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the cover The “Living 90” was the idea of Elder senior Andrew Neiheisel. Bringing the idea to reality was made possible through the concerted efforts of many faculty and staff members, including photographers Kathy Hirth, who took the photo from a helicopter, and Lauren Owens of LEO Photography who covered another angle from atop the press box. Executing the plan ran smoothly—it took just 37 minutes from start to finish! In the words of Kurt Ruffing ‘81, Dean of Students, “How many other schools could you tell 940 students to wear a specific color shirt to school that day and they would all do it? Not many.” Kurt’s observation only reinforces what we already know about Elder High School... it is truly a special place.



Photo by Kathy Hirth

Welcome to the Pride that is Elder! A wise man once said, “When you are through changing, you are through.” At Elder, we’ve only just begun. In celebration of our 90th anniversary, we thought it was time to give our Pride a makeover. The new format gives us an opportunity to reinvent the pages and better showcase what is already so great about Elder. We hope you will enjoy the new look! Editor & Annual Fund Director

Dear Members of the Elder Family, In the early days of the 20th century, an idea (really it was a vision) took root in the hearts of the parents of eleven parishes on Cincinnati’s west side.They believed in the value of Catholic education and would do what was necessary to build a Catholic high school for their children. It would be named Elder High School to honor the legacy of Archbishop William Henry Elder who had served the faithful of the Cincinnati Archdiocese from 1880 until his death in 1904. From day one, this school’s personality was that of its founders—faith-filled, loyal, hard-working and honest, centered on family values, teamwork, and helping others. Elder is the place in time that shaped us.The Great Depression and World War II confirmed the grit and determination that Altiora speaks to.The memorial plaques on the first floor remind all that 59 grads paid the supreme price to defend the liberties we enjoy. Packed stadiums and theaters verify we are all involved in raising our young men.The stories of those who walked our halls are told and retold— at reunions, to their children, and grandkids. Just as Elder shaped us, we remade Elder. The timeline on the next three pages chronicles only a fraction of the history of Elder over the past ninety years. Each of us left, in some small way, our fingerprints in the cement before it dried— four years etched into our memories. While many of our core values and traditions remain the same, Elder continues to move forward—never static, always changing, looking to the future, energetic, visionary, full of the life that hundreds of teenage boys bring to bear each day. Elder’s course into the future is constantly refined by the questions, challenges, new ways, and emerging technologies, but always with our caring Family in mind. Ninety years is a nice start. Wait until you see what Elder has in store for the future! God Bless & Altiora!

Tom Otten ’64 Principal


Elder's cornerstone was laid on Memorial Day and school officially began (as co-ed) on September 16, 1922. Since the building was not yet completed, the gym served as the school. (The building was finished the following Fall 1923.)

Seton opens all-girl school. Elder becomes all-boy school.

The school newspaper “The Elderado Monthly” was founded. (It actually began first as the Elder Chatterbox.)

The Elderado Monthly changed its name to The Purple Quill.

Seating increased to 1200 in the stadium. A cinder track around the field was also added. • Dedication of the new Elder Stadium (The Pit). • Elder unveils a running commentary of the football game over the public address system by Fr. Hilvert.

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Reverend John Schoenhoeft, D.D. founded a two-year high school for the boys of St. Lawrence Parish in Price Hill.

First Elderado yearbook was published.

Elder started its first band.

Work began on stands for the new stadium. It seated 400 at completion.

First year Elder had a full-fledged orchestra.

Elder marked its 25th Anniversary. • The dedication of the completed 10,000 seat Elder Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. • Enrollment was 895 students.

My M E M O R I E S Most every day at lunch Dorothy Wenstrup would play the piano and a group of us students would stand around the piano singing the favorite songs of our day. It was the early 1920’s just at the beginning of Elder’s athletic competition. Our team beat St. Xavier in football and someone had the great idea that during the school day we all leave, walk to St. X’s “campus” at 7th and Sycamore and stand on the sidewalk and taunt the St. X. students though the fence. Our principal Fr. Schmitt learned we were gone, and upon our return was very upset about this practical joke. But he was such a kind priest he never did punish us. Actually, he was quite proud, too.

Sophie Donovan Auberger ’27 3

The new addition to the school was completed - cafeteria, gym, science, classrooms the “east wing”. • Enrollment was 1298.

Elder’s Grotto (which was built by students) was completed and dedicated.

The “new” freshmen wing was built.

Dad’s Club grew so big that they met at Elder every Tuesday evening instead of an individual’s house.

Elder was the 2nd largest boys school in the state with 1915 students. This was the highest enrollment in school history.

Dedication of the St. Henry Chapel by Bishop Leibold in honor of Archbishop William Henry Elder.

The Walk for Others took root although it began as a 20-mile walk.

Elder celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

1st Sports Stag was held sponsored by the Alumni Association. First speaker was Sparky Anderson.

First Annual Canned Food Drive for the Christmas holidays.

My M E M O R I E S Getting on the #35 Warsaw streetcar at 8th and State, riding up the hill and hoping that this day would be chili day in the cafeteria! Going to my favorite class, German, taught by a great guy, Fr. Zimmer! Watching “Hunchy” run over West Hi on Thanksgiving! Having to make up Algebra in summer school at Seton and being the only boy in a classroom... full of girls!

Don Zwick ’46 4

Dedication of the Memorial Fieldhouse.

Elder’s unparalleled and storied past makes it impossible to capture all important historical events on just one timeline. If you’d like to share a story, please write to us or send an email to

Abolition of Elder’s “tie rule”. • Half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall displayed at Elder Stadium. Over 80,000 people came to visit.

First Elderama Auction.

Elder’s Library took a step into the future adding two computers and a new CD-ROM.

The end of the Purple Lounge for students.

Elder celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Kairos retreat format adopted. • Elder’s engraved brick program, “Panther Path”, came into existence at the entrance of the stadium.

Rev. Jerome A. Schaeper Center Dedication of the was opened to house Butch Hubert Family technology/music/library. Panther Athletic Complex (PAC).

100th Anniversary of the death of Archbishop William H. Elder.

First Annual Elder Fest.

90th Anniversary celebration.

My M E M O R I E S Elder is not 90 years old; it is timeless! It is not a place, a building, or an undefeated season. It is People... the people who created an extraordinary legacy and tradition of a special high school, and the recent graduates and current students who continue to embrace and perpetuate this legacy and tradition. The early Fifties were wonderful and rewarding. We were blessed with outstanding teachers, gifted students, and successful athletic teams.There was no one memorable day or event at Elder High School during my four years there; however, each and every one of those days holds a memorable moment or event for someone in the Class of 1955.

Dick Selcer ’55 5

Elder’s 39th Annual Walk for Others took place on October 15th, and raised $78,704 for Elder’s tuition assistance program and other charitable causes. Each student raised at least $40 with about half raising $90 or more in recognition of the school’s 90th anniversary celebration!


Elder seniors Drew Dresmann, Blake Hughey, and Jacob Lindle have been recognized as Commended Scholars by the National Merit Scholarship Program. Commended Students are named on the basis of a nationally applied Selection Index score.

Welcome to Elder! Robyn Daniels, English/Reading; Amy Corwell, Spanish; Mike Schlomer ’89, Math; JP Owens ’06, Director of Admissions; and Tom Nugent, Leadership Seminar.

Six inventive Elder students created a replica of “The Pit” that was auctioned off at this year’s Elderama. The idea was masterminded by several varsity football players. Junior Graham Swink oversaw the design and layout of this one-of-a-kind project. Pictured below are Mike Schroer, Matt Murray, Kyle Koppenhoefer, Graham Swink, Chris Schroer, and Chris Mattress who constructed the Lego replica of “The Pit.”

