field of 20 finalists which were

chosen from a field of 29 nominations by a panel of judges. Voting took place during the month of February. For more information about the 8 Wonders of Butler County Attractions, go to AttractionsAndEntertainment.

Celebration of Freedom Memorial in El Dorado, one of the 8 Wonders of Butler County Attractions

The contest is sponsored by Tour Butler, the El Dorado Times, and the Augusta Gazette.

Federal education grant to support hand-held tech at EMS The El Dorado Public Schools have been notified that the district is a recipient of a $250,000 grant for technology upgrades and teacher training through the Federal Department of Education. The grant was secured by U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt (R-Goddard) and will be used to advance 21st Century teaching and learning at El Dorado Middle School through the implementation of one-to-one handheld technology. Lead grant writers and project

coordinators will be USD 490 Director of Technology, Doug Jensen, and Director of Curriculum, Julie Jensen. Funds will support staff training and peer coaching, personal handheld technology for all staff and students, as well as software and infrastructure needs. Implementation will result in students and staff using handheld technology daily for note taking, keeping individual data and agendas, translation for world languages, and accessing instructional applications and

research through the Internet. Additionally, this program provides a bridge to the El Dorado High School one-toone laptop initiative, now in its sixth year, a program that provides a laptop computer to each individual high school student. El Dorado High School has been recognized as an “Apple Distinguished School” for the second consecutive year for leadership in advancing 21st Century teaching and learning.

All EMS students will receive an iPod touch beginning in the Fall of 2010; all EHS students receive personal Apple laptop computers each school year.

News from El Dorado, Kansas

El Dorado Inc. 201 E. Central P.O. Box 350 El Dorado, KS 67042 Phone: 316-321-1485 Fax: 316-321-5419 E-mail:

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El Dorado Inc. is a public/private partnership with the City of El Dorado whose mission is to further the economic development of the El Dorado area and its environs. The primary objectives of El Dorado Inc. shall be to benefit the community as measured by increased employment, payroll, business volume, housing starts and similar factors. For El Dorado Inc. membership information, contact Linda Jolly at 321-1485 or

El Dorado, Kansas—Where we enjoy the fine art of living well!

One El Dorado experience a good foundation - A viewpoint from an El Dorado native esteem as an adult. The knowledge and fond memories gained attending USD 490 schools remained with me as I attended Baker University, got married and moved to Wichita to work as a high school teacher. The foundation established in my early years was key in my successes later in life.

By Kristin Callaway

Growing up in El Dorado in the 1980s and ’90s, for me, was the quintessential wholesome, small-town experience. All necessary components were available: great schools, safe streets and opportunities to learn new things in a variety of areas. My El Dorado upbringing and education positively has contributed to my feeling of security and healthy self-

My experiences in El Dorado schools were ideal from the time I entered kindergarten at Grandview Elementary until I graduated from El Dorado High School with the class of 2000. I always enjoyed small classes with excellent instructors who truly cared about my education. I remember being offered opportunities through the school system as early as grade school, ranging from field trips to places like Abilene and the Sedgwick County Zoo to academic excursions, like

participation in the Butler County Spelling Bee. As I got older, the opportunities only got better. In high school I was able to take a range of advanced core and supplementary courses. More exciting from my standpoint was being involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, from cheerleading to working on the student newspaper, which was such a positive experience it eventually influenced my career decision to become a high school journalism teacher. Great schools were not the only benefit to living in El Dorado as a child. Outside of school, I enjoyed exploring the safe neighborhoods on bike and on foot with my classmates. Our parents were able to feel comfortable with our adventures because, due to El Dorado’s size, most of our neighbors were our parents’ friends.

In addition to pleasant recreational time, I was able to participate in a number of community organizations throughout my upbringing. Participating in Girl Scouts as an elementary school student helped me learn to work well with others and even taught me skills as a cookie salesperson. Through 4-H I learned art, cooking and textile skills I continue to use today. In high school I learned about serving my community by joining the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce’s Junior Ambassador program. This is one experience that helped me value giving back to my community, which is something I hope to continue to do for my entire life. Overall, living in a smaller city like El Dorado allowed me many opportunities I do not believe I would have had many other places. I am proud to tell people El Dorado is my hometown.

El Dorado Today Vol 4 Issue 2 : April 2010  
El Dorado Today Vol 4 Issue 2 : April 2010  

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