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.02 WORKS The System Platform Works - General Features - Expenditure Planning and Control - Business Management Processes - Contract Management and Tecnical Support ALICE WebConsole .03 CITY PLANNING Building Practices - Building Amnesty - Unauthorized building Online building practices - Online publishing practices - Online submissions Toponimy and civic PDA ALICE Geographic Information System - Cadastral data - Cadastral data import agent - Cadastral import service Building certification planning - Planning instruments acquisition service Geographic data - WebGIs Maker Planning schemes .04 TENDER Tender Web portal announcements notices results Economic operators list Telematic tenders Surveillance module Web console Business intelligence Sole Contracting Unit

ELDASOFT - The Company

ALICE solutions for the Public Administration market Nowadays ALICE is a comprehensive and flexible software platform based on 4 suites of products each conceived for a specific Public Administration sector. ALICE ALICE ALICE ALICE

.01 .02 .03 .04


The suites include standard solutions that Eldasoft offers to its clients to fulfill each requirement in planning, management and territory control, public works and tender. ALICE represents much more than a product name or the suite that are part of it. Thanks to the feedback from ALICE users, the product is dynamic and compliant with the existing rules and able to meet the specific and not common to other sectors needs of Public Administration That’s why a market leader software house specifically skilled in this area represents a reliable business partner for any size Public Body. Until now ALICE standard products fulfill almost all the Public Administration technical requirements but the out of the box solution is customizable to meet specific needs, paying attention to the user experience rather than the software itself. Solutions flexibility and configurability of solutions allow the implementation at smaller institutions and the big ones as well , anyway we love to treat every client as “The Client” to manage the answer to his needs within a dedicated project.


We work alongside our clients with a project manager from the start up phase through to consolidation, with a technical advisor for the installation, training and configuration, at the same time market research data indicate a satisfaction rate of 99,7% for poststartup customer service. The retention rate of our customers is more than 99.5%: that means that every year almost all our clients confirm maintenance and support agreement with a dropout rate near zero. We invest in research and development 25% of our productive force, the remaining 75% is devoted to the evolution and improvement of existing products, for a total of tens of thousands of hours per year: this ensures ALICE users innovation and business continuity. We believe in people, in their work and in the relationship between client and company: our staff turnover rate is among the lowest in the information technology industry, thanks to the investments we do on people to enhance and grow their abilities Numbers, names, our clients testimonials and the time duration of the established relationship, represent our way to introduce ourselves to the market.

_ALICE Services

All products of the suite .01ROADS come with a wide range of services that enable offices that manage the road network, its pertinences and the road signs to make the information system suitable to their needs in the best way possible. The ALICE applications are an essential tool to improve road safety, to plan and manage maintenance activities, to monitor traffic and accidents and to manage the practices of concessions (soil occupation/public subsoil) and the advertising signs. Through particular functions of the applications or of the services provided directly by ELDASOFT, it is possible to import different formats of road databases and to perform cross-sectional analysis activities between different databases (even no-ALICE) in order to identify critical situations or to require corrective action within the management processes. To enable the implementation of business intelligence systems, we offer a customizing service for templates and evolved reporting in order to constantly monitor the available information. In order to make the products of the suite suitable for most of our users, often coinciding with the public user, we study and propose extreme integrations between the alphanumeric ALICE applications and the Web environment by offering to our client a series of WebGIS solutions that allow a use of the software divided into back office (purely operative) and front office (typically directed to the consultation and reporting phases). Among the applications specifically created we point out the integration between ALICE applications and the system of mailing of the Poste Italiane (Italian post offices) for issuing and managing the paying-in slips. This allows the automatic creation of paying-in slips for the payment of fees by exporting and importing data directly from ALICE. Last but not least we point out the service dedicated to surveys and creation of road database, using both the high-performance systems (mobile topographic laboratories equipped with differential GPS, inertial systems, video capture systems, laser scanners, etc..) and the traditional ones (classic topographic surveying with the use of GPS).