We also added two new faces to the main office! Jane Timon and Julie Conway. They have been filling in for Leslie Lamps while she is on medical leave. Senior Caleb Lottman has been named a Semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Caleb is part of

Elder High School congratulates the

less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors

following Junior and Seniors whose

who earned the highest scores in each

artworks were chosen for the 9th

state. He is the son of Frank ’80 and Marilyn Lottman

Regional Xavier University Junior/Senior

of Price Hill. Caleb is a member of Elder’s cross

High School Juried Exhibition:

country team, chess team captain, ping pong club coordinator and volunteers at a camp for special Junior: P.J. Doll.

needs kids, just to name a few of his extracurricular activities. Caleb, pictured with Principal Tom Otten,

Seniors: Michael Bertke, Jack Gramke, Andrew

received a $1000 check from an anonymous donor

Meyer, Ryan Murphy, and Henry Voellmecke

for being a National Merit Semifinalist.



Painting by Ryan Murphy

s Drew Lammers ’15 win Walt Sweeney Ford’s Contest “Punt, Pass and Kick”

The Spiritual Boosters fried Thanksgiving turkeys for needy families.

er, blood Junior Matthew Mey her Mary Beth. mot his h wit , recipient s Blood Drive Oct. 31st - Elder’

90 Years logo cookies!

Seniors Max Mazza, Brennen Walsh, Michael Caroway, & Alex Kloepfer Walked for Others on October 15th




Freshmen Retreat 2012


At the Freshmen Football Banquet, team members donated over $400 to the Support the Troops Club in lieu of the customary coaches' gifts. The team wanted to make this donation to honor their coaches for their dedication and to recognize the valiant efforts of our alumni in the military. If you know an Elder grad currently serving in our nation’s military, please contact the Alumni Office at 921-3744 or email Brian Bill at with grad’s name and military address.

Recently, Elder’s

Band Director, Steve Geis ’70,

sent a letter to band alumni asking for their help by donating instruments for Elder’s Beginning Band students. The letter read in part, “Our Beginning Band this year is one of the largest classes we’ve had in quite a few years (30 students). We are out of our supply of available instruments to offer to the students. We are asking if you have an instrument at home that you no longer need and can donate it to the band, it would be greatly appreciated and help our program.” Steve said the response has been overwhelming. So far they have received 10 instruments and have donations totaling over $7000. Steve hopes to start an endowment to continue to offer instruments and/or scholarships in the future. If you would like to donate, please contact Steve Geis at

Last spring, Nicholas D. Kristof, columnist for the New York Times, sponsored an essay contest for students ages 14 through 19. Elder students were encouraged to participate, and an additional $500 incentive was added for Elder students to thoughtfully consider the impact of bullying on the Elder Family. A panel of teachers and writers from outside Elder, using a standard rubric, judged the essays. They selected as the winner the essay submitted by Tim Broxterman ’12. You can check out Tim’s winning essay online at under Academics, then Senior Awards.

The view has remained spectacular from 1948 to 2013, and Kevin’s quote (below) is reflective of so many students, both past and present. The faces may change with each passing year, but feelings remain the same: Elder is a special place. Why wouldn’t every kid want to go to school here?

“I grew up walking around the Pit on Friday nights, looking up to the football players, the band members, and the students as some greater beings. ‘They go to Elder,’ I thought to myself. When my freshman year came, I realized I was now one of those kids I used to look up to. Everything I dreamed about was a reality.” Kevin Groll ’12

Every kid dreams of going to Elder and your gift to the ANNUAL FUND helps make his dream a reality. If you have not already done so, please consider making a gift to the 2012-2013 ANNUAL FUND. You can make a difference for all those boys who have waited so long to be an Elder panther.


Trina Niemer Annual Fund Director 513-921-3744 ext. 3423

14 -4 -1. That was the 2012 Elder High School Varsity Soccer record. But how much can a record tell you? It simply tells the amount of wins, losses, and ties for one season—nothing more, nothing less. A record does not even begin to convey the unexpectedly brilliant, yet catastrophically ending, by Jacob Lindle ’13 season our Elder Soccer Panthers had this year. After three consecutive seasons with a losing record, the future was bleak. However, in the midst of despair upon despair, an old face was brought back to his true home—a familiar, yet newly vibrant hope for Elder soccer: Dave Ruehl. Since the third grade, I have known Coach Ruehl. I was hopeful for the future with Elder soccer in his hands. His coaching style is unique. He emphasizes basic techniques, not complex scenarios which do little but confuse players. We worked hard, but we laughed even harder—we trained hard, but we smiled even more. And that is why the wins started flowing. Before I could realize it, we had gone undefeated in eleven games. Eleven! Our first loss came to St.

Xavier—an absolutely crushing defeat. We were no longer the unbeaten team, but instead a team with a much greater passion for victory. Our final loss came to Wayne in the District finals. In sudden death, a Wayne striker scored a goal on a

A Season to Remember

After twenty-three years as Elder’s Varsity Golf coach, Mike Trimpe ’76 has decided to retire from coaching. He feels God is calling him to be a deacon. Even the strong pull of staying at the helm of a great golf program is not enough to prevent him from doing what he feels God is telling him to do with his life.

another game. A controversial call away from fighting on. But even in the midst of such tragedy, I still am amazed with our season.

controversial sideline call (or lack thereof), but nonetheless, our glorious season had reached its end. 28 seconds from another game. A controversial call away from fighting on. But even in the midst of such tragedy, I still am amazed with our season. When I look back, I remember the good times: the laughs, the camaraderie, the friendships. The 2012 Elder Soccer season truly was unexpectedly brilliant. For more reasons than a record, it was a season to remember.

At the golf banquet in October, Mike said, “I have always preached God, Family, School, Self and my Savior Jesus Christ, and His Spirit is calling me to practice what I preach. I have loved being the head of this golfing family for 23 years. I have loved watching boys grow into men guided by loving parents. We are truly blessed here in our


28 seconds from

little pocket of the world on the west side of Cincinnati to be in a loving family like Elder. We got it right here in the Elder family that with God All Things Are Possible.” Mike turns the head coaching reins over to Matt Robben ’09. In Mike’s words, “Matt is young and energetic, yet knows how to handle tough situations and bring out the Mike Trimpe Always Puts God First

good in others. He will guide these young men to greatness on and off the golf course.” Strong words of affirmation from Mike as he passes the torch to Matt. Mike, who finished his Master’s in Pastoral Ministry in 2010, will start the diaconate program in August 2013 with hopes of being ordained in May of 2016.

Redemption Achieved

A LEGEND RETIRES. Excerpts from the Purple Quill. Article by Clay Benjamin ’13

by Graham Swink ’14

The 2012 year was a season for “Redemption”. We even had t-shirts with that statement on the back. We had a lot to prove this year. We had to show that we were still a high powered team. From the first day of lifting, coaches encouraged players to give 100% effort in hopes to get moving in the right direction. We did not want a repeat of the last two seasons. At the beginning of the season, the football team started out strong, winning the first two games against Centerville and Upper Arlington. Then, we had back-to-back losses to Louisville Trinity, who was nationally ranked, and Lakewood St. Edward. When quarterback and team captain Josh Moore got hurt in the Bishop Chatard game, junior Nick Peters stepped in to fill his spot. When Nick got hurt the next week in the St. Xavier game, the team turned to Jimmy White to play QB. Although he played well, the Bombers still got the victory. The next week, Josh returned healthy and ready to go as he and the rest of us got a huge win against Moeller, holding them to only 13 points. After that, we caught fire and just started winning as we beat Winton Woods, Highlands and LaSalle. This led us to the playoffs where we faced

A typical Friday night at the Pit consists of a loud and rambunctious cheering section, tailgating in the Schaeper Center lot, a delicious slice of LaRosa’s and a Panther victory. What you may not know, however, is the man in the press box. That man is DENNY WRIGHT.

the Sycamore Aviators in a very offensive game and victory... 49-42. It was on to the next round of the playoff against the Colerain Cardinals. There is a lot of history between the two teams and the Cardinals were projected to beat us easily. We managed to stay right with them and ended regulation with a 28-28 tie. We ended up losing by one point in overtime. As we walked off the field, we realized our 2012 playoff run had come to an end. Elder fans and players should be proud of this year’s team. This year we had to prove that we still had “it”. This was our year to show everyone that we still have one of the city’s best football programs. We had many outstanding players this year including, team captains Mike Schroer, Josh Moore, Max Mazza and junior Chris Schroer. Max and Chris were both up for National Guard Player of the Year in Cincinnati due to their terrific seasons. “I’m proud of this team and it just seemed we got better every game. We definitely got redemption and I hope next season the team follows in our footsteps,” said Max. Chris Schroer, who will be returning next season, said, “It was great to see that basically everyone got in at some point this season, and that should help give us confidence going into next year.” This season, we achieved what we set out to do – Redemption!

