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ARCHDUKE FRANZ FERDINAND Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este (18 December 1863 – 28 June 1914) He was an Archduke of Austria, Imperial Prince of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary and of Bohemia, and from 1896 until his death, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia that caused World War I. On 28 June 1914, at approximately 11 am, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo, capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian radical and one of a group of assassins organized by the Black Hand, a Serbian terrorist group. This event, known as the Sarajevo Assassination, led to a chain of events that eventually triggered World War I. Franz Ferdinand was in an official visit in Serbia. He was being driven in a car to know the city of Sarajevo. There were many failed attempts to shoot him for several reasons. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown by one of the radical group members; he took an arsenic pill and threw himself to the river. Ferdinand, when he saw the bomb, threw it away immediately and it detonated behind them causing injuries. Hastily, he was taken to the City Hall. He cancelled the official meetings and insisted on seeing all the injured at the hospital. After many turns, the driver of the car got lost. Fortuitously, Gavrilo Princip, one of the members of the radical group, who was in a cafe, spotted them; as the car was lost, the driver backed up and Princip was only a few meters away from Franz Ferdinand. He took out his gun and shot twice. A bullet shot Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, who was pregnant. They both died after nearly 20 minutes. His habit of wearing neatly ironed and buttoned clothes is little known; this taste for neatness was so strong that he had his clothes sewn during the military parades, to prevent the lapels from opening with the wind. The day of the assassination, the fact that he wore his tunic sewn stopped he could be assisted on time, it did not allow to have the wound covered and to stop the blood, this caused abundant bleeding and subsequent death. Princip is immediately found and arrested, as well as his partner, since the arsenic they both had taken had expired. Franz Ferdinand was buried with his wife Sophie in the family pantheon in the Artstetten Castle, in Lower Austria.

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