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Cellar 1 Expansion

Cellar 1 Expansion THE CHALLENGE: Construct a well-detailed building addition to a storied local brewery while ensuring that the complex process of making our favorite beer continues inside, uninterrupted. THE SITE: A brewing and processing plant inside a 100 year-old brick structure in Kansas City, MO. THE PROGRAM: Eight new 40’0” tall brewing tanks inside a 15’ tall existing building.





SITE CONTEXT During schematic design, the architect discovered an underground river running under the north corner of the building inside a 1920s culvert. The architect embraced this constraint, allowing historic infrastructure to shape the expansion into a dynamic form that engages a busy urban intersection emerging from a nearby train overpass.


FLOOR PLAN The expansion extends from the top of the northwest corner of the existing brewing facility along a block of fully intact, turn-of-the century brick warehouses.

PROGRAM A reputable Kansas City brewery desired to add eight 40’-0” tall new tanks for hops beer brewing within an existing 15’-0” tall structure. The tanks needed to be accessed 24 hours a day.

EXTERIOR VIEWS As the sun sets and the interior lights come on, the southeast facade reveals the tanks and machinery inside.

AXONOMETRIC DIAGRAM In addition to providing functional, well-lit space for eight new brewing tanks, the expansion structure serves a few other purposes. It acts as a celebrated light monitor, providing filtered natural light to adjacent brewery spaces. It also serves as a comprehensive ventilation system, evacuating hot air from the overall facility.

EXTERIOR DETAILS The solar screen transitions from 40% perforated opening over the northwest glazing to a tighter 23% perforation over the solid southwest wall and southeast glazing.

INTERIOR VIEWS Detail of steel grate catwalk at upper tank level, with unscreened, north-facing curtain wall facade beyond and corrugated metal roof above.

INTERIOR VIEWS Detail of tanks from ground looking up.

INTERIOR VIEWS A single stair against the southeast wall allows brewers to access the top of the 40’ stainless steel tanks.



PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATIONS The following sustainable features were employed in the project: Generous daylighting, controlled by exterior solar screens on the east, south, and west-facing facades. The extensive use of recyclable materials, including aluminum cladding and steel structural members. High-performance building systems, including low E-insulated glazing, heavily insulated wall system filled with blown-in foam and a reflective white TPO roof membrane to reduce heat gain. High efficiency T5 fluorescent light fixtures on motion detectors throughout the building to reduce energy use. Natural ventilation, utilizing tank temperature differentiation to achieve a natural stack effect in the tower. Reuse of an existing urban structure.

Boulevard Brewing Company Cellar 1 Expansion  

Expansion to existing brewery in Kansas City, Missouri.

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