Mr. Wright has been in Elder’s press box as the stadium’s PA announcer for the past 40 years. He has many fond memories of announcing games at Elder from the Thanksgiving Day games against West Hi to the back-to-back state championship seasons. When asked, “What is one thing that will stick with you from being a PA announcer for Elder?” Denny replied, “Even though I came in as an outsider, I now bleed PURPLE. Also, the many members of the Elder family I’ve personally met, and those thousands of others who only know my voice. Everyone welcomed me into the Elder family.”


The next chapter of


Elder Story as outlined by the Design Team.

Alumni, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Students, and Friends of Elder High School. DESIGN TEAM:

WE ASKED Our Faculty... What should Elder look like in 2018? (Our 100th class will be freshmen.) WE ASKED Our Financial Supporters and Loyal Volunteers... What aspects of the Elder experience are important to them? WE ASKED Prospective Elder Parents... What do they want from an Elder education for their son? WE LISTENED: Surveys, in-service programs, visits to high school

campuses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We compared and contrasted Elder’s academic offerings, marketing, and physical plant to these other schools. WE WILL DEVELOP A PLAN: Pulling together the thoughts, dreams,

and possibilities into a design specific to Elder and our students.

NEXT: It has been five years since the launch of the PASSPORT Campaign. Many of the goals have been achieved, positively impacting Elder forever. It is now prudent to set new goals for the next five years... and beyond. Life keeps moving – priorities are reshuffled, inventions adapted, buildings age, and personnel change. If we rest on our past successes, Elder will miss an opportunity for continued growth. We would like to share with you what we discovered and what people told us. Please read on, the story continues…

Leaving a Legacy for Generations THE FATHER SCHMITT SOCIETY IS MADE UP OF ORDINARY PEOPLE WHO MAKE EXTRAORDINARY GIFTS TO ELDER THROUGH THEIR ESTATE PLANNING. Bernard (Ben) and Irma Swis are like many couples who grew up on the west side: attended elementary grade schools, met years later, married and resided thereafter in western Cincinnati. Having no success in starting a family, they adopted their only son John at the age of two weeks. John attended his parish elementary school and dreamt of someday being at Elder. Upon his graduation from elementary school, he entered Elder in 1968 – coincidentally, this was the year of Elder’s largest ever population with over 1900 students. While at Elder, John was active in student council and played intramural sports. Following graduation in 1972, he started working full-time for his dad’s business. Sadly after a brief illness, John died in February 1997 at the age of 42. Losing their only son was devastating to Ben and Irma, and in John’s death notice they


Toby Heile, Director of Planned Giving

requested that gifts be made to Elder in his memory. Their hope was to use these gifts as a springboard to create a lasting tribute to John at his beloved alma mater. That same year, and in conjunction with a building renovation program, Ben and Irma made a major gift to name a classroom for John at Elder. At that time, they also designated a “Second to Die” bequest in their will to Elder for the purpose of creating a permanent scholarship for their loving son and joined the Father Schmitt Planned Giving Society. From that point forward, they provided continuous support for programs and student assistance at Elder. Upon Ben’s death in early 2006, Irma requested memorial gifts in Ben’s name to their son’s future scholarship fund, and when Irma passed in mid-2011, memorial gifts were again requested for John’s scholarship fund. Their bequest gift arrived at Elder in late 2011, and thanks to this generous couple, the first John B. Swis Memorial Scholarship will be awarded in the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Father Schmitt Society, founded in 1989 and named in honor of Elder’s first principal Rev. William G. Schmitt, has grown to 110 members who have shared with Elder that they have included provisions in their estate plans for the school.These include gifts from a bequest in their will or from other instruments such as trusts, IRA and life insurance policies.

To learn more about Elder’s planned giving program and current list

We welcome & encourage committed grads & friends to join others in the Fr. Schmitt Society.

If you have made provisions for Elder

of Fr. Schmitt Society

in your estate plans or would like to

members, visit our web

know more about giving opportunities, contact Planned Giving Director

site at,

Toby Heile 513.921.3744 ext. 3410

Click Giving button then

or e-mail

Planned Giving.

All information you share will be held in confidence.


received the Altiora Award at the 43rd Annual Honors Banquet on Sunday, October 14.


Highest Award Altiora


The is given to an individual who, in his personal and professional life, sets the example Elder strives to instill in its students – the pursuit of the higher things in life. In his introduction of Butch, Toby Heile said, “The scope and size of Butch’s support over the years in generosity and spirit is truly unparalleled.” Butch came from humble beginnings. After WWII, Butch’s dad, George Sr., started his own company, Hubert Distributing, where Butch went to work in sales and delivery after his graduation in 1959. On many occasions, Butch would sleep in his car while on road trips as things were financially tight in those early days. By 1983 the company had grown significantly and by 1990, due to added growth, they moved to their present location in Harrison, Ohio. In 2000, the family sold the business, but the new owners kept the Hubert name. Even in the early 1980’s, Butch was already a major donor to Elder and quietly provided tuition assistance to Elder students. As years went by, his generosity grew exponentially. When a group of grads wanted to create the Panther Athletic Complex (PAC) early last decade, it was Butch who provided the seed gift to get it off the ground. Butch is always thinking of new ways to support Elder and its students. But Elder is only one of Butch’s many charities – there are countless others. Butch is often quoted as saying, “YOU’VE GOT TO GIVE BACK SOME OF WHAT YOU GET, AND IT’S A NEAT FEELING KNOWING YOU CAN HELP”. Butch has truly given back much of what he got. That’s the way his support has been for Elder and many other charitable causes. Butch is a selfless and holy man who believes deeply in following Christ’s example of helping others. He has truly earned Elder’s highest honor.

Congratulations and thank you Butch!

You can view Butch’s speech at

Charlie Squeri “Lifetime Achievement” Award The evening at the 11th Annual Elder Classic concluded with the presentation of the Charlie Squeri “Lifetime Achievement” Award. This award is given to a member of the Elder Community who has exhibited through his lifetime “Support of the Elder Family”. This year’s recipient was the Maas Family. They have generously supported Elder in its many endeavors through the years. Jerry ’83 and Tony ’78 Maas (pictured below) were on hand to accept the award for their family.

11th Annual Elder Classic Not even a little rain could dampen the spirit of the 130 golfers who showed up for the 11th Annual Elder Classic on Monday, September 17, 2012. Led by chairman, Mike Fieler ’88, the Classic raised over $19,000 for the Faculty Enrichment Fund. At the dinner following golf, Elder’s English teacher, Julie Schmitt, spoke on how she is using some of the funds generated to pursue her Master’s Degree in Counseling. Save the date for this year’s Elder Classic - Monday, September 16, 2013.