The maintenance and support service ensures the client a product always up-to-date with the current legislation and a personal and efficient technical support service. Eldasoft has always had a team of experts devoted to the Roads sector made up by project managers, which are graduates with expertise on specific legislation and by a group of over 10 units with over 20 years of experience in projects of road cadaster available to the customer for assistance, in training on the job and in development. Always careful about the evolution of matter, Eldasoft invests in continuous training to ensure to ALICE product users not only reliable software but also solutions required by law. Behind our people, and in support of their work, there is also a technological infrastructure made up of 3 server farms which always ensure services to the ALICE users. The highly skilled staff dedicated to the design and development of software, allows us to take part in customization, where necessary, for example with the preparation of specific forms, or with the creation of integrations between different applications. For a quick start of the activities, Eldasoft offers to its clients a team of technical consultants which are able to assist the client during the software implementation phase with a series of training sessions in classroom and to explain the legislation in force with the organization of dedicated events throughout the national territory organized in collaboration with the Group Maggioli. The synergy with other companies of the Group Maggioli allows us to extend the offer to the client with dedicated volumes, magazines and online services nationally recognized. 3

_Road Cadastre

ALICE Road Cadastre is the information tool designed for the organizations that need to manage information relating to the road network and to the elements associated with it, creating a roads archive. ALICE Cadastre Roads operates through an alphanumerical database that collects all the information relating to road elements, organized on three levels: Groups, Families and Elements to facilitate the data entry and research.

ALICE Road Cadastre is a flexible and intuitive tool to perform researches and queries, both with the “Find” button (with predefined search fields) and by choosing on which fields the research should be made. ALICE Road Cadastre maintains the information relating to the road classification, to administrative and technical-administrative affiliations, to service skills, to the physical description of the road structure and pertinences.

We offer a wide range of road elements to meet various needs, while maintaining the possibility to customize the items our client needs: new information on existing items can be loaded, new items can be created, the user can choose how to group the elements. Any type of information related to the road can be linked, displayed and used, even from different databases managed by application other than ALICE.

The system adopts the road elements representation mode through the dynamic segmentation, which means that the geometry of the elements (punctual or linear) are drawn by the software on the basis of the road graph (curvilinear x-axis) simply expressing the starting and finishing points of the elements themselves and the road side where they fall. The point may be absolute, that is measured as odometric development from the starting point of the road, or relative to the “mile-stones”. For the maintenance of the database there are automatic functions which allow the updating of the positions of the objects from starting from the variations of the elements to which they are related.

Each road element inserted can be associated with documents and images from digitized photographic representations, CAD projects or other descriptive information.


_PDA Road Cadastre

The ALICE software for PDA is designed for the data collection on field through the use of palmtop. The system is designed for the exportation and importation of the database (total or partial) from the desktop software to the PDA, allowing the data collectors to work in the field in “off-line� mode without the need to be connected to the Internet. The applications allow each technician to: - export to the PDA the graph or the portion of database corresponding to the road or roads which are the purpose of the mission of the survey (such as works of art placed in one or more designated roads); - update the information relating to objects already collected in the database or relating to new items discovered during the survey; - automatically upload all the new information collected on the ALICE Road Cadastre.

Through the PDA during the survey, it is possible to look through the information (both descriptive and cartographic) of each item exported from ALICE Road Cadastre, to acquire one or more pictures or descriptive notes to associate with the element, to update the information in the database, to insert new elements by placing them through the PDA integrated GPS (or placing them at the point identified on the mapping interface of the PDA). The use of PDA ALICE Cadastre to collect data in the field is certainly a winning solution, even in the case of a managing Company of roads which wants to create a Cadastre project, without starting with the acquisition of a complete database with complex technologies and with an initial substantial investment.


