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News from El Dorado, Kansas January 2008 Volume 2, Issue 1

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El Dorado Today Bridge on El Dorado’s newly opened bike path

Visitors find treasure in El Dorado Inside this issue:

Bike path provides recreation


Photography is his second calling


Walnut Valley Packing


Coutts Museum a community treasure


Allen Memorial Hospital 3 Cancer Treatment City starts work on comprehensive plan update


National traveling exhibit 4 at Bu. Co. History Center

Special points of interest:  2008 Visitors Guides are here! If you want to know what there is to see and do in El Dorado, call 877-0858-5600 or email dstewart  El Dorado United Way reached their 2007 goal of $277,000 last October.

Nine friends celebrating their birthdays recently traveled from Hutchinson to El Dorado in search of a new experience— a day away from the usual, a new diversion. And, they found it in El Dorado.

boutiques such as Robin’s and Pink Saloon have a loyal following of fashionistas. The award winning designs and outstanding merchandise at Walters Flowers and Interiors is worth the trip alone.

They weren’t the first to discover the reward of a visit to El Dorado. Local downtown merchants have a steady flow of repeat visitors from outside of the city limits. The trend is increasing as word of mouth and recent television advertising spreads the word.

Those in search of cultural or intellectual stimulation have found their reward at the Coutts Museum of Art, the Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum, or at the Erman White Gallery on the Butler Community College campus. The Iron Horse Concert Hall offers eclectic live entertainment each Saturday

Many come for the one-of-akind shopping. Upscale

Live entertainment by quality talent each Saturday, September to May, at the Iron Horse Concert Hall night, and the BCC Fine Arts Department has a full schedule of performances. There is so much more! Come see for yourself, or visit our website at

Butler Community College wins fifth National Football championship It's official: the Butler Grizzlies are the 2007 NJCAA National Football Champions. For the first times since 1960, however, there will be two teams who can lay claim to the title, as Mississippi Gulf Coast shares the top spot in the final poll of 2007. The Grizzlies, ranked No. 2 in the final regular season poll, traveled to Salt Lake City for the Top of the Mountains Bowl, facing No. 1-ranked Snow College of Utah. Butler

dominated the Badgers to win 56-27 to assume the national championship. Meanwhile, No. 3 Mississippi Gulf Coast, played in the Heart of Texas Bowl against No. 15 Kilgore (Texas), a team that finished the season 8-4. Gulf Coast won that game 62-28 to finish its season at 12-0. The NJCAA Football Committee made the decision to split the championship. As a result, Butler and Mississippi Gulf

Coast share the No. 1 spot in the final NJCAA/JC Poll of the 2007 season. The last time the NJCAA football title was spilt was in 1960 . Butler will have its fifth national title to go along with undisputed championships in 1981, 1998, 1999 and 2003. The Grizzlies continue to build on a tradition that has seen them win four of the past 10 national championships and seven straight JayhawkConference titles.

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El Dorado Today

Volume 2, Issue 1

Public bike/walking path enhances quality of life in El Dorado

Citizens enjoy a scenic walk on the El Dorado public bike path.

In 1998 the City of El Dorado approved construction of a public bike path, to span from the southwest corner of town to the El Dorado Lake and State Park, as an ISTEA project, and with help from Transportation Enhancement funds from the Kansas Department of Transportation. Construction was started on the first phase of the project in 1999. The second phase was completed in 2006. The next phase, which will stretch from East Park, south and west to Douglas

Road, is scheduled for completion in 2010.

out to the wooded trail area below the El Dorado Lake dam.

Today the southern end of the public path begins at East Park, in the 400 block of East Central, continuing east and north across Central Street and the Walnut River to North Main Park; north along Main, east on 12th Street, around Prairie Trails Country Club, and finally reaching El Dorado Lake and State Park. The concrete path takes pedestrians or bikers on a lovely excursion from the city

The path provides safe and enjoyable entertainment for the whole family., reaching 6.3 miles from one end to the other. Parking is available at both ends of the trail, and off of 12th Street. For a map of the bike path, visit the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, 201 E. Central, or the City Park and Recreation Department, 401 McCollum Road. The map is also available online at

Photography his second calling Sometimes an idea just won’t go away. It keeps coming back again and again, nudging one to action.