Our sincere thanks to the businesses, donors, parents, alumni, volunteers, and friends of Elder High School who so generously supported Elderama 2012 Come Fly with Me. Elderama was co-chaired by Angie & Don ’84 Bonavita, Julie & Tim ’84 James, Karen & Dan Deller,

In Loving Memory of Bob Driehaus ’46 Altiora That’s how the plaque reads below the Royal Raindrop Crabapple tree that was recently planted in the Pit. The tree is nestled near the scoreboard and the Acito Alumni Terrace. What makes it especially poignant is that the tree is so close to Bob’s childhood home on Gilsey Avenue. His family spent many Friday nights along that fence with uncles and cousins watching their Elder Panthers. Bob is surely smiling down on this new addition to the Pit... his tree. Bob’s memory and legacy live on in so many ways at Elder and this beautiful tree can now also serve as a lasting tribute to a man and great friend who did so much during his lifetime to support his alma mater.

and Peggy & Jerry James (pictured left). We raised $118,000 for financial aid. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!

Save the date for Elderama 2013 which will be held on Saturday, October 5.

A Friend of Elder Abby’s Pub & Grill Ms. Julie Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. James Adler Mr. & Mrs. John Albers Dr. & Mrs. Marc Alexander All Occasion Event Rental Mr. & Mrs. Dave Allen Mr. & Mrs. Ron Allen Mr. & Mrs. Greg Altenau Mr. & Mrs. Randy Anderson Mr. Kevin Anneken Mr. & Mrs. Hisham Arar Arby’s Restaurant Management Aston Oaks Golf Club Mr. & Mrs. George Aug Mr. & Mrs. Tom Aug Mr. & Mrs. Tim Austing Mr. & Mrs. Paul Autenrieb Mr. & Mrs. Albert Babey Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bachman Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bachman Dr. & Mrs. Joe Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Terry Baker Mr. & Mrs. Tony Balzano Mr. & Mrs. Scott Barsan Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Steve Baum Mr. & Mrs. Roger Beall Mrs. Rosemary Beckman Mr. Gerald Bedel & Mary Anne Camp-Bedel Mr. & Mrs. Dave Bengel Mr. & Mrs. Eric Benjamin Benson Street Glamour Shots Mr. & Mrs. Rob Berger Mr. & Mrs. John Berning Berninger Christmas Trees & Wreaths Ms. Mary Bertke

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. Mike Bessler & Mrs. Anthony Bezold Joe Bianco Sr. & Mrs. Greg Bier & Mrs. Dan Bill & Mrs. Steve Bill & Mrs. Gary Bischof & Mrs. Ron Bisher David Bittner & Mrs. John Hemsath-Bittner Ms. Kelley Bleh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boehm Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bohan Mr. & Mrs. Don Bonavita Mr. & Mrs. James Bono Mr. Richard Bono & Mrs. Tracy Knue Mr. Jim Boschert Mr. & Mrs. Scott Brauch Mr. & Mrs. Chip Brigham Brogan Oil Mrs. Kathy Brown Ms. Michelle Brunner Mrs. Rosemary Bucher Mr. & Mrs. Tim Buelterman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Buller Mr. & Mrs. Tim Burke Mr. & Mrs. Tom Burke Mr. & Mrs. Joe Buse Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bushman Busken Bakery Mr. & Mrs. Tom Butler Mr. Walter Butler Mr. & Mrs. Jim Byrne CEI Sports Mr. & Mrs. Mike Caminiti Mr. & Mrs. Donald Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Joe Capannari Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cappel Mr. & Mrs. Jack Carroll Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors


Mr. & Mrs. Steven Catania Cheviot Savings Bank Mr. & Mrs. Pat Ciarla Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Gymnastics Cincinnati Landmark Productions Cincinnati Museum Center Cincinnati Observatory Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Cipriani Mr. & Mrs. John Coffaro Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cole Mr. & Mrs. Steve Collins Mr. & Mrs. Tony Comarata Mr. & Mrs. Bob Conda Coney Island Ms. Barb Connell Mr. & Mrs. Jim Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Bill Conway Mr. & Mrs. Jim Conway Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cooper Ms. Frances Coors Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cucinotta Mr. & Mrs. Ed Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Don Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Day Mr. & Mrs. Ron Dee Delhi Par 3 Golf Course Mr. & Mrs. Dan Deller Denny McKeown Landscape & Bloomin Garden Centre Denny’s Dog House Mr. & Mrs. John DePaoli Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dermody Mr. & Mrs. Scott Deters Mr. & Mrs. Terry Deters Mr. & Mrs. Dave Deuber Mr. & Mrs. Carmine DiLonardo Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dinkelacker Mr. & Mrs. Pat Dinkelacker Mr. & Mrs. Alex DiTullio Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Dirr Ms. Vicki Dirr Mr. & Mrs. Greg Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Jim Doll Dollywood Mrs. Alice Doren Dream Dinners Mr. & Mrs. Bob Dresmann Mr. & Mrs. Ron Dreyer Mrs. Rita Driehaus Ms. Denise Driehaus Mr. & Mrs. Don Driehaus Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dugan Mr. & Mrs. James Duke Eagle Savings Bank Mr. & Mrs. Jim Eckstein Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom Mr. & Mrs. Mike Egner Elder Glee Club Elder High School Elder High School Alumni Association Elder High School Athletic Dept.

Elder High School Spirit Store Elder High School Student Council Elder Steel Drum Band Mr. & Mrs. Pete Ellerhorst Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ellert Dr. & Mrs. Robert Engelhardt Mr. & Mrs. Mike Enginger Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Erhart Esther Price Candies Mr. & Mrs. Michael Eubanks Excel Carpet Services Executive Studios Photography Mr. Bob Farmer & Ms. Colleen Pfaffinger Mr. & Mrs. Larry Feist Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Feldman Ms. Kathy Feller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fields Mr. & Mrs. Mike Fieler Dr. & Mrs. John Finke Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fiorino Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fishburn Mr. & Mrs. David Fortman Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc. Frontgate Mrs. Shelly Furniss Gamble Nippert YMCA Gameworks - Newport Mr. & Mrs. Tim Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gaskin Ms. Maryanne Geers Ms. Tina Geers Mr. & Mrs. Dave Geiser Mr. & Mrs. Greg Geiser Mr. & Mrs. Todd Geiser Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gerhardt Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gerrety Mr. & Mrs. David Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ginn Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ginn Mr. & Mrs. William Ginn Giovanetti Eyecare, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Goettke Mr. & Mrs. Mike Goins Mr. & Mrs. Tom Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Rob Gould Graeter’s Green Diamond Gallery Mr. & Mrs. Scott Griswold Mr. & Mrs. Rock Grogan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Groll Mr. & Mrs. Mark Groszek Mr. & Mrs. Bill Grove Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gruber Mr. & Mrs. Joe Guck Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hamberg Mr. & Mrs. Ross Hambleton Hamilton County Park District Hammann’s Butcher Shop Deli & Catering Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hammersmith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hanneken Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hart Mr. Thomas Harter & Ms. Berta Fernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hauer Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hayhow Mr. & Mrs. Peter Heckmuller Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hegman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Heidel Mr. & Mrs. Toby Heile Mr. & Mrs. Scott Heisel Mr. & Mrs. Mike Helmers Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hengehold Mr. & Mrs. Joe Henkel Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Herren Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hicks Ms. Sheila Hicks Hillebrand Home Health Hillview Golf Course Hilvers Catering Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hirth Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hodgeman Mr. & Mrs. John Hoeting Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hoferer Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hoffbauer Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Hoffbauer Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hofmann Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hofmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Butch Hubert Ms. Sharon Hubert Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Hucke Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Travis Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hurley Mr. Steve Hutzel Jack’s Glass Mr. & Mrs. Chris James Mr. & Mrs. David James Mr. & Mrs. Jeff James Mr. & Mrs. Jerry James Mr. & Mrs. Tim James Mr. & Mrs. Tom James Ms. Dawn Jansen Mr. & Mrs. John Jansen Mr. & Mrs. Mark Janson Mrs. Jo Ann Janszen Mr. & Mrs. John Janszen Mr. & Mrs. Bill Jett Ms. Robbie Jennings Jim Collins Auto Body, Inc. Jos. Faigle & Sons Jewelers Jostens Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kandra Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kay Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kayse Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kean Keeneland Mr. & Mrs. Dave Keilholz Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Keith Kelly Mr. Paul Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kemen Kentucky Horse Park Mr. & Mrs. Steve King Mr. & Mrs. Joe Klenk Mr. & Mrs. Ron Klosterman Mr. & Mrs. Louis Klug Mr. & Mrs. Tom Klusman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kneflin