_PDA Road Signs _Road Signs

ALICE Road Signs is the answer to the management of horizontal and vertical signage, with a effective, easy and complete software tool. It can be used either as a separate module, or as a fully integrated tool into ALICE Road Cadastre. The software operates through a database that collects all the figures of the signs / signals, collected by shapes and sizes. ALICE Road Signs collects all the detailed information on each sign, signal, equipment, such as location, type, support, size, film, installation, life expectancy, state of preservation. The use of such applications is fundamental to facilitate the planning of the signs installation, maintenance and/or replacement. Researches focused on the state of the signs, the timing of laying and its estimated duration become the basis for planning interventions. ALICE Road Signs collect information about the disused signs, to allow the user to reconstruct the situation to a given time.


PDA ALICE Signs Information on the signs are subjected to frequent changes, because of replacements, renovations, wearing, etc. Therefore it is important to be able to update such information in a simple way, acquiring the necessary data directly in the field, at any time. PDA ALICE Signs is a specific application that allows the data management and collection relative to sign installations on site using a PDA, that is through the use of hand-held computers. PDA ALICE Signs allows the user to export to the PDA the portion of database concerning the actual survey, to update the information directly in the field and automatically upload all the data collected on ALICE Road Signs. Through the PDA during the survey, it is possible to look through all the exported information relating to each element, to acquire one or more pictures or descriptive notes to associate with the element, to update the information in the database, to insert new elements via the PDA integrated GPS placing them on the map (or via touch screen at the point identified on the map).

_Road GIS

ALICE Road GIS is the tool that allows the graphical management of the information of the road network even for those without extensive GIS expertise. The graphical representation of roads and cadastral elements is essential to display and manage in an intuitive way the enormous amount of data that can be managed in the system of road cadastre. With the use of GIS functionalities it is possible to contextualize the road database with other available road map databases, such as CTR, ortho-photos, satellite images, thematic maps, etc. ALICE Road GIS provides to the user a wide library of objects and software features implemented in Italian language in order to allow an easy creation, analysis and manipulation of the road network and of the connected elements. While the alphanumerical form manages all the detailed information relating to the road network, the GIS component provides a comprehensive vision, which emphasizes the size of the graphic-spatial data, allowing the user to manage: - pertinences, street furniture (physical descriptive elements, works of art, artifacts, signs, etc.);

- other information items (e.g. traffic data) and procedures (such as Road Concessions and Road Maintenance Interventions) that can be associated to unique points or sections of the road; - information collected in databases maintained by other applications different from ALICE (which can be viewed in ALICE Road GIS and can be used for GIS analysis, as if they had data directly belonging to the road Cadastre database). The road network is identified by the graph formed by the axis of the roads: each road is composed by a series of arches linked together and oriented towards a particular side; this allows to associate to the axis, referenced with absolute geographical coordinates, an arch x-axis or a progressive point of the road. Each point in the network can be identified by a kilometric progressive point from an assigned origin or by the distance from a marker element (for example a stone-mile).


_Road GIS – WebGIS Solutions

ALICE Road WebGIS is the solution that allows users to access information directly from the web from the ALICE Road Cadastre database. Born from the needs of a Provincial Administration, this product is now a standard for all those organizations who want their road Cadastre data and appliances to be easily consulted by their citizens. Data can be consulted both from the public user and from the internal administration user as well as from the technicians that perform operations on the territory. The different user profile characterizes the type of actions allowed; the internal user will have the possibility to access all kinds of elements of the cadaster, all the documents associated with them included, while the public user (typically a citizen) may only access the cadastral elements of the GIS.


The system is based on open source components (MapServer) and the creation of the WebGIS site is done through a wizard thanks to a dedicated desktop GIS, ALICE WebGIS Maker. ALICE WebGIS Maker allows the Road GIS user to choose the map to publish, which items in the legend should appear and in which way (collapsed, active, off, displayed according to a scale, etc.) and which alphanumeric information should be associated to each road element. The update of the WebGIS site can be managed with the full control of the client.