“I’m captured by the idea that you can actually freeze light and time through the medium of photography. You are seeing a particular image exactly as it was at the very moment it was taken.”

So it has been with Dr. Richard Kuhns, Jr., who has practiced internal medicine since 1988 in El Dorado, and whose brilliant photography will soon be featured on the new outdoor billboards on the Kansas Turnpike. The new signs will promote El Dorado to travelers from Emporia to south of Wichita, and feature a monarch butterfly perched on butterfly weed.

Although medicine is Dr. Kuhns’ number one calling, he has had an interest in photography since Junior High. His father, Circulation Manager for the Wichita Eagle at that time, introduced him to a photographer at the newspaper who took him on shooting assignments and taught him much about the craft. Years later Dr. Kuhns met and befriended Rick McNary, a professional portrait photographer, who was impressed with images taken by Dr. Kuhns, and

has encouraged the doctor to pursue his hobby seriously. Along with the new billboards, Dr. Kuhns’ work will be featured at the Fiber Studio, 418 S. Commerce Street in Wichita on the February 29th Final Friday, and during the month of August at the Coutts Museum of Art, 110 N. Main in El Dorado. In March Dr. Kuhns will open a gallery at 112 N. Main in El Dorado. Visit his website at for more information.

Dr. Richard Kuhns

Walnut Valley Packing specializes in personal service

Hometown personal service is Walnut Valley Packing’s specialty

If you are looking for a serving of small town personal service and quality, visit Walnut Valley Packing, 1000 S. Main in El Dorado. The cleanliness of the recently remodeled facility is the first clue of what they have to offer, followed by the professionalism demonstrated by owners Bruce Carselowey and David Bowman.

Visitors are impressed by the variety and quality of the pork and beef products for sale over the counter, but it is the custom processing which Walnut Valley does for farmers, ranchers and hunters that cements strong customer loyalty. Their beef is aged before cutting, contributing greatly to the tenderness and flavor of

the meat. Additionally the facility offers a custom deli case, spices, marinades and cured and smoked meat products. Unfrozen product is available Tuesday thru Saturday of each week. Walnut Valley Packing is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

El Dorado Today

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Coutts Museum of art is truly a legacy to the community Beyond the classic columns and the heavy doors of the Bluestem Building in the One-Hundred block of North Main, visitors find a warm personal atmosphere in which to enjoy the Coutts memorial collection. The museum was established in 1970 by Warren Hall Coutts, Jr., an El Dorado attorney, in honor of his son and law partner, Warren Hall "Bud" Coutts III, who died in a plane crash in 1965. In the words of its founder, the museum is to serve as "...a memorial for all time to come commemorating the memory of all the beloved sons and daughters of this community.” Thirty-eight

years later, local citizens and visitors alike enjoy this legacy through the beautiful permanent collection, as well as the monthly exhibits. One highlight of the permanent collection is a delightful group of Prairie Printmaker prints, including recently acquired Going Home by Leslie Cope, White Breasted Nut Hatch by Maurice Bibb, and Corn Pulling by Clare Leighton. The 2008 calendar of exhibits includes the annual school art exhibits in February and March, paintings by artist Maleta Forsberg in April, Skeet Simmons,

Mary Binford Miller and Nancy Whitaker, in May, Cowboy photography by Rick McNary and Rodeo Ranch paintings by Sharon Connaway in June, a golf exhibit in July, paintings by Gayle Clayborn and photographs by Dr. Richard Kuhns in August, drawings by Gary Gackstatter in September, illustrations and designs by Carlene Williams in October, and the Kansas Art Quilters Exhibit in November and December. The museum is open daily from 1 to 5 p.m., and additionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon, and on Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m.