Mrs. Terri Koester Mr. Keith Koppenhoefer Mrs. Ruth Koppenhoefer Mr. & Mrs. Niel Korte Mr. & Mrs. Hank Kraemer Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kramer Nancy Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Dave Kurzhals Mr. & Mrs. Phil Kwiatkowski Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kyle La Petite Salon & Spa LaRosa’s Mr. & Mrs. Steve Laird Mr. & Mrs. Tim Laiveling Mr. Scott Lammers Mr. & Mrs. Greg Langenbrunner Mr. & Mrs. Guy Langenbrunner Mr. & Mrs. Tony Lanza Mr. & Mrs. Nick Lenhardt Mr. & Mrs. Greg Leugers Mr. & Mrs. Ron Leibau Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lind Mr. & Mrs. Doug Lindle Mr. & Mrs. Ron Lindsey Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Linneman Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Lockwood Mr. & Mrs. Chris Loechtenfeldt Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lonneman Mrs. Ginger Louis Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lovell Mr. & Mrs. Bob Luebbe Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Luebbering Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lyons Mr. Kenneth Macenko Mr. Jonathan Machuga Mr. & Mrs. Rich Mack Mr. & Mrs. Ernst Macke Madcap Puppets Jennie Magro Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mallory Mr. & Mrs. Dave Mannix Marcum Conference Center & Miami Inn Mr. & Mrs. Adam Marlman Mr. & Mrs. Scott Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Greg Maurer Mr. Steve Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mazza Mr. & Mrs. Mike McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Sean McGrail Ms. Karen McHale Mr. & Mrs. Tom McKiernan Mr. & Mrs. Ray McMullen Mr. & Mrs. Dan McSwigan Mr. & Mrs. Dan Meade Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mellott Mr. & Mrs. Craig Melvin Mrs. Marlene Menchen Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Merk Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Merk Ms. Carol Messerle Mr. & Mrs. David Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Rich Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Middendorf Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miliano

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Miller Mr. & Mrs. Mark Moore Mother of Mercy High School Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mullaney Mr. & Mrs. Ken Mullen Mr. & Mrs. Dan Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Steve Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murray Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Murray National Amusements Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Neiheisel Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Newell Newport Aquarium Nick & Tom’s Restaurant Ms. Laura Nickol Mr. & Mrs. Jay Nieberding Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Niehaus Mr. & Mrs. Steven Niehauser Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nienhaus Mr. & Mrs. Ken Nortmann Mr. & Mrs. Bob Nusekabel Mr. & Mrs. Dan O’Brien Dr. & Mrs. Bill O’Conner Mr. & Mrs. Troy Ochs Mr. & Mrs. Al Olthaus Mr. & Mrs. Jim Olthaus Mr. & Mrs. David Onorato Mr. & Mrs. Darren Orloff Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ostertag Mr. & Mrs. Tom Otten P. S. Management, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Paff Mr. & Mrs. Mike Paff Mr. & Mrs. Dan Paolercio Paramount Fitness Center Peppe Ramundo & Son Custom Tailors Perfect North Slopes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Perrmann Petals-N-Glass Peters Nursery Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Petrie Mr. & Mrs. William Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Phillips Playhouse in the Park Mr. & Mrs. Dan Poston Mr. & Mrs. Tom Prager Price Hill Chili Primavista Mr. & Mrs. James Puls Mr. & Mrs. Barry Pulskamp Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Quatman Ms. Jennifer Quatman Mr. Kevin Quatman Mr. Sean Quatman Mrs. Carroll Quinn-Ennis Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ramstetter Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rapien Dr. & Mrs. John Raterman Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ratterman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Reder Mr. & Mrs. Rob Reid Mr. & Mrs. Mike Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Scott Reiter Renken Photographic Services

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rensing Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rhoads Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ridder Mr. & Mrs. Don Rieskamp Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rieth Mr. & Mrs. John Riley Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rinear Mr. Rob Rinear Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rinear River’s Edge Indoor Sports Mr. & Mrs. James Robb Mr. & Mrs. Greg Roberto Dr. & Mrs. L. Richard Roedersheimer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rolfes Mr. & Mrs. Philip Rolfes Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rosenacker Mr. & Mrs. Matt Roth Mr. Dick Royer Dr. & Mrs. Mark Rudemiller Ms. Mary Beth Rudemiller Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rudolph Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Ruffing Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sansone Mr. Rob Savage Mr. Joseph Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. Ric Scheiner Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schenkel Mr. & Mrs. Tim Schenkel Mr. & Mrs. John Schoener Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schroer Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Schroer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schutte Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schwallie Mr. & Mrs. Paul Seiler Mr. Dick Selcer Seton Spiritwear Shoppe Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sharbell Sheriff Simon Leis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Shinn Mr. & Mrs. John Shore Mr. & Mrs. Tim Siemer Mr. & Mrs. Doug Singler Skyline Chili - Delhi Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steven Smyth Soccer City Mr. & Mrs. Benny Sorrell Mr. & Mrs. Tim Spicker Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sponaugle Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sportsman Mr. & Mrs. Duane Stacklin Mr. & Mrs. Dean Stalf Ms. Becky Stamper Stanley’s Drivers Training Mr. & Mrs. Ben Stauss Sterling Cut Glass Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Stowe Mr. Tim Stricker & Ms. Monika Rybka Mr. & Mrs. Chris Stucke Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sullivan

Fr. Dave Sunberg Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sunderhaus Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sunderman Mr. & Mrs. Tom Swink Taft Museum of Art Mr. & Mrs. Tim Taney Mr. Ian Teal Ms. Pat Telger Mr. & Mrs. Jim Telles Mr. & Mrs. Mark Telles Dr. & Dr. Larry Tepe Mr. & Mrs. Matt Tepe Mr. & Mrs. Frank Thayer The Bon Bonerie The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati The Meadows Banquet & Catering Services The Web Extreme Entertainment Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Theders Thomas More College Mr. & Mrs. Tim Tiernan Mr. & Mrs. Larry Townsley Mr. & Mrs. Tim Trame Mr. & Mrs. Michael Trotta Trotta’s Pizza Mr. & Mrs. Mike Trotta Mr. & Mrs. Mike Truitt United Dairy Farmers University of Dayton University of Notre Dame Mr. & Mrs. Tony Upton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vetter Mr. & Mrs. Tim Viox Mr. & Mrs. John Vollmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Von Allmen Mr. & Mrs. Roger Vorherr Mr. & Mrs. Jack Walsh Walt Disney World Co. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ward Mr. & Mrs. Rick Warman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weber Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wegman Mr. & Mrs. John Weil Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weil Mr. & Mrs. Neil Weiner Mr. & Mrs. Dale Weisker Mr. & Mrs. Bert Welage Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wellbrock Fr. Ralph Westerhoff Mr. & Mrs. Harry Westerkamp Western Hills Window Co. White Oak Garden Center, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Whitmer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wienkamp Mr. & Mrs. Bob Williams Mrs. Mary Lee Williams Mr. & Mrs. Dave Willmes Mr. & Mrs. Dutch Witte Xavier University Office of Admissions Dr. & Mrs. Phil Younts Mr. & Mrs. James Zentmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Jim Zieverink


the list below is comprised of both those who passed away and those who we became aware of having passed away since the last issue of the pride. a list of all deceased since 2009 can be viewed at

Leonard C. Stadtmiller ’32

Aug. 26

Albert J. Butscha ’39

Sept. 28

Raymond G. Dyer ’41

Sept. 18

Paul Stueve ’41

Dec. 24

James Lyons ’44

Dec. 24

Hal F. Franke ’46

Sept. 29

Lou Murdock ’47

July 30

John J. Skahan ’48

Nov. 10



The CLASS OF 1961 (pictured below) held an indoor

members of the CLASS OF ’49 presented Elder

bocce ball tournament during a luncheon at Kreimer’s

with a special cake commemorating the school’s

Bier Haus in August. Classmates JIM POWELL and

90th anniversary.