_Road Concessions

ALICE Road Concessions is a tool for the management of practices such as concessions, permits and road clearances (accesses, distributions, connections to technological systems) and advertising billboards along the roads. The road management companies, need a tool that allows them to optimize the procedures for authorizing the granting and clearance practices on roads under their jurisdiction. At the same time they need an audit of the procedure regularity and of the permit deadlines, as well as of the income management for the licensed practices. ALICE Road Concessions allow the user to follow the course of each practice, from the inquiry to the issue, highlighting its status for each consultation. The program automatically calculates the fees based on the rates established (customizable at any time) on the characteristics of the elementary works for the grant or, in case of large users practices, on the number of served users. To make the printing of the paying-in slip quick and easy for the payment of expenses, the program offers to the user different forms, which are always customizable directly by the user. The transparency in the relationship with the citizen is guaranteed: in the print phase, it is possible to create, for all the practices, a single file containing a cover letter, the amount of charges and a report to be delivered to the dealer to justify the tax/fee. The program allows the user to download the data in the format requested by the Italian Post Office (Postel), for the automatic mailing of paying-in slip, as well as for retrieving data relating to the payments carried out by users. In the integration projects with ALICE Road Cadastre and ALICE Road GIS it is possible, for example, to locate on the map the practices and, conversely, to identify from the graphic representation the road elements subject to a regular license. For the management of advertising signs, thanks to Alice, the user can verify the authorization of signs referring to the basic maps, the summary/detail information and the documents attached to each establishment.



The most significant projects Municipality of Treviso (start up date 2004) The computerized street cadastre of the municipality of Treviso and road classification

Province of Genoa (start up date 2004) Implementation of an Integration between the ALICE software Road Concessions and standard Postel

The municipality of Treviso with two projects called “Street Cadastre” and “Road Classification in public and private roads” has made an inventory of the road assets through a cutting-edge technology survey - including related pertinences (for a total of 403 km. of roads) - with the long-term aim to create a more efficient planning of maintenance interventions. With the parallel creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS), the Municipality has enhanced the spread of information within the Company, in order to reduce the time of data searching, thanks to their diffusion with the web-gis technology. Besides this project, various databases and maps in different sectors of the organization were also implemented and integrated.

The Province of Genoa, thanks to the integration of the ALICE software Road Concession and the standard mailing service of the Italian Post Office (Postel), has developed an issuing and managing system for the paying-in slips income on the postal account relating to the road concessions (land occupation public and fees). With this system the procedure for printing paying-in slips is computerized with a consequent reduction in terms of time of billing and reduction of errors. The periodic discharge from the site of the Italian Post Office allows the user to automatically recover the payments made. The Company can quickly check the details of the payments made with an easy control on the amount owed and the amount paid by the contributor.

Province of Cosenza (start up date 2004) Road cadastre survey and classification service The Province of Cosenza started in 2004 an important survey activity with cutting-edge technology of 3,000 km of roads and appliances in order to have a comprehensive database to be used for the monitoring of the road accidents and for the administrative and financial management of the provincial heritage not alienable (COSAP). From this preliminary activity, two projects were originated, representing an excellent service: the project “Let us guide you” addressed to young


people with the aim to sensitize the young to the issue of road safety and the project for the reorganization of the Road Concessions fees in order to reduce tax evasion and to recover a certain knowledge of their own appliances. The evolution of the project was represented by the implementation of a GIS interface that allows the client a wider use of the information, even to external users with customized access profiles.

_Piani Urbanistici e Web GIS Maker

AMAT Palermo S.p.A. (start up date 2007) Survey and management activities of the road signs maintenance The municipal Company of the Municipality of Palermo - AMAT Palermo SpA – has made the complete census of road signs of the Municipality of Palermo. The census signs has been edited by a team of technicians of the ORCOM Company using PDA devices with preloaded ALICE Signs PDA software. The data collected were then post-processed and included in the application ALICE Road Signs, upgraded with some GIS modules for the georeferencing of the detected elements and with the GIMP module for a more rational planning and management service of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Province of Verona (start up date 2010) Acquisition of the management service of the Provincial GIS

Province of Pavia (start up date 2008) Customizable module for the submission of granting applications via web For the Province of Pavia, a historical Client using the ALICE Road Concessions application, built a special tool that allows private parties to submit to the Company any kind of questions that is part of the Road Concessions matter (e.g. signs advertising, accesses, distributors, etc.), simply following the steps that are proposed by the program. The module allows the user to submit an application via the web, after a registration, with the possibility to attach files with the “upload” function. At the end of the process, the user will have to go to the Administration Office only for the presentation of the original paperwork. The loading of the data entered by the user into the management accounting is done through the database alignment procedure which, during the creation of the ALICE practice, releases to the user a personal practice code.