Coutts Memorial Museum of Art on Main Street in El Dorado

SBA Cancer Center provides advanced cancer care close to home “When you choose Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital for cancer treatment, you become a part of our family,” says Scott Slous, MPH, Director of Radiation Oncology at SBAMH. “Not only do we have outstanding equipment and staff , but we also provide support and peace of mind through resources such as pastoral care, social work, and dietary counseling.”

treated cancers at SBAMH include cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, brain, head and neck, and abdomen. Two techniques available at SBAMH to insure the highest level of cancer care are intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and respiratory gating— one of the newest technologies at SBAMH. “One of the greatest advantages

Some of the most commonly

of choosing SBAMH for cancer care is our excellent working relationship with the Cancer Center of Kansas and their team of medical oncologists,” says Jaya Soni, MD, DMRT, radiation oncologist at SBAMH. “Dr. Pavan Reddy and I have a very good working relationship here in El Dorado. Together, we offer patients complete cancer care and consultations close to home.”

Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Cancer Treatment Center in El Dorado

City starts work on comprehensive plan update City officials have finalized the contract with Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) to begin work on updating the City of El Dorado’s Comprehensive Plan. The process is slated to begin in January of 2008, and is projected to take 18 to 24 months to complete. The

City’s Comprehensive Plan is a guide for making planning and zoning decisions, and establishes community-wide goals. Initially a planning committee of representatives from public and private entities will be formed, and a schedule of meetings will be

established. A series of public hearings and input sessions will be planned and publicized. Matt Rehder, City Planning Director, estimated the actual plan update to take as much as one year, and the changes in regulations made necessary by the update to take as much as one year.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is a guide for making planning and zoning decisions and establishes community-wide goals.

News from El Dorado, Kansas

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El Dorado Inc. is a public/private partnership with the City of El Dorado whose mission is to further the economic development of the El Dorado area and its environs. The primary objectives of El Dorado Inc. shall be to benefit the community as measured by increased employment, payroll, business volume, housing starts and similar factors. For El Dorado Inc. membership information, contact Linda Jolly at 321-1485 or

El Dorado, Kansas—Where we enjoy the fine art of living well!

Asian Games– The Art of the Contest, national traveling exhibit, at Butler County History Center Feb. 5 to April 19

Go board with pieces 19th–20th century Board: lacquered wood, mother-of-pearl, and marble; containers A and B: lacquered wood; pieces: glass

The Butler County History Center will host a traveling exhibit, as a part of the National Endowment for Humanities On the Road initiative, entitled “Asian Games– The Art of the Contest.” The exhibit will run from February 5th through April 19th, 2008. The Butler County History Center is the only museum in Kansas to host this national exhibit. Many board games, card games and field games commonly played today originated in premodern Asia. They spread from culture to culture around the world through various types of travelers such as merchants or soldiers. Articles from around the world have been assembled in this exhibit which show the wide

ranging permeation of these Asian games in ancient and contemporary culture. Many of the items are finely crafted and are considered objects of art. These games are a cultural activity as important as the visual or performing arts. In addition, more people have taken part in games than any other cultural activity. Not everyone can perform, but everyone can play games. The exhibition is divided into four types of games--chance, strategy, memory and matching, and physical skill. Game paraphernalia, paintings, images of people playing games, and literary and historical background information are on display. The Butler County History

Center and Kansas Oil Museum is located at 383 E. Central in El Dorado. Winter hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

"Games are important in society. They are not trivial. There is no culture that has not played them. Before the modern world, before literacy, games were a way of spending time, finding fulfillment, and in many cases an outlet for aggression. “ Irving Finkle Department of the Ancient Near East , British Museum

El Dorado Today Vol 2, Issue 1: January 2008  

Feature Articles: Visitors find treasures in El Dorado, SBA Cancer Center provides advanced care close to home. El Dorado Inc. is a public...