DON SCHMERBER were crowned champions! The

Lawrence Sandmann ’49

Nov. 12

Edward L. Schmidt ’50

Sept. 8

Paul Creeden ’51

Oct. 26

Norbert Kenkel ’51

Nov. 20

John J. Griffiths ’52

Oct. 31

John W. Nienaber ’52

Sept. 24

Timothy F. Haggerty ’53

Oct. 26

Paul E. Molique ’53

Dec. 24

Robert Hempelman ’54

Nov. 13

Ralph E. Quinn ’54

Aug. 11

Frank W. Reilly ’56

Dec. 6

William T. O’Neill ’57

Oct. 26

Alan Larkins ’59

Dec. 12

Michael Crowe ’60

Oct. 26

John F. Murray ’61

Oct. 8

Bob Rosenfeld ’61

Sept. 9

Tom Gildea ’63

Dec. 5

Fred Wittich ’64

Oct. 19

James Luebbe ’65

Sept. 27

CHARLIE KOCK ’63 won the right to announce the

Steven Whitmer ’65

Oct. 31

Cincinnati Bengals’ 2012 fourth-round draft pick at

Thomas Schiesl ’66

Oct. 22

Radio City Music Hall in NYC on ESPN back in April.

Lawrence M. McMahon ’67

Sept. 4

In New York, Charlie and his wife Barb were put up

Richard D. Kilgore ’70

Sept. 14

on the 38th floor of the

Gregg Vonluehrte ’71

Sept. 7

Marriott, had breakfast

Casper E. Budde ’72

Aug. 7

with NFL commissioner

Stephen R. Schlanser ’73

Nov. 17

Roger Goodell, and

DAN ANDRIACCO ’70, director of the office of

A. D. Clott ’74

Dec. 21

eventually announced

communications for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati,

Nov. 22

the Bengals’ draft pick

wrote a new mystery novel titled “Holmes Sweet

later that day!


Leo A. Haas ’83

class also has a Facebook page – just search for “Elder Class of 1961”.



PAUL E. BLESSING ’67 was ordained a deacon at the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi in Metuchen, NJ on June 9, 2012. He will serve the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Somerville, NJ, a parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen.




CHARLES “CHUCK” LIPPS, JR. ’80 moved his family

BUTCH HUBERT ’59 and sons

and expanded his business to Kona, Hawaii in 2006.

JOSH ’05, BEN ’01, and ZACK ’96, brought their Elder flag on a trip to Dublin, Ireland on September 1st to cheer on Notre Dame as the Fighting Irish took on the Navy Midshipmen to kick off the 2012 college football season.

Chuck is the “son” in Lipps & Son, purchasing the company from his parents in 1993. The company offers commercial, hospitality, and retail construction services, and since becoming licensed in Hawaii in 2007, the company’s sales have more than doubled each year. Chuck also became licensed in California, and in 2012 opened an office in Los Angeles. MARK DEAN ’87 had always dreamt of owning a bar. That dream became reality in 2011 when Mark

CHARLES “CHICK” LUDWIG ’72 (pictured below)


opened “Geez’L Pete’s” on Madison Avenue in

visited with Mr. Gary Rogers’ journalism class in

his own head on the chopping

Covington, KY. The bar offers a great variety of beers,

November. Chick retired in 2009 after thirty years

block during the planning

spirits, food, and entertainment, and can be found

with the Dayton Daily News. Chick currently hosts

stages for his 40th class

online at

“Monday Morning Quarterback” on AM 1360, and

reunion last fall. As a way

on November 19th, he débuted “The Chick Ludwig

to promote ticket sales to a

TONY CAFEO ’89 and

Show” on WONE 980 AM in the Dayton area.

Cincinnati Reds game—one

his brother Dominic

of the CLASS OF 72’s many reunion events—Paul

plan to open the Incline

volunteered to have his head shaved if classmates

Public House on February 2013. The brothers

didn’t buy a certain number of tickets by a certain

will run the 125-seat

deadline. Well, his classmates did not disappoint,

restaurant and bar from

and Paul was true to his word getting his head

its home in Price Hill’s

shaved at SportClips at Glenway Crossing and

Incline District overlooking

posting a video of the event on the class

downtown Cincinnati.

website at

Class of


and more... 44

Elder grads at Renaissance West took time to snap a group picture last fall. Front Row (l tor): JACK FRICKER ’45, RUDY TOEPFER ’44, JOE LAMPING ’50, and WALT STINE ’44. Back Row (l tor): BOB WOLTERING ’46, JERRY BOLAND ’58, HARRY AVERBECK ’46, BOB MENNE ’49, BILL RUEVE ’54, and, FR. GERALD NIKLAS ’51.




Some alumni will remember

SEAN ROWLAND ’00 is the director of camp

him for his Joke of the Day

operations at ProCamps Worldwide, Inc., an organiza-

announcements or Purple Quill

tion that develops, manages, and operates sports

articles, but SCOTT KRAMER

camps and related events for professional athletes

‘93 is now a published author,

in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and Women’s Professional

releasing his murder mystery

Soccer. He is responsible for establishing and

novel, “Taking the Plunge

managing client relationships, overseeing the

(A Jane Monterrey

day-to-day planning and execution of camp opera-

Mystery)”, last fall.

tions, and establishing camp performance goals. Sean and his wife Wendy were married in 2009,

With his 5-year-old triplet daughters Olivia,

and they have two sons, Abe and Oliver.

Addison, and Kendalyn in attendance, ADAM KRESS ’99 graduated from basic training at Fort Leonard

Elder’s Journalism teacher and Purple Quill moderator

JUSTIN LOUDERBACK ’03 was awarded the Bronze

Wood, MO in August. PFC Kress was then stationed

Gary Rogers was pleasantly surprised to run into T.J.

Star for meritorious service and the Schützenschnur,

at Fort Sam Houston, TX where he trained as a

LASITA ’02 (pictured below), during a two-week

the German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons

combat medic with further training scheduled for

journalism workshop in Reno, NV last summer. There,

Proficiency, which is a decoration of the Bundeswehr,

this winter as a flight medic at Fort Lewis, WA.

T.J. is the Vice President of Baseball Operations and

the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Communications for the Reno Aces, the Triple-A

Foreign military members also may be awarded the

affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Coincidentally,

badge. Justin was also promoted to Staff Sergeant

T.J. was co-editor of The Quill in 2001-02, and then

E-6. Serving in Afghanistan, Justin was due to return

went to Ohio University on a Scripps’ Scholarship and

home at the end of last year.

later interned with the Cincinnati Reds, the Cape Cod Baseball League, and Don Schumacher & Associates – Prep Sports Division.

RYAN “JAKE” LENGERICH ’99 and wife Marisa


welcomed their first child, Kaden John, into the

All-Star for the Charlotte Knights, the Triple-A affiliate

family on July 24, 2012. Ryan is the state and county

of the Chicago White Sox. He also pitched a strong

government reporter for the Rapid City Journal and

Game 1 of the International League semifinals and

is pursuing a master’s degree in strategic leadership.

got the win. Charlie went

The family resides in Rapid City, SD.

12-10 in 2012 with a 2.47 ERA.

RICK BAUDENDISTEL, DDS ’04 graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2012 and joined the practice of BILL O’CONNER, DDS ’76 on Cincinnati’s west side.