The Province of Verona has started a process of reorganizing of the Provincial GIS and the porting of the existing functionalities. The solution involved the supply of a WebGIS application for the distribution and delivery of data consulting services for the internal and external users of the Provincial Administration, which was able to publish all the information relating to the province. The project offered the use of a WebGIS application able to publish all information relating to the province.



.01 STRADE _ ANAS S.p.A. _ AMAT Palermo S.p.A. _ Comune di Treviso

.03 URBANISTICA .02 LAVORI _ Ministero della Giustizia DAP _ AMA Roma S.p.A.

_ Comuni della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia _ Comune di Cagliari _ Comune di Caorle

.04 APPALTI _ Regione Emilia Romagna _ Provincia di Mantova _ Provincia di Pavia

_ Autostrade per l’Italia

_ Comune di Cavallino Treporti

_ Provincia di A. Piceno

_ ATER di Treviso

_ Comune di Copertino

_ Provincia di Caserta

_ Comune di Avellino

_ Comune di Lecce

_ Provincia di Caserta - Stazione Unica Appaltante

_ Provincia di Cosenza

_ Comune di Bari

_ Comune di Mogliano Veneto

_ Provincia di Reggio Calabria

_ Comune di Orvieto

_ Provincia di Palermo

_ Comune di Ostuni

_ Provincia di Agrigento

_ Comune di Pescara

_ Provincia di Cosenza

_ Comune di Peschiera Borromeo

_ Comune di Cuneo

_ Provincia di L’Aquila

_ Provincia di Cremona _ Provincia di Genova

_ Comune di Cuneo _ Comune di Palermo _ Comune di Pescara

_ Provincia di Lecco

_ Comune di Torino

_ Provincia di Lodi

_ Provincia di Agrigento

_ Provincia di Mantova

_ Provincia di Cremona

_ Provincia di Matera _ Provincia di Milano

_ Provincia di Cosenza _ Provincia di Foggia _ Provincia di Mantova

_ Provincia di Monza e Brianza _ Provincia di Novara _ Provincia di Pavia

_ Comune di Salsomaggiore Terme

_ Comune di Bari - Ripartizione Contratti e Appalti _ Comune di Gambassi Terme _ Comune di Pontida

_ Provincia di Pisa

_ Comune di San Gimignano

_ Comune di Sassuolo

_ Provincia di Roma

_ Comune di Trieste

_ARSS Veneto

_ Provincia di Terni

_ Comune di Valeggio sul Mincio

_ASL 1 Torino

_ Provincia di Treviso

_ Provincia di Verbano Cusio Ossola

_ Provincia di Trieste

_ Regione Emilia Romagna

_ Provincia di Udine

_ Comune di S. Michele al Tagliamento

_ Comune di Vercelli _ Comune di Vigonza

_ASL Napoli 3 Sud _Istituto Zooprofilattico del Piemonte, Liguria e Valle d’Aosta _AMA S.p.A. - ROMA _Quadrifoglio S.p.A. _Ministero della Giustizia - Dipart. dell’ Penitenziaria (DAP)


_ANAS S.p.A.


ELDASOFT S.p.A. è una società del Gruppo Maggioli Via Reginato, 87

31100 Treviso

Tel. 0422-267720 • Fax 0422-267788

febbraio 2011 •


ALICE .01Roads  

road safety, to program and administrate the maintenance activities, to monitor the traffic and the collisions and to manage the concession...

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