On October 20, 2012,


ZACH AUTENRIEB ’09, a senior defensive back for Thomas More College, broke a 37-year NCAA

In July, DR. CHRIS GROTE ’79 and his sons backpacked through the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington. Alex and Ben recently finished their Eagle Scout service projects on the 100th anniversary of the chartering of their troop in Hinsdale, IL, where Chris is assistant Scoutmaster. Chris is a professor and director of neuropsychology at Rush Medical College and Medical Center in Chicago.

Division III record when he hauled in his 30th career interception. He ended up with 32 INTs in his career. Zach is a four-time All-PAC first team selection and has also earned All-Region distinction three times. He was named the 2012 PAC Player of the Year and a finalist for the Gagliardi Trophy given to the top all-around football player in NCAA Division III. On campus, Zach volunteers with an organization established to improve the quality of life for children with pediatric brain tumors and with Special Olympics

DAN VEDDERN ’06 hiked for seven days in the


where he works with local bowling and flag football

mountains in Peru with his family, culminating in a

senior midfielder

competitions. An Accounting major, Zach maintains

visit to Machu Picchu.

and captain for the

a 3.30 grade-point average.

Defiance College men’s soccer team (pictured right in the white uniform), was chosen for SecondTeam All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference for his strong efforts over the 2012 season.

Class of


Just moved? Recently married? New addition to the family? Job change? E-mail Brian Bill at


RON SCHUERMANN ’83 painted the car purple, used his graduation year for the car number, and then proceeded to demolish it and other competitors' cars in the Hamilton County Fair Celebrity Demolition Derby in August.

83 23

Upon graduating from Elder, ERIC CONROY ’07

Senior nose guard NICK DAFFIN ’09 (Yale) and

accepted an appointment to the Air Force Academy

sophomore linebacker JACOB LINDSEY ’11 (Harvard)

and graduated with distinction (top 10% of his class)

proudly represented Elder High School in “The Game”

in 2011. He is now an intelligence officer with the Air

– Harvard vs. Yale, one of the most storied college

Force, assigned to the 354th Special Operations

football rivalries dating back to 1875. Nick had an

Squadron at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.

interception which led to a Yale touchdown and a 24-20 lead with 7:07 left to play, but Harvard


prevailed, coming away with the 34-24 win.

MARK MILLER ’10, sophomore quarterback for Ohio Dominican University, was named GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week after accounting for five touchdowns in the Panthers’ 63-31 victory over Findlay in October. Mark ended the season with 2099 yards passing, 247 rushing yards, and 27 touchdowns (21 passing, 6 rushing).

Alumni Softball League’s 32nd Season! In 2012, the 11 team league played on Sunday mornings at Delhi Park. The championship was won by “United Maier Signs” (pictured right) led by JIM SCHWARZ ’98. On July 22nd, the league’s annual one-pitch tournament and picnic was held. “Kneflin Insurance Starring Koopman” led by ANDY BROERMANN ’99 prevailed as tournament champions. The team dedicated their win in memory of Deanna Jeffcott, mother of teammate PAT JEFFCOTT ’99.

League Champs: United Maier Signs

Special thanks to JTM, Delhi Park, and the many other volunteers for


their contributions and efforts! Anyone who is interested in joining the

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 29

league next year should contact MIKE LIND ’95 at

First Game: Sunday, April 21

or search Elder Alumni Softball League on Facebook.

One Pitch Tournament: Sunday, July 21


CLASS OF ’35 meets at Abby’s, on the second Monday of every month at noon. CLASS OF ’37 meets the last Thursday of every month, except Nov. or Dec., at noon at various locations. Call Gerry Kaufhold (937-429-3962). CLASS OF ’40 meets at the Bayley Place Wellness Center on the first Thursday of March, June, and September at 11:30. Call Jim Brady (451-5498). CLASS OF ’41 meets the third Wednesday at noon at Ron’s Roost. Call Bud Kneflin (941-7734).

CLASS OF ’49 meets the fourth Friday of every month at 11:30 at Nick and Tom’s (5774 Bridgetown Rd.). Call Glenn Laib (347-7139).

CLASS OF ’59 meets on the first Thursday of the month at 11:30 at Maury’s Tiny Cove. Contact Norb Guetle (

CLASS OF ’50 meets on the third Friday of January, April, July and October at Aston Oaks at noon. Call Robert Habel (321-5938), Dan Bandenburg (353-0967),Jim Greiner (937-4333570), and Al Yates (481-4904).

CLASS OF ’60 meets at Patrick’s Sports Bar on Crookshank on the last Friday of the month at noon. Call Gus Becker (703-8051) or Jack Flanigan (941-7241).

CLASS OF ’51 meets at 11:30 at Price Hill Chili on the first Wednesday of the month. Call Gus Bonno (451-4147).

CLASS OF ’61 hosts various class events and masses throughout the year. Contact Jim Stanton (922-9260 or

CLASS OF ’42 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at noon. Call Mike Kunnen (921-0668).

CLASS OF ’52 meets at Aston Oaks on the first Wednesday of every month March through November at 11:30. Call Jay Siegmundt (922-2331).

CLASS OF ’62 meets at Price Hill Chili on the second Friday of the month at noon. Call Dan Aug (812-537-4581).

CLASS OF ’43 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at 11:30.

CLASS OF ’53 meets at Price Hill Chili on the first Thursday of every month at noon. Call Tom Kelley (922-6290).

CLASS OF ’44 meets at 9 am at Price Hill Chili on the first Thursday of every month. Call Ron Koch (661-3396).

CLASS OF ’54 meets at Aston Oaks on the third Friday of every month at noon. Call Don Huber (467-1920).

CLASS OF ’45 meets at Western Hills Country Club on the second Friday of every month at noon. Call Charlie Shappelle (471-2604).

CLASS OF ’55 meets on the last Thursday of the month at noon at Price Hill Chili. Call Ken Gilkey (941-3113) or Bill Backs (941-7045).

CLASS OF ’63 2013 lunch dates are Mar. 1, May 3, July 12, Sept. 6 and Nov. 1 at noon at Jim & Jack’s. 50th reunion plans are underway! Save the date of Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 for a dinner/dance at Aston Oaks. For more information or to help with reunion plans, contact Nick Hahn (706-1185 or

CLASS OF ’46 meets for lunch at Ron’s Roost on the first Monday of the month at noon. If a holiday falls on that day, the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday. On the second Monday, meet at St. Teresa for 8:30 Mass. Breakfast follows for grads and spouses. Call Walt Butler (941-8356).

CLASS OF ’56 meets at the WerkHaus on the first Wednesday of the month at noon. Call Tom Sullivan (451-9164) or Tom Davoran (471-8817).

CLASS OF ’47 meets at Aston Oaks at noon the first Wednesday of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., and Dec. Call Jerry Metz (787-1470). CLASS OF ’48 meets the first Wednesday of March, June, September and December at 11:30 at LaRosa’s on Boudinot. Call Bill Driehaus (922-8447).

CLASS OF ’67 meets the last Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm at Price Hill Chili. Also in the process of establishing a scholarship in honor of classmate, Mike Witt, who died serving in Vietnam. Contact Jim Nienaber (941-4098 or or Den Grawe ( or Bill Recker (

CLASS OF ’71 Join classmates for a special 60th birthday celebration on Friday, March 15, 2013, at the Turfway Park Racing Club. Party starts at 5:00 pm. We will have a Hospitality Suite, and rooms are available at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport in Florence, KY for just $89.00 each! Call 1-800HILTONS and say “Elder Class of ’71” for this special rate. Contact Guy Cagney ( or Dale Welsh (

CLASS OF ’72 Scholarship Endowment has been created in celebration of the 40th Reunion in 2012. For more information, contact Ron Coffaro (257-3651 or CLASS OF ’02 join the group on Facebook at Elder Class of 2002.

CLASS OF ’64 meets for lunch the third Wednesday of each month at noon at Jim & Jack’s Restaurant on River Road. Call Bob Schaefer (922-7100). Our 50th Reunion needs a committee! If you have great ideas, please call Jerry Volker at 661-8192.

CLASS OF ’57 meets at Abby’s on Harrison Avenue on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30. Call Paul Brogan (467-1334) or Dale Brunner (738-2422).

CLASS OF ’65 meets at Aston Oaks on the second Wed. of the month at noon. Call Russ Brogan (471-4444) or Dave Moorman (382-9614).

CLASS OF ’58 meets at Price Hill Chili the second Tuesday of every month at noon. Call Tim Griffin (941-5527) or Jim Heisel (451-4926 or

CLASS OF ’66 meets for breakfast on the first Monday of every month at 9:00 at Jim and Jacks on River Road. Contact Tom Scanlon (368-7621 or

Visit the Alumni page at to keep up-to-date on Alumni events and reunion information.

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE In 1922, the year our cornerstone was set at Elder High School, it cost about $300 to buy a new car and 25-cents per gallon of gas to make it run. An operator physically connected your phone calls and the breeze normally dried your clothes. People regularly mailed handwritten letters to one another and the television was still being developed. It’s amazing to consider how much our society, our B Y B R I A N B I L L ’ 9 4 world, and even our everyday tasks have changed over the last ninety years. Wouldn’t you agree? However, since 1922 one thing has stood the test of time, ever-constant in its genuine care, concern, and interest in the betterment of Elder High School and its students... the Alumni Association. Our numbers have grown significantly since the first graduating class of eight young men and women on June 13, 1923, but our intent has never changed, as captured in the following excerpt from the 1925 Elderado:

Last Word

“... we decided to form a society whose purpose it would be to foster the Elder spirit, to keep alive school friendships, and to advance the interests of our Alma Mater. The product of our efforts is the Elder High School Alumni Association, in which we have since found fullest peace and contentment”. - Richard Deters ’24

For ninety years, Elder High School has been blessed with thousands of dedicated alumni like Richard Deters and an Alumni Board of Governors that takes great pride in keeping the Elder Family close through hosting events such as the sports stag, golf outing, family picnic, and more. While I sincerely appreciate everyone—past and present—who has ever served on the Board for their service and energetic volunteerism, I especially thank outgoing members Tom R. Bill ’68 and Rob Florian ’04 for sharing their time and talents, and President Doug Rolfes ’82 for his leadership in 2012. Our new Board officers for 2013 will be Kit Hoffman ’94 (President), Paul Davis ’71 (V.P.), and Matt Panzeca ’04 (Secretary). Looking forward to another great year guys!

Alumni Board (bottom right) Fr. Don Rettig, moderator Tony Acito ’88 Don Andres ’80 Russ Brogan ’65 Tom Broxterman ’74 Paul Davis ’71 Dick DiMuzio ’77 Matt Flowers ’94 Nick Hahn ’63 Kit Hoffman ’94 Tom Jennings ’80 Ted Koppenhoefer ’71 Joe Lind Jr. ’78 Joe Lind ’04 Sean McGrail ’88 Matt Panzeca ’04 Mike Robison ’95 Doug Rolfes ’82 Ken Rosemeyer ’67 Gary Thom ’67 John Voellmecke ’74 Bernie Wagner ’72 Jerry Weber ’85 Jay Wertz ’87 Gary Wolfram ’66

Altiora! Brian Bill ’94 Assistant Development/Alumni Relations Director 921.3744, ext. 3411 or

Alumni picnic A great time was had by all at the Alumni Family Picnic at Stricker's Grove (pictured above). The Alumni Association thanks JTM Food Group and Empire Marketing Strategies for the food and also to all those who attended. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page at

Joe Acito Alumni Terrace The Joe Acito Alumni Terrace (pictured right) was officially dedicated during halftime of the Elder-Centerville football game on August 24th. Joe’s widow Fran and their children, along with Joe’s classmates from the Class of 1963, members of the Alumni Board of Governors, Elder’s faculty and staff, and many other friends, were on hand to take part in the dedication ceremony!

On Sunday, June 30, 2013, those alumni who graduated from Elder High School fifty or more years ago are invited to once again come together to celebrate! What has

1. Nearly thirty alumni soccer players (pictured top left) laced up their cleats and took to the pitch in the annual alumni soccer match in August, where the “old” alumni beat the “young” alumni, 4-1. 2. Elder kicked off its 90th anniversary year with a Mass of Celebration in the Memorial Fieldhouse (pictured far left) on August 26, 2012.

become a cherished alumni event throughout the years, the Mass and catered brunch give classmates the

3. The Nymberg siblings & family (pictured above) visited Elder to announce the creation of an endowed scholarship in honor of their parents Pat & Jerry Nymberg. 4. Seventy future Panthers and over fifty grandparents (pictured left) enjoyed Mass and brunch in September at Elder’s 3rd Annual Grandparent-Grandson event.

opportunity to reunite and reminisce about their times spent at their Alma Mater (pictured above left). Entertainment provided by Elder’s Glee Club Ensemble. Invitations will be mailed to all eligible grads in April/May.


Bill Hemmer ’83, Ron Krechting ’68, Dan Meyer ’74, Bill Tonnis ’78, and the Faculty & Staff of Elder High School to be recognized. MARCH 29 REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR ALUMNI SOFTBALL LEAGUE

Contact Mike Lind ’95 at to register! See page 24 for more details. Opening Day is April 21.

• All proceeds benefit The Elder High School Scholarship Fund & Santa Maria Community Services • Please register by April 3, 2013


All proceeds benefit Elder’s general scholarship fund and Santa Maria Community Services. Please register by April 3, 2013. See registration form (to right) for more details.

• Event held rain or shine • 5K Walk through “Elder Country” • $10 per walker or $40 per family • Grill out in The Pit following walk


Presents The King and I.

• Food, drinks, and t-shirt included • Please bring a canned good for Holy Family Food Pantry


Grand Oak Golf Course. Proceeds provide scholarships to graduating seniors. Contact Frank Panzeca ’76 at 241-3111 (day) or 451-0458 (evening).


Name: __________________________________________________________


1:30 pm in The Pit. All are welcome to join faithful in prayerful recitation of the rosary and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

T-Shirt Size (Please enter # of shirts needed in each size): ADULT: S ____ M ____ L ____ XL ____ XXL ____ YOUTH: S ____ M ____ L ____


Join members of the Elder (EBA) and Seton (SWAP) business communities as the groups come together for this fun networking opportunity!

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone: __________________________________________________________

Hidden Valley and Aston Oaks golf clubs. Dinner at Aston Oaks Banquet Center. Sign-ups to be held on April 6th at 10:00 am at Elder.

Email: __________________________________________________________


Amount Enclosed: $ ______________________________________________


See page 27 for more information. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO ELDER HIGH SCHOOL & MAIL TO:



Great News! Elder Travel has partnered with Collette Vacations, the most respected tour operator in the United States, to provide you with a world of travel possibilities. From Italy to Ireland to the wonders of South America and beyond, you can explore the world. At the same time, you are helping to raise funds for Elder High School. All you have to do is call Collette at 800.437.0235 and say you are a “friend of Elder High School� when booking a Collette tour using ID#24694-125. The world is waiting!

Shades of Ireland

We are officially announcing the tour departing on September 24, 2013 for 10 days. An information meeting for this tour is scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at 7:00 pm in the Schaeper Center.

Upcoming Elder Travel baseball trips booked with Brose Tours: Cleveland, May 29-31, 2013 Chicago, August 12-14, 2013 rmation Contact Norb Guetle '59 for more info on any Elder Travel trips! 513-451-1227


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Winter 2013 Pride  
Winter 2013 Pride